The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread

Once again, our combined Psycho Power has exceeded what our host body could hold, and a new body is needed… Again, and again… FOREVER!!!


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The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread

The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread

Warrior’s Fate: Street Fighter Story Thread


Long live the new flesh!


So which alternate version of Guts Man’s theme will Capcom use as the second BGM ?

1 the Powered Up version


  1. Mega Man: The Power Fighters version

Good to see a new story thread


@SagatryuX Power Fighters

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Huzzah, new thread!

I’ll just repost my last post in there to spark discussion. RE: Bison livig generations ago

I remember in my pre-internet days that seemed to be a speculation among people. Done right it could be cool. I don’t want them to do the typical “So and so is really Cain from the bible” type of reveal or that he descended from him. I remember Cestus and others have mentioned the idea of him being a solider, possibly a nazi being intrigued by the mystic arts and chasing them. Having him being pretty old and changing his identity over the years due to his immortality until finally, in the modern day, being able to literally get new bodies could be cool.

Speaking of the bodies thing. How do we, @Daemos in particular, want to approach that. Has Bison always looked pretty similar to how he is now, or did he look different in the past? Maybe the current looks we’re used to aren’t that much different from his original body, but they’re more idealized. Perfect teeth, square jaw, perfect muscles and so on? Or did he once look totally different?

I remember the whole Nazi thing was by @YagamiFire, Mine was just like Vandal Savage but learned esoteric magic that can swap body or telepathically remote people like Dr Doom. While @Daemos was more into a demon entity?

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It’s so weird seeing a story thread before 10 pages :joy: glad to be here for this one from the start!


Yeah my idea for Bison was (and still is) that he can be Oro-like old, not some vampire-like being immortal alive from centuries, but a man that currently will be just ridicolous old like in his120s that found a way to gain virtual “artificial immortality”, to keep being dangerous with the psycho power+science switching bodies technique.

Perfect placement for me will be his birth be in very end of 1800, so he was a young german soldier during WW1 and alread adult/high rank during WW2

Actually in the movie Bulletproof Monk, the main villain is almost exactly that, a 100+ yo nazi who’s still “young” and got super strenght due some secret scroll he stolen from monks in a tibetan temple

Not exactly the same but much more famous movies, 2 out 3 Indiana Jones movies (the classic trilogy) were about nazis searching throught ancient esotheric artifacts power (Ark- Raiders of the lost ark) and immortality (Holy Grail- The Last Crusade)

Bison story be him being one of these nazis who traveled to asia (and stayed there after WW2 loss) in search of some mystical/esotheric power (maybe even be THE one that lead/wanted the mission) will connect so many dots and give him very solid background

Much more than the very very first Washizaki idea (or early SF2 very asian look), throught SF chapters they added so much stuff that could support that other kind of origin.

Last i will like that placement for other two reasons:
-it will explain him being world-relevant treat only in recent (late 1900) years, him being like 500yo will mean he did’nt do shit for centuries or force to open a new whole path to explain he did it under other names.
Second way will also imply he got his ass kicked and his plans stopped through history wich will make longer the L streak in his record, wich i prefer not lol

-His immortality has ever been showed to be heavy linked to “modern” technology, place that kind of tech in WW2 (when the war boosted tech advancement) feels about right
Shadaloo whole image is in general very nazi cliches based, but technology is definitely one of key points of that vibe

If you think about it, these are the dna compatible bodies he came up with


Will not be that surprised it original Bison used to be blue eyed and blond*

*glad he is’nt we already got blond invasion in SFV LOL






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Now , we in here.



There are 2 main theories in my headcanon that I play around with:

1- 19th Century Nazi Soldier like @Cestus_II pretty much described.

The problem with this theory is that his Alpha body is too young looking to be his original body, and there is no indication that Bison developed cloning tech before Alpha 2. Prior to this technology, Bison likely jumped from host to host by sensing they are compatible, defeating them, then taking over (Kinda like what happened to Rose).

So the issue here is Bison’s alpha body has to be his original body. It holds his DNA which he used to create and mold all his “children” from. So either Bison looks much younger than he lets on in Alpha or he is actually just 40-50 years old then and Rose was his first body jump.

We can definitely interpret that he is attached to his original face/body in some fashion and always goes back to it when he is done with the in-between bodies. Like most Dictators in history, he likely has a vain and eccentric streak, so taking care of his looks and the image he projects out into the world is probably something he considers (hence the statues everywhere).

2- Bison is not a human being have a demonic experience, he is a demon having a human experience.

This theory plays with the idea that Bison is a devilish force of nature or became a devilish force of nature. This theory implies that Bison likely has no preferred sex or appearance, has had many throughout the ages, and it’s simply a coincidence that in the decade that the SF main story arc takes place, Bison happened to look the way he did. Probably out of convenience and practicality.

