The Street Calibur 5 Lounge: The Soul Burns But not as Hard as the FGC is Burning

Too bad the game lacks crossplay. I would had liked to join.

Moel is definitely one of my least favorite characters in the game.

Kinda sad she didn’t retain much of her Mu-12 personality too. Having her shout “Imbecile!” and “Degenerate!” as she kicked your ass was funny af.

Learn what of your attacks are air unblockable

Instant block, cuts your blockstun by 3f and leaves you closer, creating punishing options or escape otions (also gives more meter)

Barrier, done with blocking plus A+B, increased blockstun by 1 frame but increases pushback (divided among both players), you don’t get chipped, it allows you to block air unblockable attacks in the air also can’t be guard crushed. You have a guard gauge, if it reaches 0 you are in deep shit.

Instant Barrier, combine the 2 things (blockstun frames is -3+1 therefore -2) only difference is the pushback is bigger.

Crush Trigger, A+B costs 25 meter, breaks block, can be charged and cancelled from normals (acts like a special) uncharged gives you +7 charged gets to +30

Burst, A+B+C+D while in hitstun, can’t burst during supers, or if the opponent hitting you is in overdrive.

Counter Assault, alpha counter, costs 50 meter, 6+A+B while blocking

Throws are done with B+C, the main difference is you will see a green exclamation mark to tell you to tech, tick throws have a much bigger tech window and you will see 2 bigger purplish/blueish exclamation marks. Thows can also be counters, if a thow is a counter it can’t be teched.

Finally game has negative penalty, if you turtle or run for too long you lose all barrier gauge and the opponent gets active flow.

Active flow, gives you 10% damage and makes your burst recover faster, also Exceed Accel does nearly double damage, if not exactly double, not sure. You get this bbuff by doing offensive actions (it’s a hidden meter) you can only get it once per round, except if you get it normally and then your opponent gets negative penalty. If you burst it goes away.

Exceed Accel, A+B+C+D while in Overdrive,it’s an attack, it’s invulnerable on startup and it ends overdrive when used, if it hits you go into active flow UNLESS you already went into active flow that round.

Overdrive, A+B+C+D in neutral/blockstun or during combos, your combos can’t be bursted, your specials and distrotions can change, what an overdrive does is character specific.

Distortions are supers


And I’m sad, that Mu strips down when she enters combat, we can’t have all the good things.

Noel is a good person and deserves love, she’s Lambdas little sister after all and we all know Lambda is the cute and thicc combined in one perfect package.

5:02 :open_mouth:


That’s why nobody likes command grabs.


I wanna know the number of hot guys that said the same thing to those people, and ended up fucking them.



I’ll just leave this here. Edit: Wrong Link. Fixed.


Article on sexual harassment,

Kotaku links me to:




You deserve it for trying to read a Kotaku article in the first place.


Why are you following Kotaku links? You’re a member of Team AARP|FGC like me. You should know better.

I wanted to read the comments on the article.


anyways, 2020 keeps getting crazier

He allegedly nicknamed himself the “raping blob” while masking the abuse as a game, according to the complaint.

If that story is true…


Gotta resize that gif. Too close to the size limit.

I have to take this off my chest.
One of the the reasons I fell in love with the internets when it became available has always been that finally people had a place to meet other people that shared similar interests, no matter how fucking weird they were considered by “the normal people”.
And add to that, people that had troubles communicating with others in real life because they were awkward or not conforming to normal society standings finally had a place where they could feel free to express themselves.
I have always hated that stuff that was part of the OG internet culture, like memes, has become part of mainstream.
And now internet is so widespread that the same assholes, the aforementioned “normal people”, have come, taken over and started applying the same fucking rules that kept people marginalized in real life before internet.
We’ve had a good run, now it’s starting to be over.


It’s honestly amazing seeing a woman with legit empathy and rational thought for a situation like this. This might be one of the first times I’ve seen a woman online come at this from the perspective of the awkward guy rather scream muh sexism. Initially I was understanding of the reaction even though it still made my eyes roll. But after looking at the screen caps it’s fucking obvious that whore is doing this for clout. What she’s saying doesn’t excuse Mike but rather adds actual context to why he acted how he did.

Unironically yaaas queen slay :nail_care:t4:

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I’ll ask one more time

Who’s tryna catch some GranBoots? :triumph:

I don’t care if people find Loli/Shotacon to be disgusting and abhorrent but hose characters aren’t real. Now if she was actually a pedo then that’s an actual call to raise arms. This shit is mostly a deflection.

You’re actually playing something?!

On the one hand I definitely feel what your saying about the internet being a place for marginalized people to chill. But on the other hand I feel like certain groups are outcast for very good reasons and don’t deserve to have a safe space. Like I’m perfectly ok with racists not having a safe (online) place to congregate, and imo they should be shamed and marginalized since they are trash human beings.

I guess the issue is where do you draw the line.