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Oh come on, you know very well this doesn’t mean anything

man just make her like SC2 ivy lmfao

Watch it be a 20th anniversery figure line :^)

Real talk though: If SC6 is in development what do you guys want to see brought back/added from previous SC games?

That images doesn’t prove shat. It could be a pachinko machine game for all we know.

Worst case scenario it is a merchandise promo.

Considering where the story was in SCV, I am really hoping SC6 will be a reboot just so we can get the good characters back.

Some interesting concept art has leaked a few hours ago:

Now this can be one of 3 things:
1)Early SCV art.
2)Good fan-art and i’m just desperate.
3)Possible SC6 character concept art.


What do you guys think?

Where the fuck is my girl Taki?

Fuck man this needs to happen. I been waiting 4 years for this

Awesome. Sophie’s back and she’s bringing the dairy goodness

That’s not concept art. It was confirmed on NeoGAF that Passion republic just did the art to pad their portfolio.

Get rid of Natsu
Bring back Taki

Get rid of Pyrrha
Bring back Sophitia

Bring back Zasalamel
Bring back Talim

Make Guard Impact not cost meter (dumbest shit in the game)
Widen the moveset of the characters

Keep EX moves, put back GI where it was before, add characters missing from the roster and call it a life.

Seriously that’s all you’d really need in a new SC. Maybe less Viola and magical bullshit weapons. Ivy kind of ruined things with her whip thingy nonsense but w/e.

Making GI cost meter in sc V was necessary in order to not make GI overpowered. A successful GI gave you 30+ frames of advantage meaning moves 30 frames of startup or lower hit the opponent for free, the only way they can counter is if they GI themselves but then that can lead to being baited out and being heavily punished for it. It was also there to prevent a back n forth GI battle, it make players think “should I GI this move or not”?

Also made it where if you didn’t have enough meter you had to hold that. GI may give you a big advantageous position in the old games but at the same time it meant that you couldn’t be predictable with how you attacked.

The concept of GI back in SC1 was to break rhythm and force a mixup.

Nothing was guaranteed save an Astaroth/Rock command throw attempt.

Retain that principle and there shouldn’t be any problem with it.

And yes, I agree with the concept of GI costing meter being absolutely retarded. It killed the game on the spot for me.

Eh…only reason they did the GI change was mostly due to parry. Fuck a parry though. GI for life. Especially if we get the ridiculous SC3 GI where you could even GI throws. :lol:

The only thing i hate most is the Air Control. I would suggest it should be usable to control while being juggled to a floorless ring part before falling to Ring Out, but won’t affect when too far from ring’s floor. I can only hope for Tailspin juggle props

If there is a SC6 in development…


Hilde and Taki. Please and thank you.

I would like to have a roster much more similar to IV other than similar to V. Please, no more Natsus, Shibas, Violas and Leixias.
Also I want Ivy to have a gameplay like in IV instead of that boring and too simple Ivy in V.