Name Change Thread v2

Done: you’re updated.

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Hello. I wouldn’t normally ask for a name change, but my current user name has changed. It was Enk!ndu, but now the ! has been replaced with a _. I would like to change it to Enkindu if possible. It was my previous name. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Updated. :+1:

Pardon my newbie status.
Is there a way to edit my bio?

Go to

I believe.

Hey, is it possible to change to striderhibiki?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, yes it is. Done. :+1:

Not sure if requests are still being accepted, but I would love to have my username changed to “ScytheLxrd”. I appreciate your thought of doing this for people.

Yeah, we still do that. Can I confirm that you would like it to be “ScytheLxrd”? Once you do, I’ll change it.

Yes, I confirm. Thank you so much!

Updated. :+1:

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Can I please get my name changed to AssassinLoki?

++ @d3v who should probably subscribe to this user maintenance thread if he isn’t already


Can I have my name changed to CharlieInTheTrees? Thanks in advance!

If I could have my username changed from “Shadowfire” to “SF” (or “SFtheWolf” if that’s too short/taken) I would really appreciate it!

Hey @Preppy, is there any chance I can have this account renamed from “Grimm_Demize” to “DrooMighty”?

I gave up admin rights and am now delightfully powerless, so can’t help anyone. @d3v - might be a good plan to close this thread and open up a new one. That would avoid confusion like this. :slight_smile:

The new Name Change thread is here: