SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11

It does seem like bizarre logic, which is why I’m worried that this was mostly done to force it into tournaments. The fact that Cammy and Mika’s outfits are changed to the ones they’re usually forced to use on ESPN, and that this was put in just before Capcom Cup, makes that seem even more likely.

Hopefully it’s just a dumb thing put into the main game and tourneys are unaffected, 'cause seeing those awful ad outfits in tourney would just be :face_vomiting:


I wonder if they can even backpedal with the ad stuff. Capcom probably struck some deal with sponsors.

I hope MK11 adds this feature, but instead of CPT logo’s its ed boons face.

You don’t get any reward for doing so, as it is already its own reward.


No, fuck that. It would be a feature that it doesn’t have it… Billboards be like

The new Mk looks great , I might actually buy it just for the fun aspects.

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You should also get it if you wanna play the best 2d fighter on a modern console where things like neutral and footsies matter.


Soon as Falke gets those buffs next week everyone’s gonna have to fight my Nascar Falke.

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He should play UNIST then

Just look at those buttons

Very grounded neutral (no air dashes or double jumps)

Movement is nice and fluid


MK is always good fun, worth a buy


A man’s gotta have goals. :upside_down_face:

I thought you were one of the good guys

Since most of you are SEX PERVERTS, MK also has all the prettiest ladies


So at 12fm per match as a reward for suffering through those ads, we’ll have to play 8334 matches in order to afford one character.

Fuck this shit.


For some of us, impossible.

For twinblades, this will be a normal Wednesday.


@DevilJin_01 sorry to bug you. Is there a limitation in place to prevent new members from sending PM’s? I cannot seem to find the option on three different devices.

After playing bbtag for a couple days, I declare that every fighting game should have that lobby system. Even with a smaller playerbase you’ll always know you can find someone because almost 100% of the people playing are all chillin in the same lobby lol.

Ads are for Casual/Rank only so us Battle Lounge hobos can fuck around in peace.

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I like arcsys lobbies in general not sure if bbtags is like xrds but if so I feel you

why didnt you let em change your name instead to create a new account?

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So it’s canon, Kolin is literally a bald headed thot. Please make sure to buy everything Capcom throws at you this holiday so we can get her a better hairhat.