Official Problem and Solution Thread

Please post any problems here, and our staff will do their best to fix them ASAP.

Try to explain steps to recreate the problem if necessary.

Also, be constructive. There is noting accomplished by saying “I hate the new layout or forum software”. State your case on why something should change and we will look into it.


SRK Dark theme isn’t loading right for me on Chrome.
The textbox for quick reply cannot be seen and is small (it’s now as wide as it is tall).

Running Chrome 11.0.696.068 with AdBlock.

the font for posts is horrible. also quoted posts are in italics

i can’t find my profile page, the page that shows infractions, visitor messages, feedback scores, friends list, groups joined list, etc…
how do i get to see that page?
thats all i really care about right now because last tuesday i spent time+effort sending like 50 friend requests to a ton of people i know,…and now i can’t find my friends listed anywhere!!!

yeah i knew that the website was going into overhaul mode this weekend but not to this drastic extent.

its 100% changed!

and please don’t tell me that all of my friend request acceptances on srk got deleted/erased with the upgrade!?!?
even if the only reason why i even decided to send friend requests and join groups was to spruce up my profile page…still though. still.

if you can tell me how to view my profile page containing my old visitor messages and friends and groups…please post up.

lol. logged in this morning & SRK blew me up like GIANT AKIHA GOD RUSH MODE

i figured it out…how to view my profile page, but my visitor messages seem to have been erased.
at least my friends list is still intact

~at least pages load waaaaaaaay faster now.

Main page crashed my firefox after few seconds after loading . Also Media page doesn’t exist :frowning:

  • The mod section appears to have vanished.

  • All the Chinese characters in the Beijing thread were eaten in the transfer (they were replaced by question marks). I can enter new Chinese posts with no problem.

  • Whenever I try to edit the Chinese back in, I get a message stating I’ve exceeded the maximum words per post. Was this lowered?

Here is the post for reference:

Things look great though. It will be awesome once things get settled.

Search isn’t working for me.

Okay, two things. First, i can’t set it so that way 100 posts = 1 page anymore. I like reading damn it. can this be reenabled?

Two, all the damn links are broken and the URI changed entirely so there’s no simple UPDATE table SET posts = REPLACE(‘’, 'blahblahblah); fix either.

one other problem, all of the site’s UI elements are friggin’ TINY. I rock a 1080p monitor. was this designed for 1024x768?

Also why is there no reply button up top? At first when I started browsing i thought i was banned somehow.

Accessing the forums via Tapatalk doesn’t work anymore?

All the links are black (makes it a tad difficult to easily distinguish them from normal text).

Can’t find the link to go to the last message in a thread. Clicking on the date underneath the name of the last poster takes me to

Also, is there a way to disable avatars?

Drop down options for thread sorting aren’t visible in Chrome. Font is white on a white background.

That only happens to threads that haven’t have new posts ever since the upgrade.

on the front page there is a word press admin bar

The search is nifty, but the urls point at wordpress admin specific links, and this bar only appears on the home page.

Also where can the text under your name be changed? I don’t see it anywhere in the options.

  • The portion at the bottom of the page with mod names is gone.
  • I have a thread in the Southwest section with a bunch of links to tournaments here on the SRK Tournament forum and none of the links work. (will the link problem be fixed or do they all have to be found again)
  • Can’t change that little title under our username
    [S]- I have found the section for modding individual posts but I’m having difficulty finding the mod section for closing and deleting threads. (NEVERMIND I FOUND IT)[/S]
  • This is just me nit picking but the icon next to the thread is from the person who created it. I really liked this icons that said if the thread had a new post or that you have posted in it.
  • I don’t have any personal experience on this but someone told me that bookmarked links that go directly to a said thread/section come up with the same error as when you click on a link that was posted before the move. Same error I posted above. I can’t verify this so this is speculation right now because I didn’t have anything bookmarked other then the front page.

If I find more I’ll post them.


Do you also get the “Not available (Anymore)” message?

“Cannot connect to forum” - This forum is either restricting access from Tapatalk or the installed Tapatalk plugin is not working. Please contact your forum administrator.

BB Code mode in SRK Dark is unusable.

The insert URL and image windows also have the same problem.

Weird. I get “This forum is not available (anymore)”. But I’m wondering if I have to wait for the new SRK to be added to tapatalk.

I am viewing from my phone but the SRK logo is absent for me on the front page also what happened to the 100plus pages of the front page?

Looks SICK though guys. :slight_smile: