The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread

SF3 stats are hidden in an Gamest issue in 1997. Along with other trivia no one outside of Japan knows about (unless you own a copy or go to Japanese wikia).

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wow that amazing all of a sudden reaction out from nowhere lol

Where I you getting that? can you give number and reference we details not theories and speculation.

This it looks like is the same with those it might be, should if and what if, cleary speculation of yours that was never a not data and the end result or output. If Capcom do something of that they just change both more on a distance from each other.

So the answer stay the same, it’s crystal clear that Ken has weighed still more than Ryu and Ken always weighed more than Ryu.

It also goes to favor my claims because the data progression changes reflects it that it end up close in physique and not distance that turned Ken skinny.

So the claim of him should had been skinny in SFV and SF3 is from none.

The topic here is about them being close and similar to physique which the data and the changes is doing so. It’s more like making them close as possible and not distance away. So ken being skinny in SFV and SF3 is just wrong.


The progression is still more on making them close not making them far and all the “what if” stuff along with speculation is not part of twisting thing to fit the narrative and personal biases.

SO in the end Ken is heavier than Ryu and Ken always weighed more than Ryu which is backed up by the data progression which show no drastic and radical changes to say that Ken is changed skinny distance to Ryu because it contradicts those biases. because it instead confirm what my claims was, the progression confirmed what is established that both is close in physique not distance and not Ken being retcon to skinny.

I’ve never disagreed with your claims. I supported them. You’ve torn apart and misrepresented my statements anyway, seemingly just so you could continue to argue that you were right even when no one was arguing that you were wrong?

I’m reminded why Shakunetsu conversations have a tendency to be viewed as dumpster fires that only end when everyone else gives up on participating.

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I didn’t argue with those that clearly on the right stuff and called the error early on.

The thing is you cited it differently compare to the others that called it being wrong. You gave numbers but the narrative is in favor of something different.

Then ignore me it’s common sense, It becomes toxic when people persist the wrong and twist it to be right along with those that would shill for the wrong claims.

I challenge criticism and correction in various thread, and never pretend it was right then just move along with the different topic. Throwing that kind of negative impression to me like dumpster fire conversion only makes my post interesting to read I gave details and explanation on why than those who throws statement like “heart and soul”, “because vag*na”, “cooking hamburgers”, “racial style” or the classic “studied character design then others not”. lol. Lack of substance.

The whole topic and idea was nonsense to begin with even without me being involve, but the difference is it wouldn’t be called out and would just be ignored because it supported some peoples here biases and favorable, So it would cause misinformation, While the rest doesn’t want to argue with other people in the thread despite being flat out wrong

Look people even agree/liked on it even it was wrong in the first place. That proves it.

I remembered, you did back cestus before with one of another his faulty and pretentious claims in which you even tried to twist because that’s favors your interest, while leaving you alone to debate alone against me. (typical cestus) lol

Yes he leave others alone to defend for him because he see your comments as well mine comments because I quoted his wrong claims that I used to comments when engaging to conversation, while his pretending he doesn’t see you defending his nonsense, in other words ignoring you, yes ignoring you. for an individual that has an ego that would pretend he might even be laughing at you. lol

The issue here is people talks of wrong ideas and twist things to fit there biases then persist and hates criticism.

I posted part 1 a few weeks ago, but Professor Thorgi posted a follow up to his MvC4 idea. This time it focuses on the extras, modes, etc. I’d LOVE if Capcom was to go in this direction.

@Lord_Vega @bakfromon @Phantom_Miria @TazyryLipo

PHEW! That was quite the endeavour, but I managed to revise all of my previous backstory scenario and find something VERY interesting in this one. I didn’t correct anything except the names… which are sufficiently interesting on their own anyway.

Ryu’s SFZ3 revised scenario backstory
Ken’s SFZ3 revised scenario backstory
Chun-Li’s SFZ3 revised scenario backstory

Member of Vega’s personal guard. By his direct order, she became responsible for collecting fighting data. But it seems that her existence has a greater significance for Vega and Shadaloo.

Fighting Style
Her basic fighting style is to keep the opponent from a distance using fast leg strokes until finding an opening so she can deliver a sharp blow. Despite her small body frame, she has a great fighting ability, since her muscle strength and neurological reflexes were artificially enhanced. Her specialty are attacks that use the legs. The elasticity of her body could be compared to the body of a gymnast, which allows to perform acrobatic moves.

Fashion Style
The uniform is given by the organization and its design is extremely cold and impersonal. It is a swimsuit that, despite being very light, has high performance and protects the neck’s vital point. To prevent injuries during violent combat, uses a large protector on the forearm and shoulder pads embedded. The arm band attached to the upper arm shows that she’s part of the Vega’s personal guard.

