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You can use this Place to talk about the Mortal Kombat Series and all things which surrounds it like Tournaments, E-Sport Series, Merchandise ect.


Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 | NetherRealm Fighter Lounge
WIP - Mortal Kombat 11 Dojo - Game Mechanics/Tutorials/Resources

Mortal Kombat X


MKX | Projectile Cancel Tech!

MKX | Ermac Quick Trick and Tip (Mix-Up)
MKX | Ermac Master of Souls Meterless Vortex
MKX | Ermac 76% Damage Reset Combo
MKX | Ermac Meter Drain Glitch

Kung Lao
MKX | Kung Lao 50% 1 Bar

MKX | New Character Tanya Discussion
MKX | New Character Tanya Discussion

Sub Zero
MKX | Sub-Zero (Male vs Female) Quick Tip

MKX | How To Punish That Ep 1 Full Auto Jaqui
No MK10 for current gen systems

Mortal Kombat 9


MK9 | Baraka help
MK9 | Baraka Video Vault
MK9 | Any Decent Baraka Combos?
MK9 | How do you use Baraka?
MK9 | My Arms Have Friggin’ Blades on ‘Em! The Baraka General Thread

Cyber SubZero
MK9 | REAL Cyber Sub Zero combos
MK9 | Can anyone try these Cyber Sub-Zero combos for me?

MK9 | Cyrax Frame Data
MK9 | How to win with Cyrax
MK9 | Combat Mode ACTIVATED - The Cyrax Guide/Thread
MK9 | Cyrax Video Vault
MK9 | How to Break Cyrax’s Command Grab

MK9 | Fused souls, The ermac video thread
MK9 | Ermac Match Up and Strategy Thread
MK9 | The Ermac “We are many, you are but one.” Thread
MK9 | Having trouble cancelling into a teleport after doing the “We Win”
MK9 | The dreaded Raiden Superman
MK9 | Ermac’s unknown glowing hands
MK9 | Spammers. How to beat?

Freddy Krueger
MK9 | Welcome to my Nightmare: The Freddy Krueger Strategy Thread
MK9 | Opinions on new Freddy DLC?
MK9 | Kung Fu this, Bitch: The Freddy Combo Thread

MK9 | Keeper of the Magic Stick: The Jade Thread
MK9 | jade VS Scorpion?
MK9 | Jade combo video 01 by persona

MK9 | Jax combo thread
MK9 | Jax Video Vault
MK9 | Trouble Getting in
MK9 | “GOTCHA” The Jax Thread

Johnny Cage
MK9 | “I’m So Pretty” - Johnny Cage Thread

MK9 | Kabal Video Vault
MK9 | “Let’s see what you made of” Kabal general discussion thread
MK9 | Escaping from Kabal’s Block “Infinite”
MK9 | Juggling inconsistent

MK9 | Kano Video and Discussion Thread
MK9 | Kano Thread

MK9 | Project Learning Lab: Kenshi tutorial
MK9 | The Kenshi General Discussion Thread!

MK9 | Funny Kitana “Bug”
MK9 | Kitana combo video 01 by persona
MK9 | This One’s For The Fans: Kitana General
MK9 | What does air fan mean?
MK9 | The Fan Princess: The Kitana Video Thread

MK9 | HUG ME DAMMIT! Kratos combo/video thread
MK9 | He’s a Hit With the Kids- Kratos General Thread

Kung Lao
MK9 | The Kung Lao video thread
MK9 |Highest damage combo?
MK9 | “For the Shaolin!” - The Kung Lao General Discussion Thread
MK9 | Spin can be done 4 times in the corner
MK9 | Exploring Kung Lao Possibilities
MK9 | Kung Lao Combos
MK9 | The Kung Lao Combo Thread
MK9 | “For the Shaolin!” - The Kung Lao thread

Liu Kang
MK9 | Liu Kang tutorial by Duneboo
MK9 | Korner Kombo Help
MK9 | The Liu Kang Matchup Thread
MK9 | Liu Kang Video Vault
MK9 | “Let’s See What You Can Do.” The Liu Kang Thread

MK9 | Mileena Video Vault
MK9 | Mileena combo video 01 by persona
MK9 | Fighting Against Mileena
MK9 | Jump kick sai buffer tip for noobs
MK9 | Was it good for you?!… Mileena Thread
MK9 | Mileena is part Skunk! (Mileena guide, they nerfed her stylish combo…)

Danny Trejo Approved: The Nightwolf Video Thread
Ancestors give me strength: Night Wolf thread

MK9 | See my Shadow? The MK9 Noob Saibot Guide/Discussion Thread
MK9 | Well this could be annoying, but funny

MK9 | Quan Chi “Infinite” Reset Guide
MK9 | “DO NOT FAIL ME! We… you and I… PFFffff” Quan Chi Discussion
MK9 | Quan Chi is better than I thought
MK9 | Quan Chi’s combos
MK9 | General Strategy thread

