SFV Lounge: SRK Cross Tag Battle

Karin is a better Q Bee, Cammy/Sakura could Hood.

Vega is Jedah.

Ryu is Talbain I guess.

Which makes ??? Lord Raptor? Nash? Ken? Whooooooooo!!!

How can they be so clueless about their own characters? Urien would have been a perfect Pyron while Juri is definetely more similar to Morrigan and BB

Agreed on Urien.

But Morrigan can’t be anyone but Chun-Li.

Juri makes sense as BB Hood.

Not sure who could’ve beeb Donovan though… Sagat? Ryu?

Where is abigail sasquatch

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Damn sf4 came out 10 years ago and lasted so long in the scene, sfv came out 2 years ago and will probably last 5 more years. ill be in my 30’s its crazy to think ive been playing street fighter my entire life ill never forget those arcade memories

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i remember being a typical highschooler who played Counter strike and of course call of duty but i never got thrills from those games like i did street fighter, id played 3s on GGPO and watch every upload from Theshend but i felt like i was playing a game franchise that had no future. Then there were arcade footage of SF4 leaked and uploaded online and man ill never forget the hype and anticipation i felt. I Watched EVERY SINGLE VIDEO for that game and Bugged the hell outta my mom to buy me my first arcade stick (hori ex2) and for my birthday i begged my mom to take me to Chinatown fair for my first competitive matches in sf4 (they had imported sf4 cabs) when i got there all the known fgc people were there Sanford,Yipes,Justin wong,Remix(RIP),LI Joe,Arturo and for whatever reason mike ross and gootecks. ill stop rambling im just reminiscing and spouting nonsense lol


I still want Dan in SFV

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I know, that’s why I claimed my right of daydreaming in the comment.

Anyway, not sure I would want a low-budget, soulless Darkstalkers that Capcom would probably come up with today. They could port Ressurection to the current gen though.

We cant call LordWilliam “LordWilliam”?

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Because he’s a BK big kid who doesn’t want no baby-moniker like “Lord William” weighing him down.

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Apparently Akhos was his older name back in the day. I guess William is his government name and that’s not gamer enough.

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His slave name? We let him hang around RockB too much.


I quit this thread


RESPECT THAT MAN’S NAME dot dot dot because the “forum” doesn’t think my statement is a sentence

I just recently started playing casual matches. It’s quite enjoyable not having to focus on your points and just getting into the match itself.


New forum layout and @Trife88 is still threatening to quit the thread. Wait a minute, you aren’t Trife!?


The other thing that is interesting is that you run into a generally different type of player in Casual matches. It ends up being a different experience in ways I didn’t expect.

casuals in EU gold ranks are shit, everyones lag like hell and despite not having points involved there’s a lot of ragequitting, teabagging and that kind of shit