Mykonos Island (Greece)

“As usual, we will begin the reports meeting.”
In a dark room equipped with an eighty-inch projection screen, a tall man wearing glasses begins to read the documents in his hands.
In the room, about ten people hear his words carefully.
“This investigation was carried out in Greece, where, as you know, is the holiday resort’s Prime Minister from Muwathiq Republic¹ - Mr. Guihad² . This image was captured on the Kyanoeides³ beach, located at the southeast of Mykonos Island.”
The video shows a completely blue sky and a fine white sand beach.
“It was on this beach, at daylight, that the murder of Guihad recently happened. The case is being reported as an heart attack. But as you can see…”
The image moves. At the center of the screen, you can see a little girl playing in the sand. Apparently, Guihad’s wife was filming their daughter.
Behind her, a very small image of a man sitting on a beach chair can be seen. It’s Guihad.
The focus of the camera isn’t him. So he goes in and out of the frame. Until then, there’s no suspicious movement.
The image freezes and is rewinded a bit. At the edge of the frame, you can see something crossing horizontally, similar to a piece of fabric. A second later, the chair were Guihad is sitting begins to fall slowly. Until this point, his wife, who was doing the shooting at a distance, have not realized what was happening.
The child’s cries of joy can still be heard.
“It seems unbelievable, but it was during those very few seconds that a powerful poison with ultra-fast effect was injected into Guihad. No physical evidence was found at the incident scene.”
The wife realizes what is happening and immediately drops the camera on the floor and run towards her husband.
The image freezes at this point.
“For a year, there were several mysterious murders like this from all over the world. I also would like you all to see this…”
The following projection was a picture of a young woman. Full body, front, side and back.
It seems to be an Asian teenager.
“This girl was aboard the boat that shipwrecked and was captured 150Km south of the Pratas Islands⁴. In the same boat there were 38 more orientals, including Chinese, but all dead. This young girl was rescued in a state of profound malnutrition, and 55 hours after the rescue, she died. The most surprising thing is that it was found in her body, a huge amount of anabolic steroids, tranquilizers and other hormones composed by unidentified elements. Her bone and muscle development is completely abnormal. The only thing that has been proved is that this was not due to illnesses or congenital problems. There was absolutely nothing found that could contribute to the identification of the youngling. The number of injections spots on both legs and arms, the lack of memory, all evidence fits perfectly to the characteristics of an ‘enhanced body’, reported on other occasions.”
“Which means…?” - Questions one of the participants.
“If we consider the possibility of an important connection between these two cases, it is important to review the whole inquiry and I would like that the strengthen of the investigation department is urgently thought. I believe this is a key step to approach the organization known as ‘Shadaloo’.”

¹ Arabic مُوَاثِق‎ muwāthiq, “ally”. This is purely speculative, but judging from the original katakana ムワジク muwajiku (and from the name Guihad/Gihad, see ²) it appears clearly Arabic. Now, since Arabic words have an interesting triconsonantal root system, and the prefix mu- marks a participle of the second and third derived forms of a root (think mujāhidīn, “fighters”, plural of mujahid, “fighter”, from the root J-H-D, “struggle”; exactly, same root of JIHAD), the root is clearly something along the lines of the Japanese W-J-K. The problem is that Arabic has a consonantal inventory far richer than Japanese; therefore, while W doesn’t pose a problem, K could be K or Q, and J… Well, if followed by an I, it could be J, D, TH, DH, Ḍ, Z or Ẓ, all sounds that to a Japanese ear could be perceived as J (think the English THE END becoming the katakana ジ・エンド JI endo, Metal Gear Solid). Browsing through an Arabic dictionary, we find the root W-TH-Q, related to reliability concepts: thus, third form (because the second involves a double second consonant, so it would become muwaththiq, “notary public”) and here we are. Capcom could have translated “ally” into Arabic on purpose to show - to those who could identify the word, that is - that the country was “one of us”, so it makes sense that Shadaloo targeted its PM. Still, ムワーシク muwaashiku could’ve been more similar (a J from a hard TH is a bit of a stretch; it makes more sense from a soft TH, and the A is actually long…), but I’ve speculated enough. Maybe @TazyryLipo could find a better root… Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it and Capcom merely concocted an “Arabic-sounding word” out of thin air and luckily invented something appropriate, lol.

² Arabic جِهاد jihād, “war, struggle”. Often used as a male proper name. In Northern Egyptian Arabic (and in West Yemen), the sound J is pronounced as a hard G, so it’s not uncommon to meet a “Gihad”. “Guihad” would be also correct, only it’s romanised according to the French system (gui = gi, as in guillotine). It’s just a matter of preference.

