The Penn State scandal

Would he report to his superiors, a coach on his staff let somebody use the shower?
What I take from it is, media found out, Paterno gave a quick response saying he turned it over to his superiors. If he thought it was wrong, of course he would turn it over to his superiors.

What if it was Paterno’s 10 year old son?
Would he turn it over to his superiors?
I have read the story some, and the truth is somewhere in between, only the people involved know what happened. An assistant coach said he knew about it for 7 years, and said Paterno knew. He said Paterno told Sandusky he couldn’t come around the program anymore. That is what the assistant said.

so much for the term “innocent bystander”. I love how people love to shift the blame from the person that actually raped boys to everyone else. Instead of you know, actually punishing the perp.

How many times do YOU personally see or suspect a crime of some sort and don’t report it? Probably every fucking day, but you don’t lose your job for it.

Lets say you stole a car and came into work with the stolen car. Your boss knows that you can’t afford a new car, your co workers know that you can’t afford a new car, but here you go. With a brand new car. Put one and one together and they know you probably stole the car. Now should your coworkers and boss be fired because they didn’t report you stealing a car? Should your bosses boss be fired as well? They had as much to do with stealing the car as your co workers.

How many people in the world knew what Sandusky was doing that wasn’t a staff member at Penn State? He’s had to have had some friends and family that would have at least suspected him of his behavior. Why can’t they be punished too for not reporting him? Why is all the focus of the blame on Penn State and Joe Paterno? Because they have the most money? If your going to be asking for the jobs of Paterno, you should also be asking for all the jobs of everyone that ever suspected Sandusky of commiting child rape. Be it the friends and family of the victims, to some loser at 7 eleven who might have seen something that would have led them to believe that something was going on.

Thats all most of us do, if we even do that. Its only well after the fact when the perp is exposed that you have morons like yourself saying how we all should have seen it coming and tried to prevent it.

You can list 10 things that Joe Paterno should have done, and had he done them and sandusky still commited the crime, then you’d be listing 10 more things of what else he an innocent bystander “should” have done. Despite having no moral or civil oblegation to actually perform said actions.

Good night hypercrites.

P.S. I don’t condone what Sandusky did, I find it disgusting myself. I however find it just as disgusting as people above trying to shift the blame to other people are corperations who had absoluting nothing to do with the incident. Probably more so as it speaks volumns to the amount of moral and civil decay our country has gone through the last 50 years.

More like 2011 Most Uninformed Champion of The Universe.

Lathering up football players? Really? How did the story get that far off Sovi3t?

Joe Paterno is retiring at the end of the season. An unceremonious and undignified end to an illustrious career. Personally, I don’t think this stench will ever leave Joe Pa’s legacy; he’ll be remember as an accomplice (ignorant or otherwise) to a child molester in his program just as much as he’ll be remembered for his on-field success. Sad ending for all parties involved… except for the molester, fuck that guy.

If it happened the way the mom said then why didn’t she call the cops? If the crimes did occur then I’m shocked it took more than 1 victim, and a 5 minute call to have any kind of justice meted out let alone 15 years.

Shinji is on point accomplices are as guilty as the Perpetrator why can’t we evolve past Kitty Genovese?

I could MAYBE understand if it was his superior and he was worried about keeping his position etc., but in this instance, it was his subordinate, he told his boss and nothing happened, he should have at least informed the police. To top it off, if you know a guy is rumored to be doing that kind of nonsense, then he wants to have a football camp for boys, that should have brought up a red flag SOMEWHERE.

The only thing I wonder is why the mother did not report the instance to police? Why would you go to the university at all?

Joe Paterno, his bosses (though Joe is the BOSS of State college,PA), and Mike McQuery (the guy the seen the shower incident) all need to fall on their swords and step down. Some will try to rationalize all they want, but it still won’t make sense in the end. Why? Because and all just leads to a big cover up. And this is not about the usual college scandal of giving players extra benefits or paying them, its much worse than that. They all knew what was going on and still allowed Sandusky to be involved with Penn State.

I am not going to say Joe Paterno needs to prosecuted or burn in hell, but no doubt about it, his entire legacy outside of maybe a few diehard Penn State faithful like those that camped out at his house last night is stained because of his cowardice in trying to protect the school (or maybe his friend, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt to think the relationship died off) instead of doing the right thing and getting old boy arrested years ago.

You can see the thought process and no matter how you try to navigate that, Joe Pa and the school officials tried to sweep it under the rug, causing who knows how many others to suffer. Some of closest to perfect Bitch moves by all those involved from McQuery (a former player who walked in on it in the showers and despite being younger then the pedophile did nothing but tell the coach) to Paterno (man had massive juice in the school but he just reported it rather then demanding criminal charges) to the officials (who banned him from bringing kids to the main campus rather then a complete exile from all school facilities).

