SFV Lounge: SRK Cross Tag Battle



[spoiler]We have set the rules so we can cross info/drama between SRK and the Disco. DECIDE THE DESTINY [/spoiler]


I feel I am not quite tipsy enough to discuss all the ramifications of this subject.
I will just grind ranked with Gief while tipsy instead.


Besides, I have a stake on all three of them, even though those Discord degenerates seem to be unable to appreciate Monty Python, for SHAME!

Monty Python is great. Hating on Monty is another reason Discord is is butt booty

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But booty is a good thing. So Discord can’t be that either.

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I hope you’ll update the second pic once I finish the new logo <3


True. More like old bologna.

All I can say is that I don’t weight the same as a duck, therefore I am not made of wood, thus I don’t burn and so I am no witch.

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For once I get to post in the first page


Just found out you can do old school spoiler with the “Details” option.

Click the gearbox icon next to the smiley face and choose “hide details”. Then fit the text/gif/video in there. You can even label the spoiler which is more like the old school forums.


Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits



@daemos promised me Season 3.5 before OG srk hiatus. Outside starving for Zeku buffs I’m pretty annoyed about facing Guile/Abigail/Akuma every fucking time I decide to jump online. I miss facing Kens and that isn’t a good sign :confused:

Falke is going to be more unga than all 3 of them combined. Prepare your ass.

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new forum needs new mods…i am willing to join :coffee:

give me my authority once more I require it

We all get to post on the first page


And forever


tired of warping opponents…go and check that out

Imagine I reacted with a lol to that

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It seems you like Capcom enough now to consider it.

Firstly you’re a Discord boob.

Secondly, it seems I do have the power to grant mod/leader powers (hopefully there’s nothing against me for stating that I likely wield these powers). With that said I don’t wanna push buttons and step on toes so I’d suggest talking to Preppy. Would like to have you guys on board to see if we can make any organization out of these characters threads or anything else that could be tended to.

I’ll put in the word at least before you guys reach out.

Are we okay with FR ending? Cuz that was one of my favorite annual events. Hurts.

April 17 can’t come sooner.