³ Ancient Greek κυανοειδής kyanoeidés, “dark blue”. The intended meaning is only “blue”, however. Obviously in line with Greece’s flag colours and Cammy’s own costume. This is the word that gave away Capcom’s source for many foreign names: the Naming Dictionary, a dictionary first published in 1992 with the express purpose to give Japanese companies cool foreign names they could name their brands with. Its base edition gives the meaning of many often-used Japanese words into English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew. The dictionary then evolved and many specialised versions were published: names for light novels’ characters, for imaginary places, with more languages, and so on… Until its online version we can freely consult now since 2009. It’s for this exact reason they chose the Greek κυανοειδής, a very rare Ancient Greek adjective: if you google it in the form it appears on the Naming Dictionary, κυανοειδες (still kyanoeidés, just in its neuter form), it only appears in… sites about Aristotle’s treaty On Colours AND Japanese sites. Like this blog about a ballpoint pen named κυανοειδες just for the coolness factor. No modern Greek would use such an adjective to say “blue”: in Modern Greek they would say μπλε mple (pronounced “ble”, from English blue, for dark blue), or γαλαζιος galazios, “light blue”. The usage of this dictionary by lazy companies and authors is so widespread that you could already spot at least another case on the “blue” page alone (Caerula Sanguis, ”blue blood”, from Alita Last Order… because caerula is the first meaning given. Too bad the correct Latin would’ve been caeruleus sanguis, as “sanguis” is a male noun. The character is female, but still the adjective should agree with the noun). It’s for this reason I’ve corrected the Chinese Zhidan Plaza in Chun-Li’s stage into Chítáng, because searching for チータン chiitan in the Naming Dictionary gives us exactly that: the Chinese “pond”. If Capcom resorted to the Naming Dictionary, it’s only logical to think they kept doing that.

⁴ Chinese 东沙群岛 Dōngshā Qúndǎo, “Eastsand Archipelago”, Japanese 東沙諸島 Tōsa Shotō, or トンシャー Tonshā when they want to sound Chinese. Pratas Islands are three small atolls southeast of Hong Kong.

On an unrelated note: while the text says we’re in Mykonos, half of the stage’s details actually come from Santorini, 150 km south of Mykonos. The three bells and the blue dome on the left are the Three Bells of Fira, a very famous tourist spot in Santorini. They just embellished the gate…!

Next: Zangief and Rolento’s Shadaloo files from SFZ2 Capcom Secret File


Today, I was flipping through Masaomi Kanzaki’s manga, and I still believe It was primed to be adapted as a movie (live action, animated, I dont care). At least as a SF2 era media I think it could’ve worked great while still retaining the tournament aspect of the game.

As much as I love the SF2AM, they didnt even kept the tournament factor and I think Kanzaki’s managed that very well while at the same time telling a cool story.


Alrighty - can anyone with a decent ear for language make out what Honda says when switching languages? I can’t seem to understand Japanese or English for him! :sweat_smile:

Kanzaki’s manga would make for an amazing 80’s style action movie. It is PERFECT in tone and style for it.


I hope they really add Necro to SF5 as there wont be many other opportunities to see a dhalsim vs necro in game match up I feel


I like that he gave spotlight to breath of fire(Nina) and powerstone because some from that game were also the character I like and requested to appear for MVCI.

His fan service stuff like Nina (which I requested also in MVCI), his Dante meeting Dante and Tron Bonne to Megaman were really great.

kinda felt bad that dr light having to remark hadouken as something special technique for megaman when hadouken is kinda meh in MVCi compare to other projectile of megaman.

the one he said that every fighter has kinda unique introduction and ending scene of a fight has been done by a psx fighting game way back in the 90s.

the rest is kinda huge that capcom wouldn’t even bother aand probably would cost technical constraint.

Yeah we need Dhalsim versus Necro and Blanka versus Necro, the same thing I wanted Haggar too to meet Zangief but even it’s unlikely for a chance to those characters are great to have crossover for the last time before being unlikely to appear together in future titles.

This is the perfect opportunity for a SF3 versus SF and Final Fight. I hope Capcom wouldn’t let it pass despite the majority request of others.

It’s was decent for it own story, same thing that SF2V was decent for a Ryu and Ken journey progression. A tournament non-canon story would be cool and fresh also for SF live action film or OAV rather than every film what has been done in the past like another shadaloo raid, origin stories or about personal indignation that we had already seen in the past.

