SFV Lounge: It was coming and it CAME HOME. Ono is your Evo 2018 Chamion

Gotta git gud!

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This is true, but it took awhile and DU wasn’t using guile exclusively. He was using mika/guile. That’s a big thing to remember. Had he used either exclusively he wouldn’t have won CC.

Du becomes dominant with him from September until Capcom Cup, after 5 months labbing with him. Yeah, Mika was the right side chick to use in that season, but his Guile performances were amazing enough to caught Daigo attention, the Beast dedicated an entire stream studying Du’s Guile after the first convincing wins. Guess who Daigo use since S2…

That 5 months labtime would have been 2 with his better normals :slight_smile:

That’s for sure, but they were enough even for S1 and all the Chun, Ryu and Nash who were around at the time.

For everything else, Mika😂

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I have never seen normals this stubby before. It is outrageous!
I am also the former queen of the Dutch.


This was funny:


Uhm, so no new thread still?

Meanwhile the craziness about Sagat being bad it’s already started, even some pros joined the ‘Gat is trash’ BS. I’ve pointed my finger at Capcom many times during SFV lifecycle, but honestly they can’t make everyone happy, there will be always someone complaining at things they don’t even know if they will become good.

What pros are complaining?

I’ve been running him today and he feels decent. Great fundamentals but gets shafted by non fundamental characters. As is the way of sf5 anyways so nothing new to see here.

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So G is basically a comeback VT character ?

He meant a line of coke


Have a question that I require help with to check that I’m not just being totally dense.
HK-Tiger Knee has 20 frames of startup and 11 active frames which means it should be active on frame 30, correct?
Well after a HK Tiger Knee he’s at +30. I tested this using his dash (21 frames) and he is at +9.
Putting these ideas together it stands to reason that HK-Tiger Knee should hit on the last active frame but it does not.

I can get it to land and be +3 but I’m fairly sure that’s when delayed by a frame.
So am I being dumb and missing something or is the frame data off by 1 somewhere?

Way earlier someone said that Sagat destroy Chun, i played vs a bunch of GMs yesterday using Sagat like Shakz and Yogapate and did well and took it.

Chun can slide under his low shot and it is going to be crucial here. From the mid range, you can duck his high shot and st.HP or even ex legs him. His jumping is relatively decently easy to AA. Even if Gat does ex.low shot, he is still negative.

Overall Matchup felt alright to me, ofcourse the guys are still learning it but doesn’t feel as hard as Guile imo. The fact that you can slide his low shot is good.

Probably will be tough in the future but nothing like Menat or Sim imo


Until now I saw FilipinoChamp, Ricki Ortiz and Floe saying he’s bad, but more are coming… Until Bonchan shows them the way.


+30 on wakeup means that the first frame of standing state is frame 31. 20 frames of startup and 11 active frames means that it will be active from frame 20 to frame 30. So your last active frame of heavy TK runs out right before the wakeup invincibility frames end.

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Yo, watch that. Early days but a lack of reversal really hurts G.

I could still react to tiger shots with Vskill and EX flip. That’s why I think it’s nothing like fighting Guile, where I have to lock into the players boom patterns. Sagat is faster in SFV, but not fast enough to deter me from storing. The match up really shows how much they simplified her. I miss all those options.

So I was just being dense. Haven’t done any frame data stuff since Akuma came out so it’s been a while. Thanks. :slight_smile:

For what its worth I think its really interesting to read about. I’ve seen/been part of people trying to grow up and maintain gaming scenes (though not for FGs) and I always respect and appreciate the work that people put into that.

Plus that is at least SF related so it feels appropriate here.

Complete aside from that: I was checking the PS Store to see about a bundle for the new summer outfits (because if I’m gonna shill, I’m gonna shill hard) and I noticed that they also have up a bundle for the Monster Hunter costumes. $9.99 for all three + all the colors.

Not sure how long they’re going to keep that around but as expected Capcom isn’t gonna say no to $$$ so if you missed out on any costumes previously it seems like there will be ways to get them. Either in a bundle like this or with them re-running the event like they are for the MH ones.

Also I have a lot of thoughts about EVO and SF5 following EVO. Now that I’m at a computer I’m gonna put all that together and bomb the new thread with it whenever that goes up, though I’ll summary tag the chunks to save the scrolling.