My Fanmade SF game plots, lore, continuity fixes, suggestions and re-interpretation

The goal is to make it old school feel make more weapons and martial arts environment while keeping the establish current plots.

Who is Goma?

Goutetsu’s Identical twin brother that originated and appeared in Street Fighter Assassins Fist Movie.

EDIT:Updated title add new information on Akuma fixing

I like this idea very much. I’ll add it to my SFvKI universe.

Fixing Akuma plot holes and bringing back the badass in Akuma

let’s bring back the mystery and shadowy feel of Akuma in model design.

Storyline and Plot

Does only need to be a mysterious fighter that will challenge the worthy and strong. No need for huge plot interactions that would complicate this Character in the future.

Raging Demon/Shun Goku Satsu Plot Holes

How to fix Shun Goku Satsu re-interpretion in newer games by turning it to Akuma’s personal misunderstanding or confusion. It is simple by using the first person point of view from an Ansatsuken student that betrayed his own master. Advantage is also from that we have no structured foundation and understanding about the nature Satsu no hadou. Since everything started with a Ryu then with the Zero/Alpha prequels and the lack of Gouken in the past Sf to explain the capabilities and limitation of Shun Goku Satsu is to be shrouded by mysteries the same with Gouken and Gouki. it doesn’t need to elaborate itself in the later or become a main source of conflict and objective for future SF games on wards the timeline. Just don’t ever make a prequel based on Goutetsu that reveal a lot of Satsu no Hadou and Shun Goku Satsu like. Good stuff in Assassins Fist and Alpha Generation anime is that they didn’t elaborate and justify everything related to Satsu no Hadou. It’s just known to be forbidden, dangerous and destructive that’s all.

This also kinda fix this:

Despite we all know that Bison is capable of doing a Dr. Doom body hoping and soul invasion techniques without knowing it’s true limitations, potentials and possibilities. That makes it another interesting way to downplay or overplay what has been thought and known.

Akuma normal mode shadow/fog shaded face like Dio in Bandai game. This would brings back that nostalgic feel of spectator and mysterious into Akuma.


Remake her with Nano tech symbiotic suit that can be shape into a weapon would fit her better than the current said interpretation

FINAL FIGHT SEQUEL/EXPANSION- Gameplay can be multiplayer or single player with or without a CPU operated character like Resident Evil 5. Third person perspective roaming in a fictional metro city. The game isn’t about ammo and less inventory management, no too much driving cars and with very less guns or fire power.

Main Character to would be: from selection that can be played or be a CPU helper.
[] Lucia
] Dean
[] Carlos
] Kyle
[] Haggar
] 2-P: A reformed thug that recently regain his memories of servicing the military but his family was attacked, drugged and destroyed by the Mad Gear and he was almost beat to death by protecting his family alone. The trauma causes him to forget his past and been tricked by the Mad Gear by putting the blame in a different people and saying it was Haggar negligence and focusing to her daughter safety that lead the security of metro city citizens into chaos. The Mad Gear( J ) was able to trick him by noticing that he had only fragments of memories. He was good in knives and guns because of being a former army.
Secret Characters:
[] Gene - (god hand)Seeks his way to a city to find Olivia but lost instead in Metro City (no terrorist and belger boss)
] Cody - (no terrorist and bounty hunter Bosses)
[] Guy - (no terrorist and bounty hunter Bosses)
Stage Generic Bosses
] Jhonny & Babara(From Battle Circuit) Philippe’s Loyal Minion 2-boss fight in one stage
[] Eddie E
] Stray
[] Damned
] Won Won
[] Drake
] Caine
[] Marshal Black
Returning Main Bosses:
] Death - Leader = Represents Anarchy (change name representation that is more interesting for the goal setting) (from CF.All-Stars)
[] Philippe - Lead henchman had a Fang and Joker style personality = Represents Chaos
] Abigail or Bracken - henchman Abobo(Steriods) type character = Represents Havoc
[] El-Gado - Knife expert = Represents Mayhem
] Retu - kinda independent, that works for his own favor = Represents Maelstrom
Secret Bosses: after defeating Death and doing certain conditions. (from Cannon Spike)
[] Kabuki - Psychiccer Sting’s Minion
] Cat Lady Beauty - Psychiccer Sting’s Assitant
[] Psychiccer Sting - Death’s Terrorist Brother
] Belger with prosthetic limbs and right hand - encounter exclusively in Cody or Guy Saga (No Terrorists and Bounty Hunters Boss)
[] Bruce, Conchita and Felix - 3-boss fight in one stage if Gene is in your team, encounter exclusively in Gene Saga (No Terrorists and Belger Boss)
] The Scorpion - encounter exclusively with Haggar if no Cody, Guy and Gene Saga.(slammaster)

An Aura- to answer blocking of weapons and sharp objects from gameplay and storywise to every street fighter characters.

