The Street Calibur 5 Lounge: The Soul Burns But not as Hard as the FGC is Burning


Also, new thread, gotta Jurify it


Yeah we’ve all been playing on PS4. No promises, but I’ll see if I can make a Juri for you.

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Because its a fight over controlling people’s reactions to things and the expectations of things.

Take the SamSho twitter thing: people werent mad that they were selling sex, they were mad that they admitted it.


Well…I guess my services are not required.

That wasn’t why i linked it :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try making her ofc.Maybe you come up with something cool.

I was just fucking with you. I just made decent Swimsuit Juri :wink:

Edit: I’m home sick. Got nothing better to do between work calls. Still fiddling with it if you have suggestions.



Can someone give me the spark notes on BBCF?
What do I need to know? What’s the unique mechanics?

The tutorial was too annoying to mash thru.

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:japanese_ogre: a new lounge i see


Chick slid in his DMs talking about how she liked the BDSM on his characters and stuff and Mike shot his anime villain-like game.

It was cringy af from start to finish yes, from both sides. Hell, that’s a weird-ass opener, to begin with.

This tweet is right.

Guy acts like a thirsty weirdo.

Ironically enough, Mike was the one to show the most discomfort to begin with. :rofl:

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All you need to know, without Noel’s annoying voice. :+1:


This whole thing is wild to me. A lot of people are saying he should of just said “thanks” and left it at that.

This woman has over 700K followers on twitter and a decent streaming presence. Mike knew who she was.

Switch the genders:
Male streamer with hundreds of thousands of followers DMs prominent FGC female dev and says “Thanks for this fetish element of your game”
You’d be flamed so hard for saying “She should just thank him and left it at that”

I don’t know what to think anymore. I feel like such a piece of shit for feeling like Mike Z shouldn’t be canceled for this. He wasn’t predatory. He never made any outright sexual advances. He just typed too much and put his foot in his mouth. I feel bad for the guy, and I feel bad for feeling bad for him. This whole thing is wack.


Who the hell is that? I didn’t make it that far. I’ve still got captian Itchy and leutenant Scratchy yapping it up.

Blonde chick.

Iirc she and Makoto (Annoying voice, half-squirrel, kind of a thot but actually a cool character.) are the ones that start the tutorial.

Then Tsubaki joins in, Rachel, Azrael, Nine and Izanami wraps it? I think?

Btw, if y’all playing on PC, I might be able to play some matches later. Still gotta work and reinstall the game tho.

Hey I like Noels Voice, she’s cute and adorable.

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NA, I’m on PS4 and I’m telling you man, the tutorial starts with two boring brown haired military dudes that just banter for 10 minutes then go “oh yeah, you have to block overhead attacks standing” then keep talking.
I felt like i was reading a visual novel and turned the game off.


@Skort I have to get back to work. If you were watching I made three Juri’s. Bikini, School Girl, and Yoga. I’m not satisfied with school girl. Couldn’t settle on the jacket and skirt combination.

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I was watchin,well done.

I wish SF had cool customization options like that.

I try man. I’m still salty that my Ramlethal’s came out so bad. At least my I-No and Nine came out okay. I have more CACs to troll Twin with now.