SFV Lounge: It was coming and it CAME HOME. Ono is your Evo 2018 Chamion

That’s new.


G better than Sagat ;-;


lol, no. But I would say G DOES win that matchup.

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Lets just compare it to a somewhat similar VT, which is Akuma’s. He gets double air fireballs, 2 hit fireballs that give him midscreen juggles, and more damaging DP that gives him a hard knockdown.

Ignore the rest and just look at his fireball. Akuma gets to throw out about 4 of those if he just rapid fires them where as Sagat only gets 2. Sure Sagat can do cool full screen juggles but Akuma still gets way more utility with air fireball to bully his way in or guaranteed Oki from a hard knockdown DP.

Unless we’re really missing something Sagat should get at least 3 of these tiger canons or it should be 2 bars. It looks like VT2 is the preferred VT for most Sagat players so far.


Cammy’s VT1 isnt that versatile, its just brutally efficient. It does the minimimum a v-trigger needs to do to be worth popping.

These two characters seem to have really reinvigorated a lot for the game. Sagat through being pretty solid out the gate and G from being so ridiculously full of silly charisma.

The interesting thing about G is how similar he is to Q in a lot of spots. Spotty normals, big hits that feel heavy as hell, reliance on taunts to be more effective and no real reverasal. Ooh and a command grab he can combo from and get a taunt out of.

Side question because it only applies to a few of you who would read it: posts about fixing up my scene and issues with it, do you want them here or in a seperate thread? I know there were a few of you guys interested, just wondering which you’d prefer.

From the little I’ve played against Sagat with Juri, I feel like I can get through the tiger shot obstacle course just fine. It’s nothing on the level of dealing with Guile from Juri’s perspective.

I wonder how Juri/Sagat will play out in the long run. SFIV Juri could handle Sagat just fine, but she had more tools to deal with fireballs: Store swapping, mk fireball, counter teleport and FSE dash under high tiger shots, which she can’t do in SFV.

You dont know what you got 'til it’s gone

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I don’t think G is Q (Viper side story) but they’re obviously from the same “realm” (not from Earth)

Also this is probably the strongest Sagat ever canon wise (Akuma quote) lol when Akuma doesn’t straight out insult his opponent I always think that means the character is close to being godlike.

Idk if it means much, but I personally think it’s a very cool insight into a side of things not many people think about. I think either/or would be a great idea, but I think it’s tight to see that in the lounge

Juri’s V Skill alone shuts out his shots. Which if he gets hit with one you get another full charge and he’s back to not throwing shots. Plus people should remember to just walk and crouch under high and block/neutral jump low shots till they get in. Once you have meter you also have ex ryodansatsu, but generally it’ll be worth it to charge skill since even one full charge pretty much forces him to have to stick to buttons and go in.

Probably not going to be as dynamic as SFIV matchup, but that’s a good thing since you’ll just have to do less to win.

IDK how you can start to even compare these. They are completely different. Akuma CANT throw non v trigger fireballs when in v trigger. That means that he either has to “waste” them on neutral, or he has to not throw fireballs in the neutral so he can save v trigger for combos and setups. Akuma basically doesn’t have a choice. Sagat on the other hand can STILL THROW REGULAR TIGER SHOTS… like don’t you get it? His VT tiger shots aren’t meant to just be thrown out, they are a combo tool. Wiff buffer them or confirm into them xx fhk TU for massive damage. If he confirms into his V trigger twice for minimum damage from a wiff buffer or something he’s getting like over 600 damage, or another way to say it, 300 damage per combo. And that’s on a CONFIRM. Meaning he can sit there in V trigger for hours and wait till he gets a confirm. Oh and if he has super… that’s a round ender cause the damage is crazy.

I repeat, his v trigger isn’t a fireball trigger, it’s a combo trigger that he can just sit on. It’s ridiculously good. If it were a 2 bar he would literally get only 1 VT fireball. And maybe that’s what should happen, but this stuff about him needing 3-4 of those OP as shit fireballs is ridiculous. That’s 3-4 confirms into 300+ damage per confirm basically meterless without a jumpin.

If you want a scene… really want it. Here’s what I told dons arcade when he had games and no scene:

