SFV Lounge: SRK Cross Tag Battle

It doesn’t really matter if we’re okay with it. He’s burnt out from doing it and the numbers have decreased majorly.

I can do anything I want on srk2. If you betray your allies and come to my side I might decide to grant you true power.

Just sayin. <3


Mommy this stranger keeps trying to sell me weird stuff!!!

Oh I went on Twitch earlier as well cause the monkey was streaming and he called me Frotzey. Was pretty triggering, he almost has 100 viewers concurrent now though so his stream is growing nicely.


If he has 100 viewers on average, then you just have to accept your new name. Correcting him will make you look like a smarty pants and timed out or GTAB


I know its Froztey but you’ll always be Frotzey to me.


Thanks Bisontator


Haven’t been on SRK all that much. Really miss you guys.

Been getting back into SFV and just getting my ass handed Some games I do well, but it seems like I’m having a lot more trouble than usual. Ending playing Ryan Hart and I was so close to winning both games. I just couldn’t make the right moves down the stretch. Sucks when you’re unable to be as consistent as you’d like, but I’m not really too discouraged. I just gotta up my game.


Yes but should we be concerned? Are these decreasing numbers indicative of a wider trend that will affect the FGC? Will this year’s CPT suffer audience losses?

Are FR and its organizers to blame for their downfall? Or is it Abigail?

April 17. So mote it be.

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No, because it was even noted by him that the decrease was due to something happening specifically with FR 2 years ago.

Why don’t you stop being reasonable and feed into my melodrama? You’re ruining everything!!!

@Akhos Context got me yesterday. Spent most of the snow day playing Chronicles 2 and I got up to the point where they first mention Akhos and I was like “Oh neat he has the same name as Will does now” for just a second. There is a distinct possibility that I’ll spend the rest of the game thinking you somehow got your OC into the game.

Also now that I’ve seen Nia in game I understand why you like her. :smirk_cat:


but its delusional to think thats the only reason. sfv got released, a lot of people where hyped and the venue was to small. he then got a bigger one expecting that the numbers will stay that large or even grow which in itself is something he should have known better. he should have rather sticked to the smaller venue but added a entry cap instead to make a bet on if he can fill a bigger more expensive venue.

same goes for evo…i am not sure if going into the big stadium is something which they will be able to afford over the coming years and i hope that when it doesnt pay out they just make it a smaller event then to disbanden it completely.

Yeah I mostly changed my name to his 'cause aside from the fact I like the name he also looks kinda like me. Friends asked why I was in the game when he first appeared.

And yeah, Nia da bes

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what has being a mod to do with liking capcom or not? :wine_glass:

Everything. You gotta bring the whole shill to be appointed.

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This Weekend:


Notable players:

A Bao
Big Bird
Itabashi Zangief


Ready for Alex Nation at TGU


Don’t worry Alex, having a midlife crisis is only natural. Vietnam flashbacks from 3s chun are also natural, you will get over it… I guess.


Why’s every Platinum player using Guile? Jesus. I’m at this point where I’m actually glad if someone bought a costume for him so that I have at least a little visual variation.

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I remember seeing a list while back for characters used online and Guile was like top 5. He’s safe character to use and the next easiest to figure out how to play (after shotos). If you dont understand frame traps or mix ups, that’s ok you can just sit on booms and crush counters. If the opponent doesn’t know how to fight Guile neutral you can basically just auto pilot hit boxes on the screen until you win.

He’s a good gatekeeper character. If you dont understand SF too well, Guile is gonna keep you from getting too far up the rank.

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