Official Problem and Solution Thread

In this front page article I see this in comment #14: “Warning: call_user_func(wpn_gamenow_comment) []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /home/shoryu/public_html/wp-includes/comment-template.php on line 1333”

I highly doubt he wrote that, so I guess it’s a bug. Also,I repliedright there, and the \

tag didn’t work. I’m using Opera 11.10 on Arch Linux.

Don’t you guys think the signature needs more restrictions with images?

See my current signature as an example.

I think most of us have signatures disabled anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.
Also, it seems the watched thread page is finally populated. Thanks.

Agree. I want to change my title too, being that I had to change avatar anyway.
Also, isn’t the anti-flood limit set too high? It seems to have been set at 60seconds… O_O

Looks to me like more than 60 seconds…

ARe threads being deleted in general discussion?

Thanks for the quick Tapatalk fix!

FYI - You have to search for “shoryuken” again and re-log in. It will create another entry that works (you can remove the old one)

how do i change the text under my avatar?

It seems that the option to edit your signature is gone?

I can’t seem to find the options for changing my sig or my custom user text or title or whatever the text under my av is called, either. Any help on this?

^ I noticed this too. When will it be back? Signature images really don’t go with the site layout XD Looks ugleh!

alot of threads are dissapearing!

^ This! I was searching through the settings for 30 mins and gave up. Also, I uploaded a gif and its not animating. Are animated gifs not compatible or is there another way to upload them? On the vbulletin I used to use the option to use URL but on this new forum I can only upload from desktop or use some other weird thing that I don’t know.

Ive completely disabled signature changing, because of images. People are abusing them.

Ive enabled title changing.

Thanks Mr Wiz. Any chance restrictions can be put on sigs later so they can be enabled again in future? Also, can staff post announcements on this new forum? I was going to post an announcement about the SRK IRC channel in the SSF4 section. I had been discussing it with another member in this thread Sakura IRC Chat

Preferences > Personal Details > check under your avatar.

I cannot find a field in my account pages to edit my signature.

In SRK Dark, when you try to type a title, it’s white font on a white background box. Can you change that please?

Read MrWizard’s last post.