SFV Lounge: SRK Cross Tag Battle

I just recently started playing casual matches. It’s quite enjoyable not having to focus on your points and just getting into the match itself.


New forum layout and @Trife88 is still threatening to quit the thread. Wait a minute, you aren’t Trife!?


The other thing that is interesting is that you run into a generally different type of player in Casual matches. It ends up being a different experience in ways I didn’t expect.

casuals in EU gold ranks are shit, everyones lag like hell and despite not having points involved there’s a lot of ragequitting, teabagging and that kind of shit

casual matches feel like pussyville I can’t do that shit. It’s points on the line or nothing.

@Evil_Canadian wouldn’t Blanka be more fitting for a Sasquatch outfit?

Also this place has shit reactions. Where the fuck are my “LOL” and “Insightfuls”?

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Blanka should be Talbain obviously. He even got Beast Cannon in VT.

LordWilliam trying to pull a prince without having put out a single banger.

If only he’d seen Coming To America so he could know how to defend his name change.


Would anybody recommend a NRS game if I play a lot of Tekken?

I would never recommend an NRS game to anyone. :wink:


Abigail is canadian sasquatch is canadian it is canada synergy

Blanka seems like a more organic fit for Sassy no?

Abby feels like a Victor or Huitzl. Also since Anakaris has technically not been used, he is also used for grabs for one of the giant characters.

I haven’t posted in a while so i came here to say FUCK ABIGAIL.

Also this


how’s it going everyone? been too long since I posted here

on a different note what the fuck is this forum layout


It is a work in progress that’s what!

Welcome back darling!!! :vulcan_salute:

I don’t like their games but I’m thinking of picking up I2 Legendary to have a fighter I can play with my friends because we’re all equally rubbish then.

Unlike AE it also has all the content on the actual disc so I’m free to sell it whenever I’m tired of it.

So whens Byron coming out again

which would be never cause its a nrs game and they are forever good!!!

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Why has Menat’s orb explosion a hitbox the size of Abigail?

That may be a good idea. The other upside to NRS games beyond the shitloads of content they usually have is that they’re pretty accessible with the chains and special move commands.

Non-shitpost answer about Tekken and NRS games: I’ve heard that there are some parallels because NRS games have chains that feel similar to 3D games and the combo systems are really juggle heavy. But they are still really 2D games in how they play, and something like Injustice can be really zoning heavy so I don’t know how much fun that would becoming from Tekken.