MK9 | Raiden Video Vault
MK9 | Post your Raiden Hijinks
MK9 | The Raiden Thread - Pretty GDLK

MK9 | Rain Gameplay Trailer
MK9 | Rain! - Video Thread
MK9 | Make It Rain: The Rain Combo Thread

MK9 | Strategies: Reptile
MK9 | Reptile Combo Video 5: Reptillian Shananigans Part 2 - AntiJosh
MK9 | Reptile’s wakeup attack
MK9 | Reptile Mixups and Punish Combos
MK9 | The Reptile Video Vault
MK9 | Rawr Means “I love you” - Reptile Thread
MK9 | Reptile High Damage Combos and other Videos
MK9 | Some amazing Reptile mix up
MK9 | Reptile EX Slow Force Ball Setups

MK9 | Scorpion matchup thread
MK9 | ‘Vengeance will be MINE!’ Scorpion Video Thread
MK9 | Hell Fire and Brimstone: Scorpion
MK9 | How to play Scorpion Guide
MK9 | The Spear and other things
MK9 | Torment mix up
MK9 | Demo Scorpion lives? well kinda

MK9 | Hidden Missile!…wait… The Sektor Thread
MK9 | Sektor combos by ThePunisher026

Shang Tsung
MK9 | Combo reset cyrax morph
MK9 | The art of stealing souls (combo vid)
MK9 | “YOUR SOUL IS MINE!” The Shang Tsung Thread

MK9 | Sheeva matchups thread
MK9 | Sheeva combo video 01 by persona
MK9 | Sheeva, the Four Armed Beauty (general thread)
MK9 | Some of my cyber sub-zero combos

MK9 | “Too bad you… will DIE!” The Queen Sindel Thread

MK9 | The Skarlet General Discussion Thread!
MK9 | Quick Day 1 Skarlet Kombos and canceling into Red Dash
MK9 | Skarlet matchup thread

MK9 | Smoke Unlimited Invisibility Glitch
MK9 | How to Start the Fire - Smoke Basics and Matchup Thread
MK9 | Smoke OTG Restored
MK9 | “Where there is Smoke, There’s FIRE!” Smoke genereal strategy and video comments

Sonja Blade
MK9 | Video: Most Damaging combos Sonya can do
MK9 | The Sonya Blade Thread

MK9 | Strykr vs PSN for patch 1.05
MK9 | Police Brutality Caught on Tape – Stryker Video Thread
MK9 | An Introduction to Stryker Video (Labbing with Stryker Ep 1)
MK9 | Stryker Guide
MK9 | Was messing around w/ stryker
MK9 | You’re under arrest! - The Stryker Match-up thread
MK9 | Carl Winslows got nothin on this guy - The Stryker Thread
MK9 | The Kurtis Guide to Riot Control

MK9 | Have an ice day, the sub zero video thread
MK9 | Vs. Ermac……holy cow
MK9 | Sub-Zero Kombo thread
MK9 | Ground freeze: Why is it even in the game?
MK9 | Help with Raiden matchup
MK9 | Online EP4 Sub-Zero Breakdown
MK9 | Simple Sub-0 Strats & Tactics
MK9 | The Ice Strategies
MK9 | Need help vs. Scorpion
MK9 | Weird Non-Cloning

Good starter characters in MK9?
MK9 Tier List discussion thread
MK9 | News & Discussion (Updated as news happens!)
Mortal Kombat 9 Video Thread
Community Wide Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament Bans & Rules

WAT: Mortal Kombat (9) is coming to… Arcade?… IN JAPAN?
MK9: Most execution heavy characters/Tier list
“What other players message you after you beat them” MK9 edition
‘Salty Lemons’ MK9 msgs received/sent after fight
Glitches, Issues or Problems in MK9? Report here!
MK9: Do you use a Pad or Stick?
MK9 | Naptown Clutch Videos - Mortal Kombat (13 videos)
Mortal Question
I’m thinking of picking up MK9

Mortal Kombat Miscellaneous

MK1 | Ermac nonsense
MK1 | Double Fatality
Mortal Kombat 2 Remix
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (UMK3)
UMK3 Hidden Character Ultimate Kombat Kode Quick Reference
Curiosities of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Arcade : Definitive Edition
Whats Cheapest Character/Combo/Move In UMK3 Genesis Version?

“Check out my new arcade stick!” Thread - Mortal Kombat Edition
Mortal Kombat Project Online
Info on the Old School MK Scene?
Looking for a Mortal Kombat or FGC Community in Calgary, Alberta
Main difference between SF and MK? 1
Sf4/injustice player comin to mk
What’s your opinion about MK on PC?
Why was MK V.S. DC universe not played competitively?
How to fix Mortal Kombat
Just curious: Are people on this site scared to post about MK?
What do tier lists mean to you?
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection News/Updates Thread

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