The low tier fury


Roll ownage - [media=youtube]fDfC5ioO4TI[/media]

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This thread is meant to discuss the viability of low tiers in any game. You can post videos or comments in why such game or such a character is or is not broken.

I believe that everybody can be good with low tiers and is not even that complicated. Its incredibly easier to develop a good Juggernaut than to develop a good Sentimel or Magneto at Marvel, for instance.

Low tiers usually don’t have as many extremely hard to execute Sanford-like strategies so you can keep evolving by using just mind games, good defense and good DHCs. The same applies to many other games as well, and I hope some people can help me here.

The goal is to convince new blood that you can be god at fighting games without spending a 1000 hours on the training mode or copying everything the top players do (including their characters). I will start with some MvC2 videos, like the one where Shuma Gorath destroys an entire team, or the one where Soomighty shows a mean Servbot.

There you go:





































SERVBOT (advance to the 8 minute mark):








And some guides:













I can translate those spanish guides (ROM infinite, unfly and stuff like that) but I can’t edit the videos.

Have fun and I hope we can have a good discussion here.

Low tier is extremely viable against people that suck…or haven’t seen said gimmick yet.

…You know I’d like to elaborate but that pretty much sums it up. In some games its a closer gap than others, and some games just have a larger selection of mid tiers that are viable than others, while keeping some in the crap box.

Kuroda(Q) beasting on Ortiz(Ken) and JWong(Chun)


I argue in NGBC that Goddess Athena is certainly not bottom tier. In the right hands she can be effective and can even defeat top tier teams like Marco-Big…

I would say she is C Class for Complex…but not E Class…

Here I am using her myself at NEC7 in a couple of vids.


What dictates who is a ‘low tier’ character?

A character that is bad compared to the other characters in a game. Figuring out exactly who that is isn’t always easy.

You gotta tell that to Justin Wong, Kuroda and the like, because they apparently have no idea about what you’re talking about.

I guess Soomighty, Matrix, Carnevil and The Seejay all suck, because they are losing badly tro low tiers in those videos… And I did not even post the Joe Zaza stuff yet (could not find it on You Tube)

Kind of funny how Vegita-X’s “gimmicks” keep working agan and again and again…

It could be alot of things.Something that Top-teir characters usually share in common that bottom tier characters may not have is priority.

^ video of Taj beasting with Mewtwo, one of Smash’s worst characters.

i’ve noticed that Smashers who play low tier almost exclusively tend to be ridiculously good with them in most cases…

And if people think this is too much, they shoudl listen to AlphaIsm radio ()the show on march 1st).

Justin Wong will money match people at Evo. Basically you start playing arcade, and the CPU will randomly selects 3 characters to fight you. Wong will pick the exact same 3 characters and money match you.

There’s more. He won a tourney in New Jersey two months ago using ROLL/HULK/DAN!!!

And there’s more. Justin said that at Evbo World finals, if he is up against any West Coast playuer, he will use a low tier team.

I believe the guy wil prove by force that low tiers can compete. Pretty cool

I like how people always point out the insanely good players for their examples.

It’s like saying “Michael Jordan will play you in a game of horse. Only he’ll be left handed.” Or “His rim will be smaller than yours.” It’s still the best basketball player of all time you’re playing against, heh. It’s not necessarily an example that’ll make the average guy think he can get there too.

If this was more prevalent, I think it’d be a more valid point. To point out the anomalies like Kuroda, only tend to prove that it’s very very difficult, since so few can do it. I think it’d be more convincing if there were tourney results with high placings of low tier teams. Being able to establish a trend through tourney finishes, would have me sold on the notion. Well, as long as it was more than just JWong.

So can a low tier character beat a high tier character? Sure, but does it happen enough to make people think they actively compete, not really. Unless there are more results I don’t know about with people doing this more often.

If low tiers charactes were “viable”, they wouldn’t be exactly low tier now, would they?

Wow!I’ve never seen those videos before. I think i’ll play low tier characters now.

Doom and cyclops aren’t low tier though?

What the hell am I doing in those vids?


You’ll also notice that guys like Kuroda may place high but never win major tournies.

I was gonna say the exact same thing :rofl:

Which video

nice vids. Any more on Guile? (Also the charlie one doesn’t work any more)

this is a good thread.

some alpha 3:

V-Sodom v. V-Dan


V-Sakura v. A-Cammy


V-Charlie v. A-Blanka


X-Blanka v. V-Karin


V-Akuma v. A-Blanka


I think some low tiers are much more viable than others… for example, atleast one I see a lot, is 3S Hugo players. (Grapplers in general tend to be stronger low tiers than say, a weak fireballer… Gief is a lot better than DeeJay in most cases)

Hugo is supposedly the third worst guy in the game, but he has great potential to win matches based on that he can actually do damage, unlike Remy. If a Remy player is losing I can’t see how he can have a comeback… he simply can’t dish it out. (Obviously a few players prove me wrong, but an average Hugo is tougher than an average Remy)

Other games have weird tiering imo… ST puts Honda in the low tier because he gets beat by fireballs… yet he owns practically everybody without one. That’s about half the cast… he does quite well against top tier Rog, owns M Bison for free and can deal fat ass damage. I only know of one good Cammy player in the US, and Honda seems to be a lot stronger, yet they’re close in rank.