SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11

Players are definitely going to have to wear these stupid outfits for Capcom Cup.

That’s why Capcom is giving them a “two hour breifing” before the event starts.

…no seriously that was a joke right, nothing actually happened between you two right :frowning:

Street Fighter V might be the worse Street Fighter after CFJ
Edit: I take that back CFJ > SFV
Edit: I take that back Street Fighter: The Movie > SFV > CFJ

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I picked a good time to try out Tekken.

Goddammit Capcom can you stop shitting in your own mouth for more than 6 months or so.

That’s why I was saying the pro tour logos were probably placeholders. Remember the pro tour stage initially had a placeholder as well

Sadly no. Been separated for a few weeks. Once it comes over to the new year we will probably move forward with the paperwork.

Was my choice though and it’s for the best long term. Too complex and kind of a bummer to get into here.

Small silver lining is that I have more time on my hands so I can focus on hobbies and personal goals for a bit. FGs make for an excellent distraction, wing Chun and friends help with the rest.

Back to SFV for a sec: Jesus fuck these sponsored costume decisions I can’t even.

I don’t see the big deal about it? Just the CPT logo, and letting people who would otherwise not know that there’s content sale for their favorite fighting game. It’s not the end of the world.

…so the cosplayer part wasn’t entirely a joke either then

I’m not sure how to feel now XP

I want one.

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The only thing I couldn’t bother with is the Ad costume. That shit is terrible. Ring of Stages and CPT ads is non intrusive. it’s what they normally would turn the stage to during Capcom Cup anyway. I don’t mind the ads prefight either but them costumes man. They are ass and I don’t mean Tori Hughes ass, I’m talking Paris Hilton ass.


If capcom is gonna do ads i want them do go all the fuck in. When I boot up the game Laura better have “CPT” tattooed right onto her rack.

Actually scratch that go all in. Make her topless and give her CPT pasties.

Urien’s sling better say “Trojan” at some point.

Zeku wouldn’t like that fam.

So are the ads in our game or just the tourney game? Seems like a bit of a backwards step ( although if you’ve got to chase the $$$ I suppose).

I feel like someone sensible took over control of the decision making for the last 6 months, but he went out for his day off and somebody got his password.


you turn them on or off in battle settings

Why would you want them on? There are benifits?

You get like 12FM total if you go online with them on

That’s about it

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Upto 12FM per fight win or lose depending on what you use. I get 8FM because the Ad costume :face_vomiting:

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For every ad you look at Capcom will donate $0.0001 to help provide aid for a starving Japanese hooker.


It’s whatever but it gets extra shitty at least for me remembering how they restricted the ways you could get fm and now this. Seems kind of shitty to the people who actually support the game

So I guess this is to advertise on people’s streams or something? The logic behind advertising something to another person who also has the same option seems like bizarre logic.