SFV Lounge: It was coming and it CAME HOME. Ono is your Evo 2018 Chamion

Think I stopped playing sfv when akuma first came out and ended on like an 83 win streak Smurf account.

Base goku comes out tomorrow and possibly buying bbtag soon, so my sagat Smurf account will have to wait

Why does this colour lacks polka dots? WHY?
Capcom, you had ONE JOB!

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You got to Diamond and I’m still barely Platinum

I’m worse than you


I was looking at his frame data. His High Tiger Shots only have 40 total Frames. That’s less than Ryu’s V-Trigger 1 Hadokens. The EX is only 38 Frames. Low Tiger Shots are slower 44 Frames, 42 for EX but still faster than Ryu’s standard Hadokens. The really need to buff Ryu’s Fireball.


I was only using G not Kolin.


I’m a fake diamond. Seriously man I’m trash.

/I win

And I’m a fake platinum which is still worse


FuCk YuO!!!

Ryu’s fireballs need to be nerfed. Put Ryu into the hard bottom 3. :angry:

They are absolutely great. That plus the fact that it doesn’t have nearly as big lingering hitboxes during the move mean that Sagat probably has, pound for pound, a Guile-level fireball game with a cancellable low. Pretty nuts. On paper he should turn out pretty good

It’s true

ALSO, the guy who cosplayed as G on stage was Christopher Corey Smith


That is pretty cool, so we got Thano and Rufus, Nice.

Rufus is in SFV. Dammit.

He’s a great voice though. Phil Lamaar always great.


If G’s Smashes actually do punish Blanka Balls like it seems in here, that’ll be huge for the matchup. Because honestly it was looking REAL free prior.

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Yeah, Sagat VT1 is ass cheeks, mad I picked it by accident

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It would be a decent VT IMO if it was 2 bars instead. But it’s total ass at 3 bars. Seriously, what were they thinking when it came to that one?

There must be something we’re missing. Or maybe it was just an oversight like Cammy VT2 being three bars originally. They made it two in 3.5 and still nobody uses it because VT1 is so versatile. Still, having two Tiger Cannons in the chamber is nice, still need time to see if it’s “3 bars” nice tho.

I can see now why a Urien main is playing him. His VT1 comeback factor is dumb AF. He legit was getting bodied up until he popped that VT and started spamming vskill fireballs or low dash punches into vskills for days.


Frost seemed like he liked it.

5,000. I’m gonna go eat then new thread.