SFV Lounge: SRK Cross Tag Battle

it seems like they’re making more exhaustive character changes than they have in the prior mid-season patches, or is that just my imagination?


Reduced vitality from 1100 to 1075


The fear of cowards dictates the course of history yet again

Abigail was not even allowed to reach his final form



low tiers nerfed and top tiers almost unchanged apart for the usual on/two scapegoats, looks like the usual patch to me

Not necessarily. The deceased blow back for max button press means that Non-CA mid screen juggles might be possible now.

Really curious how the changes to V skill will play out. Might mean new BnB’s closer to the corner.

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As a Bison player, I feel for you. We too are never allowed to reach final form. :cry:

Those buffs to Ed vskill and trigger, love it!

No longer has the plus 3 c.MP to compensate, but it seems worth it if those changes are pertinent enough. Still has another plus 3 normal any way

Abigail AND Laura nerfs? Menat and Cammy Buffs?!?!?!

Fuck this game. Broly my new AbiGAWD now.


Of all the things I hoped for this patch, is that Capcom reconciles both VTs for all characters so that each is uniquely purposeful. We still have very lopsided VT options for some characters, with one VT being made utterly redundant and eclipsed by the other.

A patch focused solely on improving the V-system after AE was what was truly needed.

Going over these changes several times though, most of them do not seem unreasonable in the context of the whole patch.

Still I wonder why Urien has buffs, why Fang got nerfs and why would fan favorites like Akuma and Cammy get away with slaps on the wrist or buffs respectively?

But I realize my problem now, it was my “wonder”, and my “hope” all along. They must perish. Kill them if you have to.

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Sakura changes on paper, seem kind of meh. Buffed cr.mp gives her a better 3f trap.

She can normal cancel into her slow ass v-skill. A big girl EX fireball that can cancel into vtrigger, I’ll take it.

Her charged VT1 fireball is +10 on block. If you can get them to block it, cool I guess.

Her forward throw got nerfed. That felt like the only scary thing she had.

st.lk with one less active frame.

I wonder if the one frame faster hk tatsu will let it combo from b + hp. That could be a nice way to fish with b + hp without committing to a DP.

I dunno, meh, kinda whack.

I just realised Chun doesn’t even get her BnB after a CC f.HK anymore now.

WTF are they smoking? ‘Oh crap, we made one of her tools actually super good, let’s tone that down ASAP and buff Cammy some more!’


Well, that is it.
I am a Sakura main.

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Zeku looks more like a SFV character now, thank you @Daemos

I don’t care the Teki/Koku slightly nerfs, even if the recovery of them are still annoying, but whatever. I’m curious to use/abuse his V-Sysyem improvements,especially VT2. Now it’s legit.

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Take on notes:

General - CC’s will likely do less damage now with new possible combo scaling. That works. More honest CC’s is good. V Reversal change is whatever.

Ryu - Both V Triggers got better. VT1 timer longer. The timer consumption for fireballs increased also, but worth it considering you have an overall longer time to use the trigger. VT2 can now be canceled off certain safe minus normals and some better combo options. s.MK sounds slightly better. Yeah.

Ken - still not that hot

Chun - It’s possible that Chun can now combo into V Skill from some pretty serious normals now. Not exactly sure till Tuesday, but this is another great buff like f+HK that she should have had from launch. f+HK having more whiff recovery sucks and less combo shit sucks, but the V Skill buff might make it worth it. She may be one of the few characters that generally relies more on her V Skill than her CC’s to build meter. Which would be unique for this game since most characters that have decent V Skill gauge builders also have strong CC’s. She would be in a unique state there.

Cammy - LK cannon spike buff is good. VT2 being 2 bars is interesting. We’ll see where that goes.

Bipson - Looks like they’re trying to put the FINAL nail in the coffin for his AA c.LP. Let’s see if it works LOL. Nothing else earth shattering. Yeah.

Nash - V Skill buff sounds interesting. Probably more combos on hit and get better frame traps on hit. He got a BIG buff to VT1. HP+HK VT1 is now projectile and throw invincible on FRAME 1. Basically you have to meaty him with an attack now or he can just scoot out of any throw/shimmy throw attempt you try to do. Which means he can buy more time to block normals before reading a throw and getting out.

Vega - V Skill pushback on block is cool. Cancelable into CA is cool. Eh.

Sim - Dive Kick change is cool. Yeah.

Zangief - new cancelable flying headbutt sounds fun. Combos into air spd now. V Reversal I would say is an overall buff since he pushes you away further. Helps his defensive game which he needs. Since Abi got all blown up he doesn’t need a health buff anymore.

Karin - Meh

Mika - More damage woooo

Birdie - nerfed

Necalli - not bad. Can now unga in his charge rush special into VTC.