  1. Pick a time, any time. Always have the meet ups on that day. Always have a time schedule and always follow it. Dons arcade meets up on fridays from 7pm to 3am iirc.
  2. Provide consoles… at least 2. Dons arcade provided 4 sf4 setups iirc as well as multiple cabs… but still, no one came for the first 2 years, when he had the arcade cabs but no consoles.
    3.provide drinks and refreshments at a cost to either make a small amount of flow or go even. Refreshments are good and will make your meetup place seem more professional.
  3. If you are legit hooked up with atleast 4 consoles for people to play on, charge an admission fee. Don charged $5 a night which is what I told him he should charge. It’s not an astronomical fee by any means and helps keep up with wear and tear/ electricity expenses. Charge less if you have less. 4 consoles is worth a 2 dollar charge imo. You aren’t looking to get rich, you are looking to expand your scene and not go broke doing it.
  4. If you can, recruit top players to come to your place free of charge or some other incentive like free refreshments etc etc. top players are broke and appreciate anything they can get, especially if they are only the local top player. Dons arcade was enjoying a 15-20 person group of people, but that ballooned to around 30 or so on days shizza said he was coming through.
  5. I can’t stress this enough but consistency and professionality is key. If you are inviting people to your home or garage, or someone else’s home or garage, have the place clean and nice looking. Don’t just close the place in random days and mess up anyone’s plans. If you won’t be open let people know a week in advance outside of course obvious emergencies, and don’t let it happen to much because people won’t schedule around you if you aren’t dependable, nothing worse than holding things off for your Friday gaming night or get together just to have it be canceled at the last minute and now you are stuck with nothing to do. It’s blue balls to the max.
  6. Hold tournaments. Try biweekly or monthly. Weekly is a pain because not much can become different in a week of play, and your tournies will start to just resemble casuals. Give a proper incentive to the winner of said tournament like free admission or a grab of the door entry/something.
  7. Be friendly and helpful to newbs (obviously) you could have a free month of admission to first timers or something like that… this is also why it’s good to charge money at the door. People will appreciate getting deals here and there. However, NEVER allow free admission for homie love. I told don a lot of things to get his arcade up and running and dude never gave me free admission, which rather fair since it was his place, his rules, his consoles and cabs and electricity. It’s a business after all and the business is to fund a strong community.
  8. Don gave a free coke to anyone that got a 20 game win streak against assorted players. Of course this has to be within reason. No random cokes for beating up on the one person that showed up that day or whatever.
  9. FT3 or FT5 is the rule when people are waiting, NO EXCEPTIONS.
    11… probably the most important part… HAVE FUN. And if you can’t find a venue make one. If it’s your small ass room then so be it. Only allow 3 people to come and follow the same rules as outlined here save for the admission.
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After spending more time with Sagat in ranked, yeah he’s trash. He has the same problem ryu and falke has.

Oh well.

Edit: He’s not trash, I’m just salty, but you have to be ON point.

And he gets mauled by certain characters that don’t have to think half as hard.

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I haven’t read this all yet, but I agree enough with what I saw to vouch for this. On paper it may seem like it’s stupid to wait for 3 bars for 2 shots, but like you said, this works the way Ryu would want his fireballs to work. You already have really good fireballs, this just gives you two extra powerful fireballs that supposed convert off most things. It also allows you to VTC off regular shots which VT2 does not.

I wouldn’t write it off yet at all since those tiger cannon shots do like 5 hits to power through any other fireball games and probably work as great anti airs also. Along with the conversions.

Ryu on the other hand has to get ok fireballs at best and has to pop v trigger to get a limited amount of strong fireballs. Akuma’s fireballs and invincible DP that causes HKD luckily are cheap enough to make the limit worth it (along with enabling RD).
Also after playing some matches with Frost’s day one Sagat, Wong is nuts. The King hits like a King. You do not want this dude to hit you with more than like 2 or so counter hits. s.MP is one of the longest plus 3’s that isn’t a heavy in the game it seems and if you get counter hit off of it its problems. Doesn’t help that Falke doesn’t have 3 frame so she has to hold some things that might be fake any way. Like usual his bnbs corner carry like a mug too so if you were already near the corner now you’re taking his pressure plus ranged overhead games.

They definitely made sure that if the king runs into a match where he isn’t going to be able to shoot much plasma, he can go in and give you the good Ong Bak instead.

Just in case you want to rewatch some evo2018 stuff, the archive is done


I’m getting flashbacks to when Guile was dropped. He had “the worst normals in the game, with no range, char is ass”.

I mean, Sagat definitely has weaknesses, but stubby normals is not one of them.


Guiles normals got buffed though… how soon we forget. Guile wasn’t like this out the gate.

About sagat v trigger. I think his 3 bar is good… but I’m thinking that his 2 bar is just nuts and the better v trigger so I can see why people think his 3 bar is ass. It’s not, it’s just that the 2 bar is ridiculous since it’s also a high damage confirm that also has armor and a guard break. But the 2 bar does less damage and you only get one sequence of knee to sidekick, whereas in vt1 you get 2 fireballs for more damage.

In the end the 2 bar may be used for the first part of people getting to know sagat, but once people learn him they might start to go to the 3 bar since it’s just basically game over getting hit with that into Kara dp xx super.

Damage talks.

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Good thing is he’s closer to some of the characters like Urien and Rashid where he has two purposeful triggers. That’s more fun than only one good trigger or pick the better mediocre trigger.

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@highlandfireball said on youtube that Sagat is good.

All is now good in the world. The king is back.


In S1 Knuckle Du starts winning with Guile towards the end of it and Capcom didn’t change anything on Guile. Now he’s better even because the competition get worse.

20 win streak is a damn steep price for a coke!

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