I believe this should have been done by every Fighting Game from the very beginning of their plots other than weapon based FG that used weapon also to block. I believe many are still concerned until now with weapons and sharp objects in SF in a logical perspective.

I have been always wanting an aura to serve as plot device to justify and ORGANIZE things that’s already there by using it’s a naming calling to answer why people in this fictional universe(SF) can block with bare hands against sharp objects and weapons without piercing and wounding the body. It’s like the thought of others why can’t they used Phoenix Down on Aeris death on FF7.

I believe this is the great opportunity to progress this idea to be implemented correctly story-wise and gameplay-wise to fix a lot of plot holes in a single term that is Muscle Power by making it essential, universal and natural concept of a plot device to everyone else.

Muscle power will logically also covers everyone from the likes of Balrog, Honda, Blanka and even Dan to have some sort of muscle power but for blocking and defending not as better than how Zangief and Hugo manifest. I hope it isn’t a Zangief exclusive and pioneered or a brand new thing is a meh direction.

With an aura having it’s own laws and possibilities solely made to explain and cover why a street fighter is able to block with bare hands any body piercing objects will be now rationally accepted and applicable as their reality from both gameplay-wise and story-wise perspective.

It’s like how are mind is conditioned to accept that Peter Pan and the lost boys can fly in Neverland because of good memories.

Here some i used to compile

Plasma sword’s June and Saturn
Red Earth’s Tessa, Hauzer and Leo
Battle Circuit’s Alien Green
Final Fight’s Haggar
Power Stone’s Galuda
Cyberbot’s Super 8 with Deviliot (like SNK did with Cyber Woo in NGBC)
Cannon Spike’s Simone and Fallen Balrog
Dark Stalker’s Talbain L Raptor
Slammaster’ s The Wraith and Scorpion
Strider Hiryu
Box Art Megaman
CFA’s DD and Rook
SNH’s Evil Ryu and Oni
Shadaloo Elite’s Psycho/Violent Ken, Decapre and Mech Cyclone(Mech Zangief)
SIN: Seth, Cyber Dan, Juri and Shadow lady
RivalSchool’s Akira and Batsu
Delta red’s Matthew McCoy
Secret Society: Urien, Necro, Nash and Twelve
MvC Red Arremer, Spencer, Abyss, Ruby Heart. Hayato, Captain Command and Jin Saotome

Time Displace: Asura, Ken Striker, Samanosuke

Here is some example of possibilities that I did for Haggar before and probably Capcom can do more!**

Adding up thoughts for Haggar


Okay I like how spidey plays and thank goodness his moves wasn’t mess up with possible horrible design choices.

I’m not into Spidey Lvl 3 seems something missing because it was reference to Spidey movie. Overall not bad just average but they could have done something better like they did with Cap. The new Cap super was a very good job!

I like the new drum moves yet there is a few videos I didn’t see him do the lariat. If only** he could pile driver the drum** toward the opponent that would be more fun… I imagined dead rising DLC super the haggar cosplay pile driver a rocket towards enemies to make him different from Gief in a more varied aspect.

Or Pile Driver Shark, Bonus Stage Vehicles or a Truck that is to homage Dio Brando’s Super.

A Shadow Falls/Story Mode suggestions, reactions and opinions

Cinematic Mode in SFV with a different ending and route to Akuma

New additions 2019:

SF1 Interpretation and lore fixes

Since SF1 has no concrete story, here is my thoughts on the lore from possible sequences and order including the possibly unbeatable participant Gen.

Improving Ryu characterization without being overrated

Ryu is always a character of self perseverance because he is motivated and committed to seek self improvement and self-betterment, Ryu is a character that aged well and trained with a master like Gouken that treated him as his closest, His lifestyle is pure devotion to training and perfection for technique to improve himself unlike others that are divided in different areas.

His idea of self perseverance (SELF) does not make him selfish because it is about self improvement and self-betterment without risking and sacrificing others for his cause, His encounters are conflicted to his principles and morals because they are people that would endanger the life of others for their idea of self perseverance which are causes of self betterment and self improvement.

His resistance and hesitation to SNH is not just because of his traumatic experience after Gouken’s mistaken death at the hands of Gouki but rather it serves more of a reminder because SNH is conflicted to his master and surrogate parent ideals which is a more stronger influence to his character. His regretful to his former action that results to a victory by the use of SNH after knowing the mistaken death of his master ideals so he rather choose to better SNH by the ways and ideals of his master,

It serves as a reminder to him of his master’s desired path to him, Which is fruitful in SF3 timeline because Ryu did become stronger and better compared to SNH/Evil Ryu. Unlike other pop culture icons like Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne that is portrayed to practice emotion restraints to those responsible to the person to their cause. Ryu is different in fact his not out for vengeance to bring justice to his master and surrogate parent, His not also into a personal vendetta against the murderer because he show no resentments against Gouki.