The sophistication of Shadaloo’s technology in 20th Century probably made his body jumping shtick a whole lot more accessible.

As out there as this theory sounds, it has a lot of basis in the canon. A lot of what Bison says in Alpha 3 especially alludes to him being beyond humanity and synonymous with Evil itself (Chun-Li, Vega, and Cammy endings spring to mind). His demeanor and attitude especially in SF5 show utter indifference and apathy to everything going on around him, the kind you would expect from someone or something not bound to rules or time.

The problem with this theory is that Bison has “DNA” or “clones” of him, implying that he has a human origin of some sort. Then again, if Bison is essentially the/a Devil, he could’ve faked his human origin. I doubt anyone in Shadaloo knows his truth if it were his truth. Only Rose might sense this, but not completely.

Whatever the case, I hope Capcom never really delves into his origin too deeply. Removing the mystique from villains ultimately ruins them, especially if it attempts to humanize them or give too much reason to their rhyme.


I got 2 versions of Bison the first one was heavily inspired by Doom alone and the other one was combination of Vandal Savage and Doom.

I really like the idea of Vandal Savage having multiple persona across the history, while the whole esoteric idea of Doom which is my favorite villain and the reason why I wanted the concept of a Monitor Cyborg to return in SF4 and be part of Bison’s return, because of the idea of Doom bots.

I’m trying to find an idea the would work the best that can solve and would work in different interpretation. Got to re-watch a more recent movie and got interested in manga yet I’m trying to mix it with my 2 previous Bison fan fiction origin.

I’m trying to dig my previous post in 2015? and 2017 and re-write with those inspiration.

A fanfic that would work along with the complicated SOUL idea of one soul while keeping the Vandal Savage that exist as many persona in the history and has every esoteric like Doom appeal.

I’ll post it as soon as I finished it. It’s kinda complicated in the beginning but tries to answer and tries to solves every Bison plot whole.

Something that would also work with the idea of Shin Bison in SFEX2 and can cover the several area of confusing plot that was brought in by Bak in the recent discussion.

I’m also trying to build around that idea but in a more confusing concept not a demon or a force of nature, but rather a phenomena that is beyond explanation.

Yet synonymous to evil and had lived throughout ages that are point’s, I find interesting to link with Vandal Savage because of those in A3 references with Bison.

Not going to lie, I’m not a fan of either of this theories.

For the first one something just strikes me as odd that an European would go to the East to find the secrets of what is and always has been called Psycho Power. It’s just such a weird name to give this that I can’t imagine any ancient teachings calling it that. And while we don’t know a lot about it in the first place, so for all we know it isn’t the original name, and the holders of the power are Westeners, so they could have adapted it, somehow an expert in those kind of teachings like Bison is required to be for the theory to work just wouldn’t do either of those things.
That’s why I mentioned before that I prefer a spin of this theory where Bison is from the East (likely North Korean, the closest to Asian Nazis, especially assuming Japanese devs would prefer to whitewash their history a little) that found this power in a Western setting, possibly Scandinavia, tying it to the berserk (psycho :wink:) state of mind Vikings are sometimes said to have taken in battle.

The second one is just waaaay too esoteric. And while these days it isn’t something out of the realm of possibility for Street Fighter, I think it does more harm than good for the character. Sure, it helps explain his incredible powers but cheapens a lot of Bison’s character and the SFers struggles. His rivalry with Ryu, his desire to be the strongest warrior in the world and the building of the organization that hurt so many of our characters and their families are all much more relatable if done by a regular human with immense power than if done by the devil, basically.
If this were to be true, it turns everything since SF2 from a struggle between human nature, represented in both the one-on-one aspect of martial arts, but also in the corruption of trusted organizations like the Air Force that betrayed Nash and the fight between less than good people, like Ninja clans, and the true evil of the human heart that Bison and his minions encompass.
What this theory reminds me of is the shitty Wonder Woman movie ending, where the message of the whole movie, that humanity isn’t all pure and innocent and they need a role model like Diana to guide them on the right path, is thrown out when they decide to include a final boss moment where the eeevuuuul god of war was indeed pulling the strings.

But ultimately, while it’s cool to speculate, this:

Is the right answer.

While I don’t think Bison can be ruined even with the shittiest of backstories, because ultimately it’s not what would drive him in the present and it wouldn’t excuse his deeds against the rest of the cast, which is the actual conflict that we love him for, it’s probably for the better not to tie a rock to his leg that he has to drag on from now on.


The legendary @Daemos has done it again. The Psycho Power… is eternal.

Aaaaand, you guys constantly make me want to keep playing SFV. I’m in Chicago on a work trip right now. After getting back to the hotel, I’m go over some other story-related aspects of SFV (after busting a few heads online with Menat and my homeboy Ryu, with some Bison on the side).