Soul Calibur VI Create A Soul: Everything but lizard D is here


I figured that I would give creating a thread a shot. Let’s see if anyone else shows up.

Existing Characters

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Can’t sleep. Decided to kill some time until I got tired.

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Just a vid of the OC’s I showed before.

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All my current (just started, will update often) stuff, link here:

Just some stuff as preview, like recreations (double click for full size)

Guts from Berserk

Alucard form Castlevania SotN

Or 2P for normal cast

SCV thread got more than 300K views when i closed it at 70 pages, let’s see what i can do with this one :smiley:


That’s a good Alucard.

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Your Alucard and Guts are amazing. I think my best work was my Captain Marvel…the Marvel one that is. I took some liberties with DC version.

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If you like SotN very first post got the whole cast: Alucard, Ritcher, Maria, Death, Succubus, Dracula

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It’s a bit rough. There aren’t any good hats and replicated the Shadaloo logo wasn’t a easy as I thought. The available skull didn’t show up very well.



Edit: A quick version of Nash. Didn’t spend much time on this though.

Nightmare edit:

OC (Nightmare), Oriah:

Oriah is a child born of cursed blood, meant to be something of an anti-christ. First created in SC5 to have my own ‘spooky child’ type. Aged her up a few years to tween proportions and gave her a more heroic look. The Milani character I showed took her under her wing, though older sister Kiana is creeped out a bit by her

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I think my Orchid came out well. Not satisfied with my Kim Wu thought.

Think Kim would be shorter.

Thanks, I took your advice. Made her as short possible. I also tweaked her legs and eyebrow color. Her legs were too thin IMO and her eyebrow color didn’t look the same color as her hair despite identical settings.

Also something I’m working on…not finished yet. Gotta go to doctor’s appointment.

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I wish we had the option to add Soul Charge effects or piece swapping. Replicate the effect Kilik or Taki has visually. That would go toward your Zeko work easily.

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Xena Warrior Princess

Seth everyone’s “favorite” SF boss

Zeku vs Zeku (Updated - probably as close as I’ll get)

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Setsuka (Dollar Store version, couldn’t get as close as I’d like)

My SFV main. Only costume that I could reasonably replicate


We need more costume pieces. Lots more.


Yeah I find myself using the same pieces over and over again. The biggest problem are the lack of boots and the waist options are overall trash. They don’t fit the at. They just float there. Despite a decent option. I made my own belt for my Laura so it wouldn’t look ridiculous.



Old Zeku

Young Zeku

I need help fam. Someone stop me :anguished:

I revamped Cammy. I made her shorter and bit more petite. In true Cammy fashion. She wears no pants.



And some Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie humor.

“Going somewhere Mr. Sellers!?”


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