The Penn State scandal

I was surprised to not see a topic about this yet so I thought I would get some discussion going. Here is an article that sums up the general overview of the case.

What does everyone think about this? I would post this in the NCAA football thread but this is much bigger than sports.

I honestly cant believe how incredibly messed up this situation is in so many different facets. How did this disgusting and piece of shit pedo get away with this for over 15 years? How come people in the university tried to cover it up and not make it as bad as it seems? Why didn’t Joe Paterno come out more vocally about this?

All I know is I feel terrible for the victims in this case and Jerry Sandusky is one of the most pitiful pieces of scum there is on this planet.

meh, so he lathered up some football players. Who in the fuck cares?

An 11 year old boy, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure just some kid he could easily take advantage of

Oh is “latherd up some football players” what we are calling anally raping 10 year olds these days? Wow didnt know.

Unofficial 2011 Sexual Deviant Champion Of The Universe

Seriously, how did these guys (Penn State) need him so much that they would not report him/cover up sexually molesting preteen boys?

Probably did not want word to get out and ruin the University’s reputation. even so, that is kinda dumb

Another episode of when Canadians make an ass of themselves by not knowing how to read. You poor souls.

as i said in the college football thread, i am disgusted by this whole thing.

cant really understand how people knew about dude being a pedo rapist, and still let the guy around the university. nor do i understand how the police werent called. as far as im concerned, anyone with knowledge should be losing their jobs asap.

they knew enough to tell the fucker that he couldnt bring kids with him to the football facility. like what the fuck?

how do you see a guy raping a kid with your own 2 eyes, and look at said shit head for an additional 12 yrs without asking how he isnt in jail?

derp, told my boss, thats all i can do, derp

This is exactly what I was thinking. Its like ok cool you reported the pedo… but isn’t it strange how you haven’t heard anything about his ass being thrown into prison? That doesn’t come off as weird to you? Total fucktard.

Well we know what Jerry’s life will be like for the next year. Being ridiculed everywhere he goes by the public (serves the bitch right), get thrown into prison and beaten to death fairly quickly, and if your religous he will suffer eternally in a place that infinitely worse than what he did to those innocent kids at the time.

I highly resent that.

I, like so many other educated and intelligent Canadians, represent a veritable beacon of elevated literacy, and I manage to make an ass of myself all the time!

i assume the beaver on the wheel powering his light got lazy and he couldnt read correctly…or he was distracted by degrassi and skimmed it.


Stop taking the internet so seriously.

Because this is an entirely fucked up situation and there are some things that you just shouldn’t poke fun at. Even if it is on the internet.

Seriously. Take some laxatives or something so you can get whatever it is up your ass out of there.


I’m still confused why they want to get rid of Joe Paterno. Did someone tell him his assistant coach is a child molester and he didn’t do anything?

This type of thing happens a lot. The higher up you go, the less it gets reported on. You know, like not at all. :tdown:

His story is he reported it to his superiors when he found out years ago. Then they asked why was he still around the program if he was guilty of wrong doing in Paterno’s eyes.
Bullshit period, he should have said he didn’t know anything about it or no comment.

Pedo State University, located in Hershey Valley.

But then the question becomes what is “it” to Paterno, or the others involved? Right now we know lots of details/insinuations, but perhaps Joe Pa simply heard “he gave a kid unauthorized access to the locker room and let him take a shower.” Until it’s known what Paterno thought was going on at the time then I don’t see what reason there is to condemn him.