SFV Lounge: SRK Cross Tag Battle

Every cancellable normal iirc.

I think us Chun mains got off ok. Although I am worried about the CC changes. That’s the only real damage Chun has and now that might be screwed. And I think adding more recovery to a move with as much startup as f.hk is ridiculous, but now I guess you just better make sure it never whiffs, so space it right to always hit.
Still, with v skill being cancelable and possibly having a REAL viable way to build v meter now, they might as well have just taken away the CC properties of f.hk and reverted it back to what it was in season 2 without the new 5 frames of recovery. It never built enough v meter on hit anyway and I always felt the timing to connect her bnb after it was a bitch anyway.
I can see why they’re doing it now because of the v skill changes, but I’d rather get rid of its cc properties than deal with its new recovery frames.


Oh yes, I didn’t read it properly the first time I looked it up. “Eased combo count” is also a very weird way of saying increased juggle potential lol.

Damn, these are the most substantial nerfs Rashid has gotten since the game came out. I still think he’s gonna be good tho. I don’t really believe in the “Rashid is done” movement quite yet




did they buffed the netcode/matchmaking? well

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Not yet. But soon. The Bison birthday celebrations are ongoing until the 17th. The best Tuesday is yet to come!!!

The Laura and Mika changes make it even harder for me to pick a character and actually make it stick.

Laura changes overall don’t bother me that much due to how I play right now (still have been working on incorporating VSkill cancels and VT1 mix ups) but I can see how those are both going to be a pain. VT2 changes are interesting - I had that “phenomenon” happen all the goddamn time - but still not sure how useful it’ll be. Overall Laura got nerfed in a few ways that suck but aren’t crippling and buffed in a couple of ways that are nice but not big.

Mika, on the other hand, got more grab damage (and I love grab damage) and a nerf to where her AA lands you. Which I don’t find super surprising seeing as right now if you AA someone they land pretty much perfectly into LP/EX Typhoon range.

CC combo scaling is probably worse for Laura, but neither of them are CC combo machines so it isn’t as big a deal for them as it is for other chars.

Overall my irritation at Laura nerfs and continued character confusion are overridden by my joy at seeing Menat inputs finally split, and seeing some of the more obnoxious match up chars for me nerfed (though I’m waiting to see how much the changes really affect Guile).

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btw, dont forget to vote.
we need at least 100 participants for a change.

Friendship ended with Laura. Now Vega is my best friend

The inputs aren’t split. They changed BOTH soul throw and soul spark to kicks

Yeah I know. That is more what I meant: they split the DPs off to kicks. Poor phrasing on my part.

Also increased chip on soul spark is gonna be cute.

Doubt it, lariat already links to s.mp, which is cancelable. So maybe there’s a new combo route there, but it’s likely equivalent to what he can already do at best.

5f ex powerbomb is a buff, but without increased range it’s a pretty marginal one.

Meanwhile, nerfing cc nerfs his already iffy v-skill and takes damage away from all of his stun combos. His AAs situation got even worse. S.hk startup nerf just seems spiteful, but hopefully doesn’t actually affect much. If I am understanding the VT2 changes they’re actually a pretty significant net nerf, lol.

Best I can see for Alex from these notes is maybe he gets a cute new juggle combo for highlight videos?

Abi… gail…


Welcome to the club of dead big body characters.
I will pour one for Gief and Abigail memory tonight.


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