Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived

Since everything was wiped out from the previous thread, I figured that a new one should be started.

Anyways, I cant rememeber the questions that were asked form the previous thread except for one so I’ll go on to answer that one.

Why I think Retsu is the one that most likely beat Gen in SF1.
I think that it was Retsu because for one thing he was friends with Gouken. The fact that Retsu and Gouken have are old friends and sparring buddies means that Retsu is at least skilled. Next is the fact that Retsu was practicing forbidden arts of his temple that he was in. He was kicked out but he continued to practice them. And the fact that SF1 didnt have any other strong fighters in it. Sagat and Adon were beaten by Ryu. Which leaves Mike, Joe, Geki, Lee, Birdie, Eagle, Retsu and Gen. Out of them I cant see Joe, Lee, Birdie and Eagle being that strong. Mike is Mike Bison but even he couldn’t of beaten Gen. Geki I dont think is that strong. Which leaves Retsu.
This is just my guess though…

I really hope to see this thread revived to it fullest again.

Ya, I wanted to know about the Chun Li knowing Ryu and co. too. I also asked if you (or anybody else) had an All About Capcom book for Cyberbots.

Cyberbots is in All About Capcom, I believe. At least, I recall seeing it there when I thumbed through it at various anime conventions. But I’d be very surprised if there were an All About Cyberbots book, since the game wasn’t exactly very mainstream as far as I know.

On a random note, the plot guide’s been updated with everything in that thread before it sadly died ( :frowning: ). It’s at gamefaqs. Erm… yea. I added in the Slammasters characters (and their bios), but replaying my SNES slammasters game and simply comparing it to the bios Saiki gave made me realize that Capcom of America must have changed a LOT regarding that game…

Ironic that Retsu probably is quite powerful, storyline-wise, but gameplay wise he’s like, that easy first guy that you just plow through in the game who doesn’t even have special moves :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Saiki, any idea what the dialogue between Gen and Ryu in SFA3 when you play as Gen is about? I’m not sure I can trust Capcom of America’s translation. Ack! It’s mainly figuring out who Gen is talking about in his first sentence…

5th Stage Mid-boss: Ryu

I didn’t think anyone could withstand my honed skills…
I see the world is yet an interesting place to live in!
Your fighting style… It’s used for killing people, isn’t it?
And what if it is?
You are strong! I can sense your power just by looking at you…

[after the battle]

I don’t understand…Your style is pure… It is not like mine.
But why do I feel so empty when I look within…?
Perhaps it is because I use the "assassin’s fist…"
Or… is it because of the power he has flowing through him…?

Now that I think about it, dialogue like that is probably what leads to Gen giving up fighting in his SFA3 ending or so. …I think. wishes SFA3 wasn’t so… filled with what-if endings. Ah well. Watch E. Honda’s ending have happened, next! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Saiki, thanks for re-starting the thread. It’s a shame that it was all wiped out, but at least Tiamat has the Faq. Even though it summarized the whole thread pretty well, its just not the same. A lot of little details and discussions that have been lost. Time to move on though.

Anyway, I had also re-posted the Gen-Ryu Z3 conversation a day or so before the forums crashed, so if you could verify or comment on it I would be most appreciative. Is this an accurate translation, or has Cap USA mixed it up? Also, who is Gen referring to when he states that somebody withstood is “honed skills”? Thanks for your time.

One thing I don’t understand is why Retsu wasn’t put in the Alpha games. I guess that’s because Capcom figured nobody played SF1 and it wasn’t that important. Ah well, I’d like to see what they would do with him now though.

I just want to take the time out to express how much being on this Thread has meant to me in these last few months, and how sad it was to actually loose the original Thread. These last few months of my life have been crazy. I was working 35 hours a week while getting my Bachelors Degree. During this whole time, I had to move to a new house while dealing with a psychotic girlfriend. Not to mention that I work only a few blocks away from the World Trade Center and was in the area when the Twin Towers fell. Anyway, this Thread along with Grenade Falcon’s vs. Thread has proved to be a great escape for me. I’d like to thank Fistofury for starting this Thread and everyone who’s participated. Now we’ve all got to post 10 times more than before so we can reach a thousand posts once again!!! And make no mistake about it, this was and will always be the greatest Thread on SRK.