Rashid - some say Rashid is done, but to me just looks like he’s slightly less abusable. Don’t see him going down too bad overall.

Laura - s.MK a little better on hit. V Skill now has counter hit property on it. Can get CC’d if hit with heavy during it. She’ll live.

Fang - eh

Alex - f+HP/lariat being cancelable and finally getting a 5 frame command grab seems pretty big.

Guile - He’ll live. VT2 probably no longer clearly better than VT1.

Ibuki - Same Kunoichi

Rog - VT2 is looking OOOH DEEE now. All kinds of new cancels and can now be comboed into off any of his cancelable normals. Smug gonna be bullying people online all day now.

Juri - s.HK change isn’t bad, but isn’t mind blowing either. Still one of the slower CC’s and not as unpunishable on block as Karin’s or Sak’s. Other than that, same shit.

Urien - old s.HP CC combos most likely back now. s.LK plus 3 on block and plus 4 on hit now. Some pushback to compensate, but its crazy that he’s getting buffed period. Urien up there for top 5 to 7 still.

Akuma - can’t whiff s.MK or c.HP as much. Other than that top 3.

Kolin - s.HP minus 4 now so will have to space it better to not take a light attack punish. Frost edge dash move punch thingy in VT2 burns more meter. No longer crosses up on its own. Need a hail out to cross up with it now. A little less unga now.

Menat - Was already near top 3 and now no longer has input overlap issues and can cancel V Skill into V Trigger. Basically top 3 unless something weird happens in the meta.

Ed - Lost plus 3 on his c.MP (which was probably one of the longest ranged plus 3 mediums in the game), but still has 3 other buttons that are plus 3 on block. New V Skill properties sound interesting.

Abi - wow this guy is all over the place now. Called the c.LK shit getting nerfed. No way a big body like that was going to have that AND a cancelable c.MK with huge range. He was just too much in that state even if he still wasn’t going to win many tournaments. Called health going down to 1075 and stun going UP to 1075 is hilarious (like why even move the stun up 25? LOOL). c.LK less dumb, damage/stun less dumb. VT2 might be worth using now. Fraud Abis will be gone on Tuesday. He’s going to have to make more reads to win now.

Zeku - some random adjustments and things. Not enough of a Zeku player to know what it’ll all do, but seems like he’ll get more utility overall in exchange for slightly less damage on some moves. Being able to cancel most of his specials into stance switch is big. VT2 is timer based now so slightly less shit.

Sakura - Lost corner throw loop which is expected because like the jab AAs, they failed at actually removing shit and gave it to the first new character lol. V Skill buff is BIG. Can now cancel into V Skill off any cancelable normal, her anti air fireball, VT1 fireball and VT1 palm move. Likely will be able to set up pressure after anti air c.HP or b+HP vs some characters. c.MP buff will likely give her medium medium light link. Counter hit c.MP, b+HP sounds fun also. Sakura Otoshi smasher v skill punch builds more v gauge. EX Hadoken being VTCable helps her V Trigger game a lot. Right now she doesn’t really have a really unga button to throw out to start her CC game. EX hadoken will give something with range thats plus that she can get out there and start VTC’s with. VT1 charged fireball being plus 10 on block is cool also.

Blanka - Got pre launch nerfs reverted. Electricity plus 3 on block and ground shave rolling can guard break. Capcom afraid to give Blanka good stuff while Abi was vroom vrooming.


I would be happy with air headbutt xx ex air SPD if air headbutt wasn’t so situational to use.
It feels like they only added that to compensate for the crush counter change. So now Gief is expected to punish blocked wake up ex dps with air headbutt xx ex air SPD.
Had they changed it so you can use headbutt with forward jump, it would be a lot more interesting.

Cancelable V-skill will help alot with building meter for kikosho, i wonder from which normals will it cancel.

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That is why SRK is irreplaceable ladies and gentlemen.


For Zeku being able to change form on hit could be a big buff in the long run, already he has good advantage from doing so from +oB normals. Don’t care about his Slash kicks nerfs, are too slightly to be considered nerfs. I’m curious about how effective the VT1 change is and VT2 now is good,especially used in Young form. Nothing game changing, but Zeku is definitely more viable now. The CC general nerfs could be interesting to see, especially with characters well known for abusing them. Necalli comes to mind. Even being able to VTC from EX stomp/disc could be useless, since I saw those moves used more in Broli mode than normal mode. Going VT wasn’t a problem for him, so who cares. I don’t mind Cammy buffs honestly, the only questionable one is the LK dp buff since the MK version already has those properties. They tried to make her VT2 more viable and the VT1 change is whatever. Since only bronze keep doing VT dp right after the Spiral Arrow the ability to use the dive after a dp increased his utility. In general Cammy gets buffed like Chun gets costumes.