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Great work as usual

At the end they pulled another mix like for Rose’s Genova (Genova+Venezia) :smiley:


Unrelated question, but was F.A.N.G. meant (either unintentionally or intentionally) to be an “okama” or “onee” (onee is actually the preferred term by said people in Japan among what people deem “okama”) archetype? He’s flamboyant and effeminate, almost in a way that suggest he’s parodying femininity (as if he were a drag queen) or effeminately gay, but I have no real evidence despite his behavior, appearance (resembling certain well known “okama” characters such as Baron from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Azumi from Gintama and Leeron from Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann) and his fascination, bordering on sexual love, for M. Bison/Vega/Dictator. I don’t speak Japanese (I only know a few slang, especially numerous LGBT related slang since that’s a particular interest of mine), but does F.A.N.G. speak strangely in a way that suggests he is an “okama” or “onee” character? (Examples: using feminine pronouns, particularly atashi, using exaggerated feminine speech, such as desu wa along with masculine, rough, or blunt speech patterns, presentation, things like that.) I do think from Japanese translated stuff I’ve seen Poison in particular speaks in onee-kotoba in the Japanese version, often used by trans women (as well as effeminate gay men), but I could be wrong.

I’m sorry, I’m an English major who wants to do something cultural or translation related with their major and I really want to see how Capcom attempts to translate their “okama”, “onee”, and other sexual minorities into English.

Also, unrelated to this discussion, but Capcom of America cut out a particularly deep quote from Poison from Japanese to English. In her winquote in Japan, she says to Vega something along the lines (sorry, used Google Translate here), “There are beautiful things covered in mud. But you wouldn’t understand that, would you?” which likely means something along the lines of “there are things that most people consider ugly which I consider beautiful, but you wouldn’t get that” although another person could find a better translation. In English, however, Poison says “I know we both value beauty, but the way you (Vega) do it is seriously ugly.”

I don’t think that’s an adequate enough translation to get across what Poison is saying, and from her story mode she is obviously a philosophical woman.

Sorry that I focus on Poison so much, I really like her (along with the Mad Gear Gang who isn’t Belger, Dan, Sakura, Ibuki, Elena, and Kolin).


Very interesting points & questions! I’m curious now too!

Also dang, the Poison quote was some nice insight into her pov. Never knew that was the original.

Hang on, where exactly? I don’t own SFV, so I don’t know what are you talking about.

That’s a VERY interesting question. I know oneekotoba, although I have to admit I never paid much attention to F.A.N.G. A rapid search through his win quotes, however, doesn’t reveal any egregious okama tendency besides the overt politeness (always desu, but never with the feminine ending particle wa; watashi for “I” and not the feminine atashi), even though it’s clear he’s so fascinated by Bison to border on sexual fixation. Poison DOES speak in oneekotoba, though. Anta for “you”, atashi for “I”… Although she avoids the politeness F.A.N.G always seeks. No final polite desu, to be clear. She can be very rough and downright vulgar in some instances. She also uses some fascinating words tracing back to the lingo of the Yoshiwara red-light district during the Edo Period.

Ok, this definitely deserves an answer, because you’re completely right. A quick glance to Poison’s Japanese win quotes reveals there are other modifications: some are more or less faithful translations, some others completely distorted her original characterisation. Poison is way more confrontational in her English quotes, and more calm in her Japanese ones. She’s always straight to the point, and doesn’t like to be taken lightly. She’s also far more repelled by bad guys, and doesn’t let her wrestling mania cloud her judgement: her English quote to Bison almost asks him to join her team, while in Japanese she… Well, SHE LASHES BISON WITH THE MOST EPIC ROAST EVER.
Her win quote to Vega was translated correctly by Google, anyway.
“I know we both value beauty. But the way you do it is seriously ugly.”
Doro ni mamireta tte, kirei na mon wa aru n da yo.
Anta nya, wakannai ka mo ne.

“There are things which are beautiful even if covered in mud.
But you wouldn’t understand that, would you?”

To Dhalsim
“What good’s enlightenment when it collapses at the crack of a whip?”
Satotta yō na koto, iwanaide okure yo.
Atashi datte, kangaeteru sa.

“Don’t speak to me like you’re enlightened.
I can think, too.”

I’ll translate other quotes, when I have the time to do so. Wait for the Bison one…!


Fang is an interessing concept, he got some pretty different influences in one single char… I mean almost all SF chars come from multiple sources, but is surprising the variety of Fang’s ones

Just a theory, but some gay vibe of Fang may be intentional and a wink at One Piece Mr.2?

F.A.N.G. is shit.

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:man_facepalming: :clown_face:

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Looking back on the Alpha series, I always thought it was interesting how they had Nash encounter Rolento in both Alpha 2 (special boss fight) and Alpha 3 (right before Bison) despite the two having no real connection.


Weird. Garbage day isn’t until Monday so why was this opinion put out so early?