SRK wiki edits- update log

Hey everyone,

the purpose of this thread is to keep people posted on what we’re updating and maybe in the future we’ll use this to divvy up different pages to finish.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been doing a lot (probably not the most, but a lot) of editing and cleaning for various wiki pages. For example, I recently edited the home page to better reflect the games that people -actually use- the wiki for, per this page .

So if you guys could, please use this page to let everyone know what you’re working on/what you’ve already done. We can also use this page for questions. I’m not the lead of this project (afaik, there IS no leader of the wiki) but hopefully we can have some kind of organization rather than the chaos that existed before.

Right now I’m working on formatting KOF XIII stuff since there’s lots of duplicate information. For example, Mai’s KOFXIII page still has no team order, strategy, or matchup info.


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Currently hard at work on the SFxT Lars page.
Edit: Also going to work on writing out the defense section in the SFxT wiki.


@Jotamide we need your help with something. On the SFxT page for Lars, if you try to edit the “Lars” section, it shows

== {{{1}}} ==
{{SFxTCrossGuideCharacterBox |{{{2}}}}}





instead of how the section actually looks. SaltLevelsMax apparently edited the Lars character template rather than the text itself. Do you know how to unwind that?

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The template passes the name as an argument and creates a header, to avoid this you need to remove the stuff in red and make a header in each page locally. If you click the edit button at the top, you’ll be able to edit the info, however.

Whoever made this clearly didn’t want people editing their info lol.

HanzoHimemiya channeling his KOF 98 imitation I see
Lee (the basics):

One of the True Four Gods in the game, he is the ancestor of the upper tier 2002 and post Kim Kaphwan incarnations with his rushdown specials and Fan Dodge follow up, also use an anti air special that remember Hienzan and the jumping special that remembers Hishou Kyaku.

Lee is the most dangerous China’s importation before Covid19 that is one of the versatile characters in the game, from Speed exclusive chains or Power cancel

I think Shen is more or less done:

I’ve more or less finished the Shen page for XIII, except for matchups.

BTW for matchups I’ve decided to make matchups more general because it will be easier to fill in, since KOF has a billion characters and matchup problems are less polarized than Street Fighter. Better to have 6 paragraphs rather than list 36 characters on every single character page. I’ll probably do the same thing for KOF 98 once I get good enough to write matchups for that game.

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I overhauled the “Strategy Guide” into a table containing the games hosted at SRK plus alternative wikis:!:Game_Directory

Imma be frank, with the current lack of admin help I have very little incentive to work on the SRK so I spend most of my time at Dustloop, Mizuumi, Dream Cancel, etc. That being said, if there’s a desire to see the wiki updated and preserved for the future, I’m all for it.

There’s currently a feedback page on what people want to see changed at and the wiki is very high up. I’d suggest people to vote for this as well:


Not much of an “edit” but I did the same thing for KI that was done with Skullgirls: posted a link to a guide that is already complete.

Maybe I’ll reorder or change the “Quick Links to Other games” as well; thinking about removing 3S (since someone added a thumbnail for it on the home page already) and KI (since it’s just a link to another website).

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I’d say Billy Kane is pretty much done, aside from matchups (as usual).

There’s not -too- much information, but Billy’s not a very complicated character.

Daimon is more or less done aside from team order and matchups (as usual).

I’ll probably do the team order today, then start working on Terry (I’m doing all the characters I play first :smiley: )

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What can I help with here? --recently added admin on wiki

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Updated EX Geese’s page for 98 UM. Added button images and re-wrote it to get rid of the spanglish.

Oh sick! Priority number 1 should be updating the MediaWiki backend. SRK is currently running version 1.22.2 which is decades-old by now, by comparison Mizuumi is running 1.32.0. Once that’s taken care of, some key extensions should be installed like Parser Functions and Labeled Section Transclusion.

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Terry is pretty much done:

Mai is pretty much done. Working on Elizabeth next. (Top tiers are after that- Flame Iori, Nests Kyo, Mr. Karate, Kim).

@RagingStormX has been getting hitbox images for the whole CvS2 cast.

Y’all want those for the wiki?