SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11

For some of us, impossible.

For twinblades, this will be a normal Wednesday.


@DevilJin_01 sorry to bug you. Is there a limitation in place to prevent new members from sending PM’s? I cannot seem to find the option on three different devices.

After playing bbtag for a couple days, I declare that every fighting game should have that lobby system. Even with a smaller playerbase you’ll always know you can find someone because almost 100% of the people playing are all chillin in the same lobby lol.

Ads are for Casual/Rank only so us Battle Lounge hobos can fuck around in peace.

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I like arcsys lobbies in general not sure if bbtags is like xrds but if so I feel you

why didnt you let em change your name instead to create a new account?

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So it’s canon, Kolin is literally a bald headed thot. Please make sure to buy everything Capcom throws at you this holiday so we can get her a better hairhat.


I really hate the ad strategy. Not dislike, but hate.

I understand the overall goal:
SFV is free for a limited time > put ads for CapCup all over your product = More exposure or whatever.

But it just shits all over the game and the people who have been playing the game.
Yes you can turn them off, but this shit even being in the game feels gross.


It’s still Tuesday for Twinblades. Lol.

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Haven’t played rev2 but I think its similar. Basically a bunch of arcade cabinets setup in a lobby for anyone to hop on

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I have been looking at the intro screen for ten minutes now. Is this happening to anyone else after the new patch?

@PlusFrames You should be seeing this blue icon when you click on someone’s profile to message them. That’s the easiest way.

On mobile it takes you to a separate page but on that page still has the blue icon to message. If still can’t do it then probably is some new account limitation. I’d ask Preppy to learn more, but yeah.


I’m confused, can you turn off the ads or not?

Not for me

Well that’s reassuring. Maybe it has to do with space. I had to delete something to be able to get this patch. Already hate it since I’ve been on this screen for 25 minutes now. So how are you guys’ day?

Edit: Thank god it finally went through. Had to close it out apparently.

As good as it can be for Falke and Ibuki buffs around the corner. I hope it’s like last year where they throw in irrelevant nerfs for Ibuki that make people go haha like Nelson and then she gets cheaper shit that ruins everyone’s day again

Never say go haha like Nelson again Jin

I can still video it

I’ll also video it again when Cody gets unnecessary nerfs.

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Please no. I don’t know if it’s the match up or not, but I hate facing her.

You don’t even know me yet you keep saying things that hurt me.

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