The low tier fury

PLEASE tell me you have vids of this! :rofl:

Uploaded by yours truly! Anyways that vid made me wanna use low-tier(Q) in general.

[media=youtube]0W9wMmO_Yt]Twelve [Moto] vs Ken & Dudley [China[/media]

Is SBO a major News event in Japan?There were cameras and stuff there at then end.

The way I think about this is “If someone can be great with a low tier character, than he can be even BETTER with a high tier character, and that’s why there are tier lists.”

My two cents.

I dunno about that, sometimes you just click with a character and can use them really well, better than you would a high tier character.

The truth.

You do what fits YOU the best…if the shoe fits WEAR IT…

Because that person actually may be WORSE with the high tier character because they know the low tier character soooooooo well…tell that to Shin Kensou playing Chipp in Guilty Gear…hes been playing him for years and years…hes gotta spend that time again learning the high tier character…

Think about it!!!

Are you serious?

Is it a big News outlet event,as in is it like broadcasted all over Japan like a sporting event or something.Some of the build-ups for the fights and the stage,are just so cool.

I’m no tourney player, but here’s my take on this. I play as Ryu in 3s, mainly because he’s the only character I seem to do well as. I tried playing as Ken and Yun for a while, but eventually went back to Ryu because they simply didn’t work out as well. I won a few matches that I had otherwise lost with better characters, and did better in general. I don’t know why Ryu’s slow-as-hell style fits me so well, but it does!

Yeah I mean in KOFXI believe it or not its the same shit…we got billions of KGOS and everyone nowand days knows how to play Gato (L). I still really refuse to play KGO straight up, I have my own team and I am gonna stick to them because that works best for me…

Word. Most people who play low tier do it because they are tired of the high tier and want to challenge themselves. Another is they just love the character and it fits their play style (Dan Hibiki is my god). I’d for SURE give more respect to a good Oro or Q than to a good Ken or Chun. In the end of the day it’s all about how you play your character and use his strengths to overcome his weaknesses, it’s easier to do that with some characters than it is with others

Some bottom tiers are just straight up fun to play. Whcih is sometimes the allure the for me to select them. Two examples that come to mind from my personal experience would be Order-Sol in GGXX/, he’s just play cooler than regular Sol and Gunblaze is still my favorite move of all time.

Momoko from XI, you cannot beat the Esper!!! Leader Special of hers. It’s the shit. No lie.

Eeven with top tiers, only the best players can win. But in the videos I posted, you have Vegita X low tier destroying Soo (Soo is better), Preppy low tier destroyin The Seejay (Seejay is better), random Anakaris guy destroying Matrix (Matrix is better ) and there you go.

But if you suck, playing low or high tiers does not matter. You will onlyu be able to beat other people who suck. You don’t see players who suck picking Santhrax and winning agaianst any of the guys above as well.

Viable is not the same as dominant. Unless you’re taling about SF1, every game has best characters and other viable ones.

You did nice. Not every match tehre is top notch (tha Hayato one has unknown players) but they all show some nice stuf being done by low tiers.

Do a search for Wong on You Tube. His Marrow/Guile/Tron is the sickest thing. He told on Alphaism that he will play low tier at Evo World Finals if he is up against a WC player !!!

Wong spoke about it in the AlphaIsm show of March 1st. Maybe some New Jersey guys captures it, but I wouldn’t know. I’d really love to see it as well.

The point of the thread is not saying that low tiers are just as good and developed as the high tier characters.

The point is to show that you can be good with them if you want to. If everybody was really so much into tier lists, nobody would ever play Magneto or Cable in MvC2 (why? play santhrax, the best team) and nobody would ever play Kan or Chun ion 3rd Strike (why? play Yun) and on and on and on…

Lets be real now. If you suck, you suck. tires has nothing to do with it. NAnd if you’re great you will beat worse players with whatever team/character you feel comfortable with.

You can be good with low tier but, just like high tier, it takes a lot of effort. There’s no reason to hate 3rd Strike because of Yun or to hate on Marvel because of Sent . You can beat them, if you’re the better player. If the opponent is better than you, you may learn Sentinel to, and still lose.

The Internet is amazing for growing the community, but also makes lots of players suck into strategies and matchups they don’t even understand. People whos spend more time playing than watching videos know what low tiers can do. You can ask any Marvel top player, and probably top players from other games as well

Also to top this watching match vids at times STILL wont give you the exposure you need to be complete!!

Its been said before…watching someone play on a match vid and in person are two totally different things.

depends on the game entirly for example marvel is way harder to play LOW teir in than say GG where every character can win pretty much.


Tiers have alot to do with winning. S-Groove King, Dan, and Kyosuke aren’t going to be winning alot in CvS2.

Skill only goes so far when your character’s options are limited compared to another’s simple really.

( I use high tier not top)

Tat Guy just curious I know its off topic but I see that Yamazaki avatar and I see you are from North Carolina…do you play SNK games and are you going to Final Round X?

Characters with little advantages, very underpowered compared to most, etc.

Like MVC2 Charlie for example. Only projectile he has is the plain sonic boom. Which is like throwing out a pebble, in comparison to a viper beam or uni-beam. Charlie’s booms are good for zoning/distractions/mind games, but that is all, no offensiveness there.

His flash kick is glitched, flying right over many crouching characters without a scratch.

Charie’s speed, slow sonic booms, and mindgames, are pretty much all he has. You have be be fairly creative with him to do well.

All I’m saying is I stand a better chance when my characters are on equal footing with other characters. I am raising the amount of skill I need, sometimes rather dramatically, to level out the disparity in the characters.

For instance, if we played a game of chess, and you decided to use a set for your side that had no Bishops or pawns. Sure, if you’re really good, you could beat me, but there is a point to which that argument becomes more ridiculous than valid.

So winning with Ken or Chun instead of Yun? Not that ridiculous, all good characters. Winning tournaments with Hugo? Doesn’t happen near as often.

I don’t think anyone is saying if you were to tap into some fountain of skill, that you could eventually be good enough to play with people playing characters with more/better options than yours. I think people are just saying is that it’s not something that happens with anything nearing any sort of regularity that it should be noted as commonplace.

Can you be good with a character if you want to? Sure, but so far there isn’t much to support the idea. Sure there are your exceptions to the rule, but generally if you look at the top finishing players, they all tend to be using the about the same cast of characters. Which to me, is more evidence of tiers being very real, than it all just being some vast coincidence that the players have chosen the players they have chosen.

Also don’t misunderstand me, in that I’m saying don’t play low tier characters. I play low tier all the time, my main character in 3S is Remy. Just saying there is not much to support the ideas that low tiers are on the rise or anything, but a lot of times they sure are more fun to watch, I must admit, heh.