So Secret Santa?

Is it happening this year?
Are we joining with GD again?



Don’t know,

Pertho is taking a sabbatical from the forums for reasons he didn’t completely fill in on.
I am skipping on alot of details, but it’s not important in our context.

Umm, let make this a interest thread and see where it goes.


+1 interested vote

Hope it happens :crossed_fingers:

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I’m down. Had a lot of fun last year


Last year’s Secret Santa stuff was awesome. I’m definitely down for another round, given the appropriation committee’s consent :rofl:


I haven’t participated in years, but I’d be down this time around.

How does it work on the forums?

Here’s last year’s secret santa with all the rules and stuff


That being said, slight changes.
As Dark said prior Pertho is on a sabbatical so someome else will be running it if we get the interest, so don’t email Pertho
As well with the delays to shipping pretty much worlwide I’d suggest doing assignments and shipping maybe mid-november so things arrive before Christmas (or at least have a better chance to)

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So when tech talk did it solo, it was me running the show. My rules were similar enough to Pertho. I basically went by if you qualify for trading outlet selling of a min of 1 year here and 50 “quality” or non-spam posts (we had a problem with someone one year who think they can spam out 50 posts). The exceptions been with the recent server move if you had to remake your account and you can prove who are, or a established participant (more than two years) was willing to vouch for you, and they take the heat of you failing to deliver.

I going to wait till next Saturday (the 12th) till I make anything official. I want to at least see a good 10 people who shows interest.

Due to covid, I am going to forgo the international portion, but I will include our brothers and sisters in Canada, unless there some unexpected developments.

When you say forgo the international portion… I’m in Australia so haha

Australia got goodies too :+1:

I Honestly not sure how that going to work out with covid. I Got a few international shipments got canceled on me in the past and had to ask for refunds. Unless someone does a drop shipment.

Well I haven’t had too much trouble receiving in
And as for sending out I can always purchase gifts through sources over there (i.e. Amazon, FocusAttack, etc), I don’t get to wrap them but they should make it through the post easier :slight_smile:


The interest check time also my time to figure stuff out. So my earlier statements could be dead wrong.

When I have the free time, i going to list all the people who are interested so far

So far I got

  1. killkong1211
  2. Feargus001100
  3. KingTubb
  4. Dayaan
  5. Lostcase
  6. mikeohara

And I will count myself for 7.

We need 3 more people

So, long story short I am not going to run secret santa. I am considering leaving the forums for good. And it not be fair to the ss if the organizer ups and disappears. You guys don’t deserve that.
I come back and check PMs and if someone else wants to step forwards as the new organizer, I do my best to help them out.

But at this time, I can not run secret santa any more. My heart isn’t in it any more.


I can run Secret Santa this year.

Will get all my ducks in a row about this this evening after work.

Big thanks to @Pertho and @Darksakul for all your hard work to keep the good times rolling all these years.


Was going to throw my hat in the ring but you beat me to it haha
Glad to know secret santa is in good hands though

Yeah big ups to @Pertho & @Darksakul absolute pillars of this community

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Alright guys…

I’ve told this story a million times so I’ll give you a quick run through of it. I know you guys have probably been waiting all year for this but some stuff went down. The quick of it is that my mom passed away on the 23rd of September of pancreatic cancer. The week before she passed away, Preppy decided to message me again on a long running, nonsensical PM thread about stuff that didn’t really need talking about. I told him I didn’t want to talk to him about it because of the reasons in my personal life, then he said some unforgiveably foul stuff comparing my mother dying of cancer to SRK. d3v was in that PM thread and did nothing.

I messged d3v about the situation and he basically ignored it. Seeing as it was Preppy and because of his connections I can’t really ban him. So I decided to quit. A few days later Preppy sent me an apology which blamed me for misinterpreting the original message. At that point I returned to SRK (this happened over the previous weekend). I did it publicly becuase d3v was ignoring the PMs. You guys can review the lounge for this, but the sole reason I did it was to put pressure on d3v to provide a resolution to the situation of me being left alone.

d3v chose to ban me instead becuase I refused to go back to do things in PMs which he had ignored. After being banned, Preppy then decided to post in the lounge, pretend I had harassed him publicly in the lounge (this is a verifiable lie as I never mentioned who sent me the henious things). When pressed on it he put the conversation publicly which showed him to be…well you guys read it. Anyways my original account is banned by d3v. This was an alt account I set up a long time ago to test discourse features.

You guys can basically get a summary of things starting here:

Reading down from there you’ll see what Preppy said that set me off. If you go back from there you’ll find a bunch of my posts and some pretty ridiculous nonsense said by d3v. Banning me, for better or worse led to a mass exodus of members who felt I was wronged. I didn’t encourage anybody to do this I just wanted out of SRK and away from Preppy.

So because of all this, no Secret Santa ran by me this year; think Darksakul is just demoralized at the whole situation. The overwhelming majority of people in the SF5 lounge left for another site, a lot of the GD lounge people left for another site and it feels like its only a matter of time before more people leave.

That’s the long and short of it. Thank you guys for participating on Secret Santas. This event literally kept me on SRK when I was about to quit the whole website. This time around though…well, you guys will read it.