SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11

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What is SF

CCs dont hurt me…don’t hurt me…no more…

Incase you aren’t going to bother to read a potentially 5,000 post, no pages thread here’s the jist

  • I’m going to tell people they need to git gud because git gud and I didn’t go through what I went through so you can Twitterplain and call Papa on the phone all of the time. Papa not gonna answer, open up your lootboxes.

  • Dime is gonna make long posts that are sometimes longer than mine and will go back and forth with me and others. Though sometimes I’m kinda only going back and forth with him to get to 5,000 posts faster.

  • Highland is gonna say things and we’ll read them in his Scottish accent from his YouTube videos.

  • Rooflemonger is gonna post monkeys

  • Frost is gonna be scared of dashes and Guile’s sobat kick

  • Akhos is gonna be bad at fighting games and only know nerd data shit

  • Twin is also gonna be bad at fighting games but also not know any nerd data shit

  • Vhozite is gonna post here again continually after long hiatus and that’s kinda cool

  • A10 is somewhere maybe

  • BeaIank is gonna continue to play low tier characters but utilize Muscle Spirit to maximize her potential with them.

  • MFn Mike is gonna continue to jump at Guiles that have recovered from booms or other opponents that are in free neutral states with a dedicated zoner that has never really been known for their jump ins.

  • Doctrine Dark is gonna continue talking about struggles even though he’s GM with Cammy

  • Darc is gonna try to convince us that X Kira isn’t all seeing

  • NCK is gonna worry about little BS things like the chance of Makoto not making S4 and crush counters.

  • Heat is going to come in like an opposite party member with some random SFV is bad stuff and then go away (or talk about SC6, SC6 is cool I guess)

  • amrraed is gonna downplay Cody so he can ensure nobody thinks he’s worth playing and get maximum S4 buffs under the radar. Then still say he’s shit so by the time S5 hits he will be top 3. He’s also going to keep playing Chun for whatever reason.

  • Darklight is also gonna talk about and keep playing irrelevant characters like Chun and describe how characters like Akuma remove her from the meta.

  • Getthetables is gonna talk about Laura and keep her relevant

  • James Chen is going to go on some overly long winded rant about proximity normals and why the game needs them in his funny Angry Big Bird voice and look like he ran a marathon even though he’s just talking about video game.

  • appo is gonna post Bamco game stuff

  • Mowr is gonna talk about real SF games while playing Abigail

  • TheDarkPhoenix is gonna ask for broken NRS DLC characters for S4

  • Illwill is the new guy that’s going to post new guy stuff so welcome new guy

Some other people that I forgot to mention are gonna post about stuff also and that’s about it

Worst CFN Warrior List

  1. Twinblades (still goes back to regular Diamond even though he plays often so he’s the worst)
  2. BeaIank (pretty low ranked so about second worst)
  3. Akhos (would be better if he didn’t beat himself up and played more so 3rd)
  4. MFnMike (not bad but keeps jumping at and engaging zoning characters that have recovered/can actively move with a zoning character)
  5. James Chen

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Damn im only kinda cool

Damn i thought i was whiffing Saks crossup bc i was bad. Didn’t realize it was so high



Group D going on, after that Top8


Actually going to vomit

This is just stupid, even for SFVs low standards.

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Ded at the title.

Ded at DJ’s description of me.

Fuck you DJ.


Was @shinbojan able to get into the T7 finals or is he watching from the nearest Wi-Fi to the actual tournament?
Would be the saddest story if he wasn’t.


:man_shrugging: never heard of that guy…he has not participated on the lcq based on the brackets. is that his gametag?

Here, this’ll help you feel better

I want a streamed grudgematch between Ryan Hart and Rip later tonight.

Screw watching Knee casually stroll through the tournament, I want to see the commentators back up their smack talk from yesterday.

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You aren’t helping William >:c

It’s okay though 'cause Cody has this


VT1 is gonna get all the buffs in S4.

I should have totally bought Cody over Sakura… :rage:

But still refuse to pour any more money into Season 3.

Watching from my hotel room :frowning: .
Decided to fly to Amsterdam early cos of the finals even though I am sick, but did not manage to find a ticket.

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Holy hell. Those are also exceptionally awful as well.

But dont buff them. Has a fireball and people should under no circumstances jump anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are the Super Street Fighter V leaks true ?

What do Akuma players try to accomplish by teabagging? I mean I’m pretty sure a bunch of people already blacklist him by default but if you add a teabag to that you might as well just make a new account for S4 if you want to continue using matchmaking.

It’s also the most common teabag character in the game from my experience. Really attracts the lowest of the low.

Also yeah, that guy made me mad. I’ll unblock him when S4 is around and murder him with Falke buffs and teabag in return like a gentleman.