Ryu is independent as a character so has no commitment to other things than his principles and morals. **Ryu is a protoganist but not a hero, **His not a character devoted to help the weak and oppress but he would help the weak and the oppress if he was into that situation and location but it will never change the course of his journey to self improvement and self-betterment. His is never the guy that would stay for the rest of his life to dedicate, protect, guard, stand, majority and fought a specific person, city, nation or an organization. Ryu is not motivated and committed to those ideas. Ryu is not also a “Crime Fighter” his a Street Fighter. What makes him help other people is because they are part of his journey to self improvement and self-betterment.

Ryu is committed and motivated to self-improvement and self-betterment but he ain’t selfish or will not betray others for the sake of those, His no Batman/Bruce Wayne that would stay up at night and patrol the city. His not a character committed to a cause of servitude like Superman and Spider-Man that will dedicate their life to a cause because their biological parents and adoptive parents told them so. Another thing Ryu is also not a character that is motivated by appreciation, recognition and attention.

I would like to use this video from Virtua Fighter Akira since it’s more akin to a Ryu we deserve than what other popular iteration gives.

If we would seek a relative to his character, Ryu has a tiny bit of Kenshin Himura from Samurai X because of his past and Kintaro Oe from Golden boy from motivation like study study compare to the likes of Goku and especially the likes of western iteration of Goku. Ryu is never been a hero but* he can be a guide and savior* to those that become a part of his journey. Which makes him more easy to relatable with or makes him more as a person or more human than the rest of the popular fictional characters.

Things that should be avoided on Ryu story progression

Introducing Gouken and Goutetsu relatives are okay but always keep them in a more lower interaction and impression on how Ryu values Ken and Gouken relationships. No romantic interest drama should never be a Ryu thing as a distraction since he is an aged person already. What shouldn’t be explored or emphasize is about Ryu’s biological parents or somewhat siblings, It is intriguing for a momentary appeal but it doesn’t make him interesting other than being ordinary. A family motivated character should best stayed with Guile and Ken, while Ryu is being preserve as a more moral version of Akuma that also seek self betterment and self improvement.

Ryu has been an original character throught the decades especialy in the 90’s he may have begin to have took some inspiration from other characters but Ryu has develop his own identity which other tries to copy. I don’t want to see Ryu someday turned into somebody else like a crime fighter, family man or something else that would alienate those have known him from the past.

I did this to emphasize some aspects of him, without turning him to a Goku, Superman, Batman or be a another wannabe trying hard copy cat anime or whatsoever pop culture character to appeal momentarily. This is more than the goal to avoid Ryu turning into a hero but also to elaborate the type of protagonist he was while not as turning him into a main protagonist. While it will also avoid SF Universe to be on a world of deities, gods, aliens, spiritual/astral world, zombies, parallel dimension and etc that will complicate story progression that would also likely lead into a reboot because of total alienation. I’ll follow up with how to deal with organization.

Thoughts on Ryu progression both story wise and game play wise

Ryu’s role in-game in future SF titles

Ryu and Akuma relationship and connection

SNH, Kage and ONI nature

RUFUS AND EL FUERTE FIXes : Plots and motivation

SF1 and SF2 Preferences and Direction

Akuma Fixes Updates**

Akuma should be a man hiding in plain sight a grey man, while Ryu is a person in plain sight and look into just an ordinary man in the streets


Have Akuma a bit of a less empathetic towards the weak warrior for being a good hunter that can hid himself rather than someone that is a berserker and rage.

I believe that it’s not only knowledge that makes us stronger as an individual, but also both ignorance and innocence because both can empowers a persons persistence and determination. If thing would come into conclusion I rather like to see that Akuma is not fully aware of the true nature of SNK and Gouken was trying to save and protect him as a plot twist.

Taka Hadouken

Yamcha’s Super projectile

Shun Goku Satsu reimagining concepts.

Gouken suggestion and continuity fixes: Linking both ends.

Gouken attaining MU can now transcend themselves from any subconscious traps made by SNH spirit.

Adding up with SGS and Gouken as another example other than the DC’s Final Crisis

Is the Gold Experience Requiem from JoJo Bizzare Adventure

Something that Giorno used against Diavolo.

This can be also a good reference for Akuma speak during SGS in SF4:

The 'Die One Thousand Deaths

The Infinite Death of Diavolo


Gouken thoughts:

Adding Gouken’s Daughter

Gouken and Ryu

Kage, Akuma, Necali, SNH and SGS:

Evil Ryu and Kage Future