The low tier fury

Nope that is definitely not true. I know a few players at my local arcade who ARE definitly better than me, but they normally don’t pick the god-tiers for whatever reason.

When playing them with my low-tiers, my win rate is about 40/60. I do ok.

But when I decide to go high tier on them with characters like sent, cable and commando? No contest, I own them for FREE even though they ARE better skilled than I.

Some characters like Sentinel just have too many ‘built-in’ advantages over the lower- tiers, that it almost does not matter how good they get with them. I’ll still be able to kick their asses with sent and cable.

That is part of the reason why I stopped playing High-tiers. Totally owning other players that I knew were more skilled than I, felt like ‘shallow’ wins.

Nope. I’d like to learn iow to play KOFXI,NeoWave, and NGBC, but I play mostly Capcom FGs, and DOA on the side. I was hoping to pay someone to drive me out with them to FRX, but I don’t think my mum would like the idea.Or even the RDU or Fayetiville area.

And Yamazaki’s just my favorite FG character.

Where are the Wolverine videos? :stuck_out_tongue:

In a lot of those videos, the low tier players still lose. They’re fun to watch, though.

I’m on my PSP, but i gotta ask. Is the Gambit, Morgan, Son-Son; Justin K. beating some random guy with Son-Son?

They are not going to win a lot. But if you are the superior player, you win. That’s teh reasoning fro all the JWong examples.

See JWong vs DarkPrince stuff. DarkPrince is one of the best in the world. Beat Duc 10-7 ina recent money match. Reset and SDoo think they belong on the Wc team. Yet, Wong will play him with one of the worst teams ever, in tehs ame way he won a tourney with Roll and Dan.

If you’re the better player, you win. If you don’t really go deep with Jill or whatever, you don’t know if her sh*t works. Of course after playing a thousand hours of Magneto and 25 minutes with Jill your Jill will suck. But every top player that chose to pursue some low tier characters have done pretty well. Wong, VDO, Duc, Veg - X, Yipes, D. Hyo and many more can be amazing with low tier.


On the radio, Wong said his best on point character is Storm. Bunkei asked who is the second and he replied “CAMMY” !!! Of course he uses other teams because the teams have much more chemistry but, when it comes to on eon one, the second best character of the best player in the entire world is Cammy. So Stop telling me its soooo impossible because it can be done. If you don’t want to, that’s fine though, of course.

Of course. They are real, for every game, and I can’t argue with that.

My point is that low tiers are viable. You can beat everybody at your level with a low tier with roughly the same amount of effort of the top tier players. Sentinel is arguably the best because when you reach to Sanford’s level, and is able to have an almost perfect control of flying, unflys, pressure patterns and all those hard to learn options he is incredibly dominant. But the top tiers become top because of their complexity (more and better options). But being good at the engtine you can beat players that are worse than you, and thsi is a=what all the top players do. Of course, with money on the line, many choose to go with the top tier (after all they practiced much, much more with them).

So yeah, top tiers exist and yeah, they are better. But we can lay low tiers. have fun and win with it as well.

Today is much harder because Sent has 7 years of hardcore strategy development that people x-copy from the net, and Ryu has maybe 6 months as the #2 best team of some top player, but the possibilities are alll there. Wong is nmot winning with low tier because he plays Marrow 8 hours a day, but because he knows the engine. If you learn the game, then you’re good to go.

Also, I have nothing against top-tier only players. At least for MvC2, I believe the top 15 characters are the most entertaining to play, havong so many options and what not. But some people toss MvC2 or 3S aside because of teh well developed tiers. And they can be good with whatever if they try it. Its hard, but it is also really hard to be a top Sentinel player as well. I’d say a top Sentinel players have to learn a lot more than a top Marrow player. Wong is in both categories and may vouch for that too.

I don’t like paying attention to tiers unless I’m starting a game. Usually, when I pick up a new fighter, I like to look at tiers and pick low or top. After I give it a few runs, I start exploring the characters that are selectable until I find one that I click with. It stops being about tiers and starts being about fun.

