SFV Lounge: SRK Cross Tag Battle

Sakura and Zeku look more interesting now. Nash and Chun V-skill buffs sound cool too. VT1 Blanka got stronger, sad he didn’t get buffs on his normals though.

Guile still going to make you cry and wonder what his weeknesses are. VT2 had to be toned down a bit, since it completely overshadowed VT1. Kinda sucks that Flash kick oki might be weaker now, but nothing to really worry about overall.

Menat is what sf5 needed tbh.

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Time to give ole rog a shot again.

You will go back to him
you have no choice…

@Twinblades are you still alive or did you read the patch notes?


Laura seems slightly buffed. Might try out her VT2 now (haven’t messed around with it at all).

Mika about the same I guess, but more dmg on command throw is not really something she needs.

Biggest buff for these two are probably the Abigail and Rashid nerfs.

And I think I might drop Chun and Juri as side bae’s and pick up Menat as third character. Because her QoL changes is exactly the stuff I need to not fuck up her v-trigger combo on P2 side. This should really help me out and I could use a heavy zoner to complement my two grappling ladies.


Birdie wins one tournament and the nerf train just keeps on rolling with no signs of stopping.


Abigail makes sense, but yeah I’m not sure why they even touched Birdie.

I almost never run into Abigail in ranked any ways. He reminds me of Season 1 Chun where all the tournament players were running to him, but online players weren’t going to put in the work to bother or use someone with easier unga to enforce. In the end Abigail is still a big body and tanky to use so that’s not for everyone online I guess. Run into plenty more Birdies in ranked.

I remember randomly messing with Abigail in training mode and was already like “yeah I wouldn’t bother with this guy even if he was top 2”. Just not for me and def not for everyone regardless. Which is fine, the game needed more characters that felt different to play and was pretty much the first real dominant big body of SF.

It’s because nobody in Japan plays Birdie.



Yeah trashbox and daikoku are the 2 big Japan Birdies and you have the Korean one XYZZY. There’s other ones but he doesn’t have a legion of CPT boys like Akuma, Rashid or Menat.

Birdie cr.HK was hard to punish properly for some characters, will be in line with the rest of the cast now, same for the V-Reversal. Dunno how much important is the cr.mp change, but whatever. Birdie is far from dead imo.

“Shukumyo can be canceled into from Teki/Koku/Ban on hit”

I have always been a Zeku main, I will not hear your complaints and callouts.
It is the truth.

Yeah he’s not dead. Just not sure this is the climate to papercut him down further considering the high tiers that are around. Those changes vs characters like Guile and Menat aren’t helping his cause. Just QoL vs characters that he already is comfortable fighting.

Damn I didn’t know Abi mains were going to take the changes this bad. I mean ya’ll had to figure it was coming, but I almost wish they didn’t do it now.



Okay you can stance change with Zeku off pretty much anything and their mother what the hell is this finally a real character Zeku trailer when? holy shit

And you beat that shit Cammy Underbore. I lost this cuck yesterday and he played so bad that I got annoyed that I played even worse lmao!

Good job my man!

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They slightly increased Karin’s damage on throws, I love throwing a lot thanks Capcom it’ll help me implement more shimmies if they aren’t dead from all the throws I landed.

-Reduced recovery by 5F for situations where the counter was successfully triggered but the attack did not hit

Thank you for this, at times I miss the juggle because of online bullshit. Reducing the damage on ground counter is bullshit and just a dumb ass knee jerk change before we got to really dig into the value of her VT2

-Developer Notes: Readjusted the damage and air combo count of moves that serve as combo parts to make her a more offensive character

What in the Orochi fuck is this suppose to mean? When has Karin been defensive? Whatever, she’s straight and Juri is straight.

Edit: Alex is finally top tier now, you can all go back to using him!


This is a new beginning, being able to change form from specials is HUGE. No wonder even Sako and Infiltration are thinking on give him a chance.

Honestly, I might give him a chance myself. Will remind me of Nightwing.

WHY DO THEY BUFF CAMMY? SHES ALREADY BRAIN DEAD EASY FFS. shes good in every game shes in, im not trying to see more cammys online