The Penn State scandal

There isn’t a code in the streets about not snitching on child molesters. First his ass would have been dealt with before the police knew about it.
Joe Pa is the face of the program, the biggest celebrity at PSU, so of course his head is on the block.
He condoned child molestation, not worse than the molester, but terrible none the less. Everybody that condoned it, needs their asses kicked.

Us black folk are not Joe Paterno…the winningest coach in College football.
He had the power to put this guy away years ago but for some fucked up reason didn’t.

Just got back from the riots. If any of you have any questions I will try my best to answer them truthfully.

First and foremost, I will agree to all claims of the university handling this whole situation terribly if not the worst way possible. The riots were a reaction to Joe Paterno getting fired and the bias of the media reactions. Joe Paterno hasn’t had an official statement as the university hasn’t given him a chance to speak on the subject. And fuck Jerry Sandusky and Graham Spanier.

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My biggest question is why don’t blame McQueary ?!? Isn’t he the guy that “supposedly” saw the whole thing??? How come he didn’t report it to the police?

Which is the point of the riots, we feel Joe Paterno was unfairly accused. Joe Paterno was told of the incident but didn’t see and the reports after that told him that they found nothing. Mike McQueary ran home and called his dad after the incident and told Joe Paterno, who in turn told his superior Curley who in turn told his superior Schultz who did nothing but start to cover things up. This is as far as we know as no one knows Joe Paterno’s side of the story yet.

If anybody I know tells me a little boy is raped, I call the police. If I see a little boy getting raped with my own eyes, 1st I call the police and inform them I am about to beat the shit out of the rapist and tell them my name and where to find me, 2nd find the closest weapon and beat the shit out of rapist.

Even if it isn’t safe for me to to intervene, say a gang of thugs raping, the least I do is I yell out that the police are coming and on the way.

I didn’t do this I could not live with myself or look in the mirror.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I couldn’t work with somebody I was even suspicious of being a pedofile, I wouldn’t let that slide, not even an inch.

from Sandusy’s Wiki page:
Sandusky is married and has six adopted children.He also took in foster children.

What are the odds this guy didn’t do anything to these adopted and foster kids?

Great job on the screening process btw whoever handled those adoption papers.

Any straight guy who is a little too enthusiastic about having multiple children around that didn’t come from his own balls should be a suspect already.

Once again I’d like to ask how do we know what Joe knew? I’m sure there’s a shit-ton of articles out there on this, so I refuse to sort through a horde of potential misinformation on the subject, but I want to know why people think that Joe knew so much about what was going on.

You don’t think his admission of showering with a 6 year old boy in 1998, had anything to do with him retiring in 1999? You don’t think Paterno knew about that?
Sandusky admitted to it, and said he wouldn’t do it again, and admitted it was wrong.
Of course all this is new to me, but it is documented from way back in 1998 and I guess now more victims are being found out.
New York Times has a story on it.
Paterno knew in 1998, it is 2011.

What’s the connection to Paterno though? The guy admitted to it and retired, but was allowed to run a camp. That sounds like the fault lies with the athletic director and the president. Are people upset because he didn’t handcuff him and take him to a police station himself? I still don’t get it.

He still came to the program after that, and they said he still had an office there last year. The trouble he is in now is not from 1998. I don’t know how much Paterno knew, but he knew Sandusky did something in 1998 and continued to bring boys to the campus after that. I would have to read the indictment, I seen it posted on the internet from a newspaper. I might have to check smokinggun if that website still exists.

Ok… someone comes to u and says hey your assistant is molesting kids… matter of fact…it just happened an that kid u saw was the victim AND you will look at the guy that did it every day. Are you going to just be quiet and say i told my boss its outta my hands???

Your JOE PA… u run Penn state! Fucc that up the chain shyt. You investigate yourself. The power you wield is beyond crazy an he knew it… he had the audacity to tell the university YO IM QUITTING AT THE END OF THE YEAR FUCC YALL… he basically was exhibiting how he ran penn state just at the very end!!

Yet again lets go back. You got the info of kids being harmed… u have power that no one can take away. someone came to u cause they knew u can do something cause of who u are… u ARE penn state. u did nothing but tell someone else as if it was just some gossip… or some college kids being approached by agents…no it was kids being molested. so for ten years u just sat back as more n more happened??

The connection is that the criminal worked for u! he looks at u EVERY DAY… he sets up plays… u have shared outings and dinners and most likely he has been around YOUR kids but you are fine with that??? you wouldnt question?? or as i want to put it u heard… u asked the guy on some catholic priest shyt an just said stop an we will keep this hush hush??

Sorry he knew just as much as everyone else an didnt do anything… this is worse than some college kids running out trying to make money an coach hid it (see ohio state) these are our children being harmed an when someone came to an adult with power it was just brushed along on some ‘im not in it… you do something’

is the mcqueary fucker not gone too?

as the first person to witness the actual rape and also not call the police, and keep his mouth shut while climbing the ranks, he cant keep his job either

and c’mon penn state. riots? really?

the shit is bigger than football. i dont give a fuck how many wins he had

Except that this isn’t true at all. It only appears to be “all on Joe” because you never heard of the other people before.