I would also like to know any information about Cyberbots. I only became interested in the game when Marvel vs. Capcom 1 came out. This is mostly because Jin was voiced by Yuji Ueda and sounded almost exactly like the way Yuji Ueda voices my favorite Anime character (Sagara Sanosuke of course!). In SFA3, he also does the voices of Balrog (the ninja) and Blanka. I know that for a fact because I have a japanese SFA3 Strategy Guide which lists in English which actor does which character’s voice. His name also comes up at the ending credits of SF3 Double Impact (Though not in SF3 Third Strike and I don’t know if he’s in SF3 New Generation since I don’t play it much) but I don’t know who’s voice he’s doing in SF3 Double Impact. Anyway, any info on Jin, Devilot and that Gouki Robot would be appreciated.

Thanks for the input. Up until now, I had always thought that Retsu wasn’t as strong as Gouken, but this is a possibility that shouldn’t be overlooked. Gameplay doesn’t always portray a character’s true ability. Still… this does beg one question:
If Retsu was strong enough to defeat Gen, then who defeated Retsu? I hope that he didn’t take it easy on Ryu because he was Gouken’s pupil. That sort of bastardizes the whole tournament.

Saiki- Is there any more info on Gen’s illness? When or how he contracted it and how exactly it affects him? I still wonder if it affected his SF1 performance. It seems like a logical cop-out to me. Also, would Retsu’s practicing of “forbidden arts” possibly put a strain of his relationship with Gouken? It seems that by eliminating the lethal tendencies of his own art that Gouken was moving in the opposite direction. Just curious. As always, thanks in advance.

Yeah, me too. The original thread had almost 1200 posts. I guess that after all this time there’s still stuff to talk about. FoF, Az, and others, hope to see you drop by. Later.

If SFA 3 took place before SF1 there’s a non cop out explanation. If Retsu fought Gen (assuming Gen’s condition worsens with age) after SFA3 then it’s possible for him to beat Gen in this weakened state. Hence it’s possible for Ryu to beat Retsu. Retsu may not be as good as Gen but if Gen was sick, we may never know. Plus, Retsu and Gouken may have sparred, but they never had an all out fight. If all they did was sparr we can safely assume that Gouken held back to a certain extent so as not to hurt his friend. So Retsu is probably not on Gouken’s level. That’s the non-cop out explanation. The cop-out explanation is that Retsu just held back. Wouldn’t be too far fetched. Capcom did it in SF3 with Alex and Gill.

Omigod. I don’t show p for a week and find the ENTIRE forums wiped out? NO backup? Nooooo…

For the love of God, somebody PLEASE tell me they saved the thread in some form or fashion! :frowning:

To sano:

Yes, Cyberbots is in AAC. Sorry, I can’t read it much. Ask Saiki.

To tsj76:

SFA3 takes place 3 years after SF1. Also, I think Retsu wasn’t put into the Alphas because he had a very dull original gameplay design (he was just a shoto without any special moves IIRC).

Re: Re: Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived

SFA3 took place after SF1, any proof necessary lies within Sagat and his scar. Anyway, I didn’t mean for cop-out to come off negatively, just as an easy answer for Capcom to use to clarify the story. I do still dislike the idea of Retsu holding back on Ryu. This is getting to the point where nobody takes a fight seriously any more. Ryu’s status as a fighter drops every time I blink. Sagat holds back against him, Akuma/Gouki holds back against him, Oro holds back against him, and now we have Retsu who may have held back against him! For a fighting game, people really don’t seem to be fighting much at all.

As for Gen, I would like to know more about the illness. I still think that it would make the best explanation for the SF1 tourney. Then I could see Ryu or Retsu beating him.

