The Street Calibur 5 Lounge: The Soul Burns But not as Hard as the FGC is Burning

So i assume that she will be added eventually to the real game?

I got the watch version lol

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I award Volt the victory in today’s exchange for the “plenty of room” jab.

Also, we should have definitively been bitching for rollback sooner, now that we did, you see Strive having it and who knows who else will soon.

We should have also supported rollback games more.

Developer not working on rollback before is not crazy, they never saw it as a need, because we didn’t show we wanted it.

To take a neutral example, Tekken folks bitched way more about Lei not being there than about netcode.


It upsets me how much people cried for wack ass Lei. :man_facepalming:t5:

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It upsets me that I’d have to spend money to learn wack ass Lei since I actually like him. :frowning:

Also, did the Skullgirls community forgive Mike Z because he designed a new character?

with all of that discussion and rumor, it reminds me of a topic i stumbled upon this january

What kind of another mechanic does SFV even need at the end of it’s cycle?

As far as I can see, nobody is praising Mike for this. The fans are happy and there are thanks being thrown around, I just haven’t seen anyone say ‘Thanks Mike’.

Something to make the game crash on start.

Call it V-Intervention.


Yup, end of the video said it will come to the Encore Version in 2021. :+1:

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Good Netcode


So I dont knpw that anyone really kept up with the resistance multi-player that come with re3 but they released some remixed bonus maps a lil while ago and I’m p sure they added even more darkstalkers references than the ones that were already there and even a power stone reference.

Fucking totally anakaris and what looks like Ed falcon

These man straight up name drop The Night Warriors on a Lord Raptor poster.

I just now saw em and didn’t see like anyone on the internet talking about em and thought it was crazy theres even more references considering how many people want darkstalkers to not be dead.


All Fightcade games are rollback, except for all Dreamcast/Naomi games (which are delay)




Anyone playing on WiFi gets KO’d the instant the match starts.

All fight money and LP gets transfered to opponent.

Character they were using gets deleted.


Finally found the version i was looking for. Arguably the best song in the game.

@Yiceman2K @Edmund You were so right about this game…


One last thought on GGPO, it’s been explained at length why big companies don’t want to use GGPO so I am not going into it again. It makes sense to them to make their own rollback.
What I think is more important GGPO being free and available to everyone now these company have a tool they can try and reverse engineer.
The question is how long will it take.

Hi guys any examples of fighting game that had messed up and terrible UI.

Like moving portraits in the new GG and shaking life bars in SFXT

Something that do the unnecessary


Not sure it counts, but the white screen you get upon loading into a match in SFV.

In case you ain’t blind, Capcom will surely help slowly but surely.