So a then 75 year-old football coach has to turn into a police detective whenever someone comes to him with an accusation of some kind? Who knew? Honestly, the reaction towards Joe Paterno is about as ridiculous as it gets.

Why didn’t that assistant graduate McQueary not stop the rape in progress? Why didn’t HE go to the police?

Meanwhile, Joe Paterno didn’t see it first hand; he had someone come to him with an accusation. The very next day, he reported it to of his two direct superiors at Penn State. What else do you want him to do about it?

According to Koop (a poster I usually respect the hell out of, by the way), Paterno should have launched his own private police investigation. By the way, what would have been Paterno’s story to the police had he gone directly to them, circumventing the normal chain of command?

“What’s the crime you witnessed, Mr. Paterno?”

“Well, I didn’t actually witness it myself, it was something someone else told me he saw…”

“So why isn’t he reporting it, instead of you?”


It’s not an either/or situation. They can both be in the wrong, you know.

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Again… this is a good argument so i have no problems saying my view. so again… he didnt see it first hand. understood… but the person that came to him came to him cause they KNEW what he could do.

Wouldnt you if you witnessed something and knew most likely cause of the severity an sensitivity of the situation u would need some help… an the person accused works for the man u know has power… he [joe] reported it to his superiors and could have noted right then an there he is contacting the authorities to ensure the safety of said witness…he didnt. he simply said yo boss such n such said MY assistant is molesting kids… thought u may want to look into this… ill be working the plays for next week game… GO PENN!!

you want to ‘remove’ yourself cause u dont like the spotlight unless its for WINS on a football field… you dont have to throw a investigation… u report it correctly and then your REMOVED. u look GODLIKE in everyone elses eye then… talk about your rep going over board he would be coaching in a casket! All u had to do was simply report to bosses… an call the cops… its out of your hands cause you are JOE PA an your word is fuccin GOLD an people move on your command THAT is why the person came to you about the accusations cause they felt YOU as the unofficial head of penn state could make something happen…

ITS A KID BEING HURT… stop for a second and actually look at it fully. if someone came to me an said your friend is doing something to a kid and i dont think its right im callin the fuccin cops an making sure its known an something is being done. i will be removed cause it will boil down to the witness… the accused an the kid involved but i will not sit around an say ‘ill talk to him’ or let me give it to someone else to handle…

so lastly he deserved to be fired. an the spotlight is on him cause people KNEW the power he had an what REALLY could of been done. It was your assistant… again a guy u share time an personal things with an a severe accusation has been brought forth. so u want to remove yourself by telling someone else an fallin back all u sit in a room an share game footage???

an yes… i do believe everyone is at fault in some sort of way an needs to be dealt with accordingly… let that have been joe pa kid an someone else did what joe did… maaaaaaan joe would have a stroke tryin to find out why “more” wasnt done.

I can’t believe some of you are actually defending Joe. Really? Forget the long, drawn out arguments going back and forth based on semantics.

[]Joe was told someone on his staff is sexually assaulting children
]Instead of calling the police he told his boss
[]Went on about his business
]He got fired when it came to light
That’s the story. He’s lucky he doesn’t have some type of obstruction of justice and/or endangering charges hanging over his head.

But don’t you see how his refusal to do these very simple, obvious acts might cause Paterno to, you know, doubt his story?

Here’s a mere graduate assistant that has made a powerful accusation against an assistant that has worked at PSU with Paterno for 20 years. But yet, despite apparently witnessing a molestation, the assistant did absolutely nothing to stop it.

And despite it obviously being a criminal act, McQueary didn’t go to the police himself.

If I were Paterno, I would be pretty fucking confused and not know what to believe. So what did he do? The very next day, Paterno informed both the athletic director AND university president of the incident. That seems like a reasonable and blameless action to me, no?

If I were the assistant, I would have rushed in there and beat up the assistant coach child molester. Then I would have called the police. I wouldn’t have calmly left while a child was being raped and mention it to the freaking football coach instead of a police officer.

But if I were Joe Paterno, and hadn’t seen shit myself? I would probably refer it to the higher-ups at my university as soon as possible. Which he did.

Well, he did the first part of that.

As for the second part, does that mean I have an obligation to report every single accusation I ever hear in my life to the cops? If some random drunk girl at a bar tells me she was raped, do I have to call the cops on her behalf? If some homeless man yells out he was robbed, I call the cops on his behalf?

These examples aren’t as far-fetched as you think. Do you have any idea how many accusations Paterno has heard in his 61 years as head coach?

I guarantee you he has heard so many bullshit, fabricated accusations of his players raping some coed at a party that he has lost count of it. So he did what he always has; pass it along to the proper people in charge. In this case the AD and university president.

They committed a legitimate crime by doing nothing. But since they’re not famous and Paterno is, the media shifts the blame to him.

From what I know of football schools, this isn’t altogether accurate. Yeah, Paterno might have the fame and the higher salary, but when it comes to political power within the university, both the athletic director and university president are still ahead of the football coach on that account.

Exactly. Which makes the assistant McQueary’s actions that much more fucked up and irrational, especially if I was hearing this in JoePa’s shoes.