SFV Lounge: It was coming and it CAME HOME. Ono is your Evo 2018 Chamion

Images of Froztey’s OG first relevant DLC character (releases Monday, Jun 25th)

hmmmm, I think that’s Cody any way

ummm starting to look like something is up with Cody here

Cody’s brother, Kyle Travers

Undies/Haggar Cody

Froztey’s Cody Background Info

You could say Froztey has been maining Cody really since A3. One of the first real practitioners of Cody’s VC’s and guard crush setups. He gave up the game for a while after 98 (suddenly; only a year after it’s arcade release) to pursue his academics and came back when Cody was confirmed to launch in Super Street Fighter IV for the PS4 and Xbox 360. He had a rich history of building up lots of BP with Cody vs various top players and placed at some local events. He got quite acquainted with Cody’s new tools like Zonk and his new frame trap heavy play style.

It did get to a point that SFV eventually released and while Froztey has been relevant with in the game, he has not enjoyed the same passion and success as in IV. Mainly due to Cody being absent from the game and having to settle for the other Cody like functions such as Alex and Juri who have not been crazy CPT relevant (at best Juri being counter pick tier with Infil and Hsien’s 9th place CC run in S1). Froztey really felt the desire to get his main back as other Cody functions were proving insufficient.

Fast forward to almost June 25th and he’s on the way. With some changed moves and a little more emphasis on pipe swinging and projectile throwing, Cody looks to be the true Cody function the game deserves and will get Froztey back to speed. This is a momentous occasion for such a long time Cody fan and this occasion shows that some people do play the character for more than just their tier. The new Cody is now also the new Mayor of Metro City which also is a metaphor to how Froztey has been reinvigorated with this new lease on life in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.


I find the lack of pictures of Cody’s underwear model costume in the first post to be disturbing.

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Falke >>> Cody


Falke beats Cody 6-4!


Menat = Ed = Falke >>> Cody

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So I have to ask… Since Cody in this game is less a SSF4 function and closer to a Final Fight function, will Frotzey truly play SFV?!?

I’mma say no.

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I’m dying LMAO

Bro Jin went all in on that the Cody mods for Ed got me wheezing


Yall funny as hell.

Rell Shyt


Ah, the first post was fixed with Cody’s best costume ever.
This old lady eyes are now happy.

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At least six four


It’s a no brainer, really: when Cody picks VT1 he can get a knife, when he picks VT2 he can get a pipe, but when you pick Falke she gets a long staff from the start regardless of V-Trigger. Then you factor in that Falke’s staff doesn’t just hit but can also shoot people.

You’ll quickly realize that Cody is easily outranged and outgunned, this is 7-3 easy.

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oh man, i really wanted to keep talking about who will return and who won’t.


The night started awfully with loses to Cammy, Rashid, Laura, Birdie, but it certainly got better at the end:

12 win streak with Gief, my personal best. If I can keep good momentum tomorrow, I will reach gold.
Then I will stick to casual for a bit to improve my Sakura game and get better used to play shoto on the new, awesome stick.


Should’ve posted that pic of Cody getting dicked by Hakan, Jin.

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Ken’s hair looks weird in his Dante costume.

I want those DMC costumes but fuck I don’t use Ken, Ed or Laura. Sad!

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It looks weird and it is not white. I hate to nitpick but didn’t we go through all of that white hair shit with Dante before.

Also why isn’t Nero’s hair white and why is Gloria, the free costume, the only one that got proper white hair lmao

Gonna get em anyways

It’s the stick.

Ed Mod Cody >>>> the world

Sounds NSFW but if I find it I’ll put it in a spoiler

I was just googling Cody images and I saw those shits like lulz. Of course they had to get the closest Cody function to do that to. His hair looks like he put on a wig.

Figure might as well go all in for the first closing and reopening of a new lounge in the resurrected SRK along with getting your main back. TBH I didn’t think Cody was gonna come back anytime soon at all, but it seems it’s what the people wanted and what Papa Capcom delivered.

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