The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)

Last time on DBFZ General Thread:

Post limit reaches over a power level of 10,000. On that note, the game is breaking many records, so much that the DBFZ section had to be stripped and moved to the bottom of the forums, and then again moved into a mini sub-category to relieve tensions.

Japan shows Vegeta is the true hero everyone deserves.

GO1 still being GO1, showing us that the only way to learn DBFZ is to play Melty Blood in the bathroom with personal Laptops.

Sonic Fox switching teams, still contempt in avoiding the Vegeta meta to continue US domination and preparation against GO1… feat. A. Gohan counterpick characters.

Trash lobby system is still trash. The use of the word “GGPO” towards ASW netcode development, in ASW’s world, is considered a form of sleep-inducing therapy when the times are rough.

Tired of Goku’s face? Fear not, as base Goku will be coming soon to save Earth’s mightiest warriors.

Infinites are here to stay. 16-hit attacks moved onto different rulesets with unprecedented outcomes to why such a scenario exist. Prepare for high energy clashes of hyperbolic-combo training in action (or unpractical nonsense).

Will Namco keep taking our money for the foreseeable future? Tune in for the general thread of DBFZ.


Hmm…not a fan of this reply limit


Tbf, that is a shit ton of replies. And given the whole pageless forum thing, it’s probably a good idea.

well tbh, everything over 200 post is the same. You go to the last page and scroll a bit back.

Wanted to say the dude on go1’s stream pulled off an infinite on him. It looked straight out of marvel 3 lol

Here it is

That’s not actually the one I saw I don’t think lol


Oh we getting marvel TOD combos. Lets go

Leffen’s been doing that on stream too.
What causes the assists to recharge there?

I think its activating the assist while in Z factor, he calls trunks before he pops zfactor, then calls vegeta after he pops zfactor, then vegeta is the only assist that is going on cooldown after being called up until zfactor runs out. So its probably some post z factor assist calling mechanic. zfactor zfactor zfactor

Yea if you call an assist during sparking, it recharges even when comboing

Anyone else feeling we’re due for a Famitsu article

Did vegito unfuse before I saw the leak/scans? Dammit where is this bastard hes one of the main reasons I got the game!

I feel like he is still gonna be in this game. I’ve been waiting too lol

I’d prefer if we got regular Vegito rather than SSB Vegito.


I’m expecting SSJ Vegito with SSB Final Kamehameha lvl 3.

Really hoping he get’s a SSB install super though, I kinda wish there were more transformations in the game since it is DBZ. All we got is Golden Frieza which is kind of lackluster since it’s basically a death sentence when time runs out.

Who let you in here N’Jadaka?

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Bandai Namco being cheeky

Also, fuck I’ve got good timing on these things

Bamco does not give a fuck.

Such gangster

We need base goku so he can kaioken and drain all his meter and health to murder people.

Only to be murdered by Base Vegeta and his Oozaru Install Super