Secret Santa 2020: Giving back during the year of holding down back

@d3v please bless or strike down my humble thread.

Taking the reigns of running the Secret Santa this year.

Look to this post for updates.

Summary as of 11/10/2020:

Interested Members List (8 in, 2 maybes, almost up to the magic number of 10, c'mon y'all!)
  1. killkong1211
  2. Feargus001100
  3. KingTubb
  4. Dayaan
  5. Lostcase
  6. mikeohara (maybe)
  7. Darksakul
  8. spenzalii
  9. Pencilero
  10. Jion_Wansu (maybe)
Have invited the folks in GD to join us this year
  • New to the game, more experienced members please PM me with advice on how to best go about this.
  • On 10/12 posted in the 2019 GDSS topic to check this out
  • On 11/10 posted in the 2019 GDSS topic to confirm by tomorrow night if anyone wants to join
Interest thread link (Started by @killkong1211, THANK YOU!)


Rules (taken/updated from TTSS 2018):

How it works:
You sign up and buy a random SRKer a Christmas gift and a random SRKer will buy you one too.

This is a sacred GD Tech Talk tradition so do not screw over anybody on gifts because it is an automatic permaban.

We understand it gets tricky with the postal office so don’t think its a hammer drop just because silly things happened in the mail.

This is usually opened only to members who have been around for a year already (and active GD Tech Talk users).

So if you’re brand new, please post that you want to join and I’ll do some snooping to make sure you actually post here. Please Read the rules.

  • Copied from Pertho’s GD Secret Santa Thread.
  • Then copieded and edited by the Sith Lord Dark Sakul.
  • Then then copiededed and editeded by the Johnny Appleseed of MAS Sticks Feargus

Sign Up Begins NOW, October 7th, 2020 and ends November 11th, 2020.

Assignments will go sometime that night or next morning day.

All gifts needed to be shipped by December 11th, 2020.

If you Sign up and want to withdraw, you need to withdraw by November 10th, 2020. As its unfair to everyone else. Have issues, PM me.

Here are this year’s rules:

Member must have a 2019 or earlier Joined date.

  • $20 minimum before shipping. Gift Cards are not allowed, unless your Recipient allows it.
  • Along with the $20 minimum gift(s), you must include a handmade card and something unexpected.
  • You must have the package shipped and trackable by December 11th, 2020 (You have to PM/Email me the Tracking Number).
  • Instant Ban if you do not send a gift (this is treated like a Trading Outlet trade).


  • Your Joined date must be from 2019 or older.
  • If your Joined date is newer than 2019 someone who does qualify must vouch for you.
  • If you vouch for someone, you are also responsible if your vouchee does bad.
  • You MUST meet all the requirements for TRADING OUTLET Trading (6 months, and have 50 posts), this last part is 99% not negotiable PM me if you’ve got a really really good excuse, and we’ll see.


  • You must ship the package to your Recipient by December 11th, 2020.
  • When you ship, you must e-mail me a picture of the package and/or receipt with the Tracking Number.
  • If you are in the US I will pair you with US, Canada to Canada, UK to UK, etc.
  • If you are willing to ship Internationally please indicate it during signup. International participants could get anyone. If there is a lack of interest with International I will drop the International portion and combine US with Canada (as nature intended).


  • Post in this thread, traditionally we’ve included a picture with your SRK Handle on paper: BE CREATIVE!
  • Within the picture, post the following information:

SRK Handle: (Your name here on SRK)
Join Date: (the date you first made your current SRK account)
Country of Residence: (Where are you located US, UK, Canada, Philippines, etc … )
Ship International: (Yes or No)
Three Liked Items (try to be general here)
Optional: Are you okay with Gift Cards

After you sign up, send me a PM, @Feargus001100 , with "Secret Santa 2020 Sign Up [your user name]” in the message body, and with the following information:

  1. SRK Handle
  2. Full Name
  3. Full Address
  4. Email address
  5. Are you willing to ship internationally?

I will send you an email confirming that you’re in.

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tenor (5)

Artisnal post coming soon

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You know what? I took last year off after being in for a string of years. I’m in this year


Edit: Wife is asking me to consider backing away from participating in Secret Santa this year. Put me as a maybe for now, I’m going to take the remainder of the weekend to think on it and will give a final decision on either Monday or Tuesday.

Does this also mean the Rolf challenge is coming back as well?


I second this motion!

Please elaborate for an elderly lurker.

If there’s room I’d like to throw my hat in the ring. This has been an awful year for me, so if I can participate it may be some peace of mind.

SRK Handle: Pencilero
Join Date: Some time in 2013, I can’t pinpoint it and I’m alarmed I’ve had an account for seven years now. . .
Country: USA
Ship International: No, apologies to international peeps.
Likes: Coffee, Japanese Fighting Games (SNK, Capcom, ASW, Examu, Dream Factory), Sketching Tools (pencils, waterproof pens, sketchbooks)

Adding another field for additonal info. . .

Three Favorite Fighting Game Characters (at the moment): Chun Li, Axl (Guilty Gear), Wolf (Virtua Fighter)

I figure this extra field would be useful for the customization aspect of the gift exchange, if there are arts and crafts type of things.

Or just tell me to scram and I’ll scamper off. . .

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Wassup @Pencilero , plenty of room at this gansta party, you’re in.



So… I’ll have to re-post with a picture, but I am old and may forget by NOvember so wanted to make sure I has something in place now before senility set in…

Joined: 11-09
US of A
Int’l? If I have to
Likes? R/C stuff, BBQ stuff, Joystick parts, any nerd tek
Gift Cards? Sure…

Oh, and Rowlf Challenge is in effect for anyone who dares to partake (mostly OGs here, it seems, for n00bs, the start of this is hilarious)


Finally got around to my artisanal posting.
Who better than a doctor to fight the rona in the year of the downback.


Are both GD and TT combined into one?

I’ve invited GD folks to join this one.

More the merrier if you wanna get all up on this.

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Okay y’all gonna be making the TTSS list tomorrow night, message me if you’re going to join and your details before then please.

@Feargus001100 (me)
@mikeohara (still in?)
@Pencilero (you’re all set)
@Jion_Wansu (do you want in?)

Plus anyone else from GD who want to join.


My Body is Reggie


An early :christmas_tree: happy holidays :christmas_tree: to all of y’all!
Hella thankful just to be ALIVE this year!


At this moment, unfortunately, can’t join.


I am in, I PM you details

SRK Handle: Darksakul
Join Date Nov 15, 2010
Country of Residence: US
Ship International: No
Are you okay with Gift Cards: Yes
Liked Items: Nintendo, Warhammer 40k (I like to build a necron army but I am not picky, the books aren’t bad ether), last one maybe Star Wars.

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@Darksakul what 40k faction my dude?
Might help if people go that route

Let me think, Necrons as there no many Necron players near me

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