Miðgarðsorm Presents The Street Fighter V Story Thread

I see we hit 10k. Can we get @Pertho to pin this? @Midgardsorm, I thought the title was only fair with all the knowledge you gift to us in these threads.

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Akuma didn’t sucker punch Goutetsu. That has never been his style. Goutetsu isn’t on current Ryu’s level. He’s not the old master anymore. He’s been surpassed by two generations of his successors. Goutetsu isn’t on current Ryu’s level. Let alone Gouken or Akuma’s. I wouldn’t mind a character that followed Goutetsu’s more balanced approach to ki mastery. Akuma and Gouken are at different ends of the spectrum. A fighter that walks the line between Mu and SNH could be interesting.


Lol, title.

SF got enough old men in it. Don’t need one that’s better off being dead.


Please add resources/references in the main post.


What we need is more cougar


Yeah, you’re right. Just checked the profile on wiki and it say he challenged his Master

About his style… well, we seen he was’t above suckerSGS people: retconnected later or not his debut has been do it on Bison and it’s not clear if he did it on Gill too

Well, as usual we lack material to be sure about things
For sure we know he was’t able to pull same counter-SGS tricks Gouken and Gen did
(tbh Gouken was dead till sf4 chosen he was not and instead skillfully survived and woke up able to stop SGS)

SFV Ryu is still not near to have a chance against Akuma though… SFV one is surely a more powerful Akuma than the one that killed Goutetsu, but still

Essentially we don’t know if SFV Ryu would have been able to win in same situation

It’s clearly a retcon and we don’t need tons of retcon from the monumental moments in sf history it’s like retconning Sagat scar to not exist. lol

We got Gouken already and him having to learn MU to Gen is enough and fine already.

Having multiple people knowing MU kinda make it’s importance and appeal in the narrative terrible. Bison and Akuma never happened anyway.

Ryu is clearly in a different path from other shoto like Gouken and Akuma. Even Gouken is in a different path of progression from Goutetsu and so is Akuma to everyone else.

We’ll never see Ryu at his peak, since that would mean ageing up the entire cast by 15 years from 3rd Strike. Can’t have waifu characters be over 30 years old, Capcom needs the swimsuit DLC money!!!

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the problem is all in the japanese boner they developed for Akuma stronk(est) kind of narrative

If they made him a corrupted son of bitch who happen to be “just” one of the most dangerous around (for Ryu in particular as he know ansatsuken), Ryu could have at some point settled that family problem and SF would have moved on with new treats like nothing happened

Now they cornered themselves in the position we know

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Cool, new thread, I’m suscribing.


Let the fighting game congregation and story discussions continue.
Get the frame data. Get the controllers. Get the booze. Get the sauce materials.

Let’s go

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Once again our power level exceeded the confines of our threads mortal form!



Yeah, fuck Gotetsu.


I can see them trying to one up 4 with Goutetsu though.
Only other options for char 5 as I see it are:

Sheng Long

It’s gotta be someone big…
Gonna be hell waiting for it.

100% sure it’s going to be somebody new.

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Why are yall acting like anyone cares about Goutetsu? The only reason we got Akuma and Gouken is because the Sheng Long April Fools jokes from EGM. The SF2 joke took off like wildfire and lead to Akuma. Capcom’s own testers fell for that one. The SF3 joke was far less popular but lead to Gouken. Also there is no “Sheng Long”. Shen Long was the rumored master of Ryu and Ken. “Sheng Long” is Gouken. Capcom even took the one arm and double Hadoken concepts from EGM’s SF3 version of the April Fools joke.


Not necessarily. Ryu could easily exceed Oro’s expectations and be ready years before then. Let’s not forget that certain events can accelerate people’s growth (See Bison x Ryu).

It will still be several years into the future, and it will still not be his peak. It will only be a point in time where Oro deems Ryu strong enough to fight him with 2 hands. Ryu could live to be as old as Oro, and by then he would’ve likely reached previously unimaginable heights of power and discipline.

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