Literally I can only guess that the parties involved are weak nut cowards that care more about the school then children or Sandusky must know where literal bodies are buried on campus.

are you out of your mind. this isnt just some crime that dude saw. a 10 yr old kid was getting raped right in front of him. this is hardly someone at the office taking extra supplies/stolen car/or whatever random bullshit-make-believe-land-ass story you attempt to compare it to.

child rape=/=stolen car

and what fucking planet do you live on where you arent morally obligated to attempt to protect those who cant protect themselves. i hope you dont have any children right now. as a father, that is a truly disgusting opinion to have given the circumstances

you dont have to agree with me, but as far as im concerned, if you have explicit knowledge of a rapist and dont report it TO THE POLICE, then you are as responsible for whatever happens to future victims as the rapist because you are letting it happen.

and thats regardless of your position in relation to the rapist. if you know about it and do nothing, that makes you an accomplice.

joe paterno and the penn state staff members jobs are coming into question because they shouldnt be allowed to represent penn state. this has nothing to do with money, and more to do with them being a public representation of a university and thousands of students and alumni

as of right now those thousands of people are being represented by someone who apparently is ok with child molestation and rape. not ok with me

Shit is disgusting. There are so many people who should be held accountable but for some reason it’s all on Joe. At a very basic level The people I hold super responsible are the families!!! None of the familes reported this shit?

I’ll be damn if my child gets raped and shit goes un-noticed. That Jerry dude be in a fucking body bag real talk. Fuck the courts, Fuck the football team, fuck a university.

The fuck is wrong with parents?? Fucking with my kids, please my whole family tree be in that dudes crib with his fam in some type of jigsaw trap.

I’d be right there like yep Jerry There Will Be Blood!!!

And to add on.

Families again why are parents not educating their kids on these things.

I remember to this day i was like 6 or 7 and my dad said some rugged shit to me like, Prime this the last time I will be in the bathroom with you at the same time. I was like what? Then he said this is important dont ever let another man touch your private areas.

**Not even me. **

Only you touch your own stuff you got me!! Women will later on but no men Understand! Then he closed the bathroom door and said lock the door.

I had no clue what he was even talking about but damn if that wasn’t embedded in me.

No way is my child son or daughter gonna get touched and they dont tell me and I don’t evaporate said person. I got no problem putting holes in somebody with my registered gun. hollow points are illegal in my state but don’t let me have kids and some sick shit like that happens please!! illegal hollowpoints will be obtained.

everyone on joe pa case… he needs to be fired.

the guy who actually did it… put away

the parents… fined as well for taking so fuccin long. your a got damn parent.

since everyone looked strange at me today when i said joe pa needs to be fired an tarnished for his actions… let me dig deep for you all. its been 10 years… u see the guy who did it EVERY DAY. he is technically your employee an you did nothing but report it up the chain of command?? im sorry… your JOE PA… u basically run Penn State so lets not start that chain of command bullshyt. a kid was violated and someone told you… u didnt take it the power you wield to do something immediately…nope. the guy in question you can sit an look in the face season after season. this is crazy… sorry. if u would of went out your way to ensure the safety of said kid an numerous others u would not have ANYTHING to worry about…nothing. u run penn state an parents that would see such a thing would back u to the point your legacy will never be touched an fired?? u wouldnt know the word. but nope. u sat back for years as this occurred. sad shyt… amazing.

Joe Paterno forced to stepped down…fucking wow.
I’d be shocked if Joe knew about the allegations also.

That shit alone tarnishes his history with Penn State…

Shocked… he knew and sat on it!!! as I stated earlier u have to look at that alone like yo… u knew an just shut the fucc up bout it… u didnt follow up with all the power you have?? i cant see the defense for him… i just can’t. kids were harmed… the guy who actually did it is gonna get it good. joe pa got his…


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Wondering if the parents just came out now because they needed/wanted money out of Penn State. Isn’t that how stuff like this
usually works? If you’ve waited THIS long it’s usually because you’re trying to get money.

I don’t think they did it for money, or else why wait? They could of went after money when they found out. I though they were going to let him finish out the season, but they did the right thing brooming his ass. I don’t know how much the School President knew, he might just be a sacrificial lamb.
Huge black eye for Penn St.

Aaaaaaaaaaand we got rioting.

You can’t even make up shit this good.

He has a book out called “Touched”, Red Flags should have been raised right then.:rofl:

With all the media attention Joe Pa was getting i thought he was the one who was doing the molesting. Which brings me to my point, why doesn’t the media just back the fuck off Joe and focus on Sandusky…you know, the real culprit.
The thing is what Joe Pa did was no different than when us black folks talk about “no snitchin”. Yes its morally fucked up but is it more deserving of media focus? Don’t think so.