That said, I’m STILL trying to find a lead for my MvC2 team.

Thanks for the compliments guys…I just have seen quite a few things and I just wanted to share them with you all. I am an advocate for playing with who fits you!!

I totally agree with this guy. Sure, learning low tier characters can be sorta fun and even fulfilling for those who are sick of playing/getting beat by top tier characters, but let’s face it… It’s not like all of a sudden there’s gonna be a RISE OF THE SHOTOS in MvC 2. I think the games are kinda old to have any “surprises” in the tournament scene. Take Joe Zaza, for example. Sure, he won a tournament using the Wolverines, but nothing came out of it. You didn’t see people start using Wolverines everywhere, now did you?

It’s just the state of affairs, that’s all.

ill show you what low tier is all about, as most people know, tung fu rue is pretty low tier in NGBC, i, next week will more than likelly have vids of how to PROPERLY use tung… even if the triad doesnt take me seriously, i really think im on to something with tung fu rue that might make him… practically god tier… but maybe im wrong maybe what i do isnt all that great : \ lets just see and find out in a few days…

How many of those vids are MID tier, not low tier, or a scrub?

I make someone from one of those videos cry weekly, and I suck at mvc2.

A good top tier player deserves more respect than a good low tier player. Why? The top tier player is smart enough to pick a decent character.

The only reasons to pick a low tier character in serious competition is if you don’t think that said character is low tier, or if it is a counterpick.

…Yeah justin wong could probably beat me with 3 servbots and playing with one hand, whats your point? He couldn’t beat a mid tier player(vegita-x) using 3 commandos. He wins for free using a top tier team though.

where is the god father of low tier …CHIKYUU SAMA !!:rock:

War Machine is low tier in marvel? News to me. I always thought he was like where doom/cyclops/iron man were but a little lower cause hes slower.

I don’t go for the idea that some players are better with low tier than with top tier. I don’t care how much you “fit” with a character; if you use low tier, you’re deliberately putting yourself at a disadvantage. Even if you fit better with Remy than with Yun, if you learn and use Yun, you’ll win more.

I also think it’s retarded that some people expect or give more respect for/to people who use low tiers. I don’t see any reason for doing that. That player has decided, for whatever reason, to give himself a harder time of things, and I don’t see why that deserves respect. It should deserve as much respect as picking any other character, that is to say, none, because winning is the only thing that really merits congratulations.

You can be good with a low tier character, but you can’t be as good as an equally skilled player who uses a higher tier character. You can be a good Q qua Q, like, you can be the best Q player among the various Q players, but as far as the pool of Third Strike players as a whole, you can’t be on top. In fact, if you have 19 people, each one the best in the world with his particular Third Strike character, the best the Q representative can be among them is 4th worst. Can he beat the Makoto representative? Yeah, of course, but when averaged out, not more than once or twice out of ten.

None of this is to say that you shouldn’t use low tier; I’ve apparently glued myself to Q in Third Strike, and while I don’t necessarily play low tier in other games, it seems that’s what I’m known for. There are valid reasons to use low tier, maybe you wanna challenge yourself, maybe you think yourself so good that you want a handicap, or maybe you pick your characters based on character design and the character you like happens to be low tier, but know what you’re getting into. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re better with Alex than you would be with Yun, or that Twelve is actually a viable character, or that you’ll get more props for beating people with Hugo. All that will happen if you pick low tier is that you’ll win less than you otherwise would.

The fucking truth.

But how can you win more with Yun, let alone learn him, if he doesn’t fit you?


Those Mavrvel vids sucked BTW

Best Character =/= Best Choice.

I certainly know I wouldn’t do half as well at 3S if I played Yun rather than Dudley. No matter how much I practised.

Although that’s hardly a strong example, I’m just saying.

Human adaptation?

No Spider-Man vids? Lame…