Oh yea, I was wondering what happened to Lee, too. Never could figure that one out, exactly. Heard multiple explanations of him dissappearing…

Well, first I’d like to say thanks to Tiamat for the SF Faq cause without it, then everything discussed would have been completely gone. We may no longer have that great thread but at least we have all the key info from it readily available.

Just a quick question/observation - I was going thru one of my SF books called ‘Capcom Illustrations’ (or something like that) and there was a two page picture showing the schematics of the Shadaloo base. What got my attention were the pics of what I assume are Shadaloo soldiers - and they looked alot like C. Jack from the EX series! They have cowboy hats and ties. Now this is what I’m wondering: is the character design for ol’ Cracker Jack based on these old sketches or is it purely coincidental. Could it be possible that C. Jack was a former soldier for Shadaloo? Man, too bad a SFEX storyline isn’t around.

Hey sano, I also work in NYC. Small world, huh :cool:

I’m glad someone decided to repost this thread.

I have some questions about Akuma as a pupil of Goutetsu. Can I have the details about his path toward corruption, his killing Goutetsu, and his killing of Gouken? How old were Ryu and Ken when Gouken was killed. And is it true that Gouken was Akuma (gouki’s) Brother? These questions may seem stupid, but i need the exact details so I can write a fanfic about Akuma…

Well the Cyberbots series was very popular in Japan around the time the game was released I hear, Jin and Devilot were the most popular characters.

Anyways, if anyone could fill me in the infomation that is presented in the Cyberbots section of the All About Capcom book, that would be cool. You can just IM it to me so all the information won’t throw this topic off topic. :cool:

I also like Jin’s voice acting alot, I never knew who did it, thanks for the info sano. Zero Gouki (the Akuma mecha) didn’t play any part in the story as it wasn’t in the arcade versions.

Gen2000 - You’re welcome.

Golden Hell - Yeah. If I remember reading C. Jack was a member of Shadowloo. If that outfit did used to represent Shadowloo’s Soldier outfit, I wonder if it is replaced with the Military outfits they wear now?

Cracker Jack’s storyline was that he was a skilled high ranked bouncer of Shadaloo or so, but he always enjoyed working alone, so when he was assigned to lead a group of recruits, he got pissed and left or something like that.

Hmm… if that outfit is based on what the typical Shadaloo outfit is supposed to be, that’d actually be pretty interesting…

Actually, I think that would be pretty stupid, since C.Jack is a pretty stupid character in every way (stupid look [he’e be salvageable if he’d lose the hat], stupid name, and they stupified his Balrog-ish moves; only thing that looks kinda cool is the Home Run Hero).

Query: Isn’tt the tie worn by C.Jack in SFEX the same as the ones worn by the dolls, except that CJack’s is a little longer?

The disease that Gen has is leukemia.
And this is just my personal opinion but I think Retsu entered the tournament because Gouken asked him to beat Gen. Logically thinking, Ryu in his state would not have beaten Gen in SF1. The only problem is that Gen fights to the death. Hence if Ryu and Gen fought, Gen would’ve killed Ryu. And yes, if this were the case, Retsu did go easy on Ryu.
And I don’t think that Retsu praticing the forbidden art was a strain on Gouken. Forbidden art doesn’t neccesarily mean lethal art.

True, Retsu and Gouken never went past sparring and maybe went a little further but never had an all out fight. But neither has Ryu or Ken. Those two have never fought each other all out but they’re not too far off each-other.

Lee…dunno, maybe he took over the Genhanten?(Gen’s restaurant)

Golden Hell
I’d hope that it’s just a coincidence. I’d suck if the Shadowloo soldiers dressed up like C Jack

He didnt really go corrupt. He just stayed true to his art, “Ansatsuken”. And considerng that all three of them, Gouki, Gouken and Goutetsu, are all practicers of Ansatsuken. It’s only natural for Gouki to challenge them to death. And Ryu and Ken were in their teens when Gouki was killed.

Saiki, can you enlighten us on how Chun-Li became friends with Ryu, Ken and Sakura?