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sc6 talim is nightmare

I do agree that GI shouldn’t cost meter at all.

Turns out it’s just art to pad their portfolio. That would explain choosing Natsu. We’ll probably get Taki once the real thing gets announced (most likely after T7 is out) since she’s way more popular and generally better in every single way.


That stupid ivy pic doesn’t mean shit. It’s just one of the stupid trivia’s they’ve been doing in their FB page. It means nothing. It’s Ivy’s Silhouette from SCV. If it was something interesting, it would’ve been a silhouette of a whole new concept art, possibly hers from SCVI. But that’s not the case.
They did it with Voldo a few weeks back:

Gi was never overpowered since you could simply gi right back
Save for sc4 where they had perfect frame gi but that still wasn’t op
Add that on to the fact that you can whiff punish the gi and movement is so free due to 8 way run its never been a issue.
Bring back older characters and expand the movelist

I loved how SCV handled the mechanics. While I don’t know if meter management and Critical Edges(well, now even Tekken has super moves) were the best idea, I liked what they did with EX moves having different properties than the regular one like juggle, instant grab and other things. GI was overpowered in III and IV so they needed to nerf the mechanic. But at the same time the GI need meter, it worked on high and low moves and characters have moves with auto GI on start up.
Unless you want Soul Calibur II. But turtling and defensive games are not really popular these days. Everything needs to be offensive and have that “cinematic feelling”. But I would like more freedom on the 8-way run.

Also fuck Sophitia, as a character she was retarded since II. Let her rot in a coffin and bring back Cassandra from sword limbo. Just tweak Patroklos style for her. And put Elysium with a fixed Omega Pyrrha style. Taki is cool, just make her different enough from Natsu(who looks to be a better character than what people think she is just for her design) like using that Kunai style from III.
In V storyline you can bring back Taki, Cassandra and Zazalamel the same way the were before because of “sword curse” or “sword limbo”, older Talim, and maybe Setsuka if they’re not so afraid of japanese woman with more than 25 years old.

But I don’t have any hopes for the franchise with Hoshino in charge with his blind love for Sophitia and after what he did in Lost Swords.

I cannot even begin to comprehend how a sequel so rigid, limited, derivative, poorly designed, poorly balanced, and disrespectful to the Soul Calibur formula can be praised unless individuals were unfamiliar with the series golden years and just wanted a Medieval fantasy dress-up simulator.

Hey man, Soul Calibur II was fun, don’t be hating.

Ironically, Soul Calibur II was actually much looser in movement and combos than Soul Calibur. I still prefer the first despite Lizardman R.O. shenanigans and Killik exclusive cancels. However, my post was aimed at Soul Calibur V if it can even be called that.

sc6 should get back to real ringouts

also collapsing stages so you can lose by ringout even without the enemy

what guest characters will be in the game this time? how about dark vader and iron man and hulk… and garfield. and the undertaker and roman reigns as a single characte,r and will smith as agent J from men in black.

also the minecraft guy

this car

That Sophitia art is gdlk.

Shes always been one of the most beautiful female characters ever. And get gets almost zero recognition.

Ivy was my first video game waifu. :bee:

Basically main waifu of all time.

GI having frame advantage is a non-issue when you can GI right back.

It was never a good idea to make it cost meter.

Because that hoe was boring.

I’d love a new Soul Calibur, but ever since SC3 it’s been going down a slippery slope downhill.

Sophitia was dangerously good in 3, but 2 is still my favorite. Xianghua for 6 plz

Sophitia has been top tier in every Soul Calibur lol. Da fuck you mean boring?

Shes literally like the Mishima of Soul Calibur. Strong no matter what.

Soul Calibur 3: Arcade Edition was tight, shame nobody has played it…

Tekken 5 is equally as unbalanced as Soul Calibur 3 on the PS2, yet its universally praised…

tekken 5 vanilla was broken
dark Resurrection fixed alot of the problems that the regular had

besides nothing in five other than steve is more broken than variable cancels lmfao

sophita is always top tier but her play style is boring lmfao
its mostly punishment
depends on what you like.
shes similar to kazuya

First hit needs to connect before variable cancel can be effective and I have yet to see it used for an infinite… not to mention it being universal. Xianghua and Sophitia did not have as much dominance as Steve in 5.0.

From memory I know Anna, Craig, King, Nina, and Raven also had death combos in 5.0, which were fixed in Dark Resurrection in the same manner as issues in Soul Calibur III were fixed in the Arcade Edition.

its access too
i could find dark Resurrection alot easier to find than arcade edition
by then especially since it was ps2 exclusive anyways alot of people were done with the game