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If a thread like this exists already please point me to it - a forum search yielded nothing.

Thread is mainly to discuss shows that probably aren’t popular enough to have their own thread - at least right now.

Ground Rules
[]Keep spoilers to a minimum - try to be considerate, this is general discussion. No spoilers for future episodes though.
]If a show already has it’s own thread, talk about it there (Dexter, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc)
[*]If a show is taking up too much of the thread, create a thread just for that show.

So anybody plan on catching the Criminal Minds or Revenge premieres?

No, but then again I hate most dramatic television.

About all I have been doing is catching up on Haven and Supernatural, finally caved in and bought the first two seasons and I enjoy it immensely.

Overall I mainly watch sci-fi ( <3 Fringe), but I’ll watch dramas as long as they have something unique about them. I like Criminal Minds, NCIS, and SVU - but the guiltiest pleasure of all is Leverage. Not the best actors, not the best writing and the plots can jump the shark more often than not - but the characters just work. It’s one of those rare shows where the plot can be the last thing on your mind, you just want to watch the characters interact with each other.

I really liked Supernatural for a while, but it got to the point where it went a little far for me (I got deeper into religion around the time, Muslim btw) and stopped watching - I think around S4 or S5. Really well written though and from what I remember the acting just got better every season.

Haven’t tried Haven, though I’ve been tempted since Edge has been making guest appearances. I remember hoping SyFy would pick up Heroes. Tried to watch Alphas but didn’t get through the first episode due to company. Perhaps I’ll try again at some point.

Let me also add that I was pleasantly surprised by Falling Skies. That’s a friggin’ good show.

wow they have more season’s for supernatural i loved that show but i just stop watching it when does it premere? and yes as little TV as i watch i will be watching Criminal Minds :lol:

Season seven of Supernatural I think premiered a few weeks ago. Still a fantastic show from what I hear, trying to quickly catch up.

@CTG: Haven is great. It’s like CSI meets Twin Peaks if that helps at all. A little more light hearted and focused on character development but it’s good. Hope it survives after Season 2.

I watch NCIS, Big Bang Theory and Castle…

I used to watch more but recently had to cut the Cable back.

Have only seen a couple episodes of BBT and enjoyed them - I just can’t get into sitcoms anymore for some reason. I think it’ll end up being one of those shows that I’ll randomly binge on here and there while I work.

Only non animated sitcoms I watch are Workaholics and It’s Always Sunny in Philly.

Well let’s see!
[]30 Rock
]Alcatraz (once in starts this winter)
]Doctor Who
]Game of Thrones
]Grimm (starts soonish)
[]How I met your mother
]Kamen Rider
[]Man Men
]Person of Interest (starts this week)
[]Power Rangers Samurai
[]The Finder (no clue when it starts)
]The Transporter (No start date announced)
[]Top gear
]Top gear US
]True Blood
[*]Warehouse 13
I keep busy!

…you still watch Power Rangers? Am I missing something?

I randomly watched the second half of a PR episode a few weeks ago when I stumbled on it and caught a whiff of nostalgia. I don’t think I could do that again. It was mind-numbing.

You’re not missing anything. I still enjoy it.

Same, I need to catch up. Forgot about dat Doctor Who, fantastic stuff.

More power to you guys. o_O

Don’t know if you’ve seen the promos yet, but


Prentiss coming back so soon is kinda surprising. I figured they’d wait a few episodes. Guess this means they’ll be tying up that arc in the first or second episode.

If I talk about tv shows in the lounge, and someone tells me, “there’s a thread for that,” I will direct them right back here, and to the following:

Fuck you.

House season 8 premier is good. I haven’t seen Jaleel White in…forever. Don’t fuck with House’s tuna.

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus. Did heee do that? Yes. And he took the role seriously.

I’m hyped up for a lot of shows coming up. NCIS season premiere was pretty good, as well as NCIS LA. Revenge looks like it might be interesting…going to watch the premiere tonight. Dexter, House and Criminal Minds I’m definitely not going to miss.

One show I really liked was Lie to Me, what happened with it?

I figured he was about that desperate. At any rate, this was a good ep, and he was pretty good in it. And it’s not lupus.

Along with being a movie nerd, I’m also (surprise!) a TV nerd.

Currently Watching Shows:

Mad Men
Parks and Recreation
Modern Family
Raising Hope
The Office (I don’t think I’ll continue watching without Michael Scott)

Shows that no longer run new eps that I still watch:

Arrested Development
Party Down
Freaks and Geeks

Shows I need to get around to watching (current or old)

The Wire
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones