Official Problem and Solution Thread

This default post font hurts my eyes. Is there any way to change it?

Old ignore list didn’t carry over … and I don’t see a way to ignore anymore.

is there any way to disable avatars being displayed? its much better to have them turned off when im on srk while at work

is the media section gone for good?

I agree, the serifed fonts do go well with the rest of the site.

That said, just noticed that the font colours for SRK Black are fixed now. Thanks guys.

Just do you know, images in sigs are going away as soon as it’s fixed (thank fucking Christ).

Using iPhone: with dark theme, reply box is white one white. This makes seeing what you are typing difficult.

I wasn’t able to log in using my regular account. I had to create a separate account just to see what was wrong.

I mean, I was able to log in, but wasn’t able to go anywhere or do anything in the forums. Everywhere I tried to go it told me that I’d encountered an error - I couldn’t even view my profile or my alerts. I got a confirmation email to confirm my new account when I created this one just now, but never got any such confirmation for the new forums on my other email that is associated with my other account. Could that maybe be the problem?

Any chance attachements can get resized automatically?

Edit; Already handled! Nice work guys!

With the new forum, is there any way to get the feedback we had on the Trading Outlet? Since that was the best way to avoid scammers and other sorts of shady people.

Dang. Some of us were using it as a way to keep their old animated avatars.

Speaking of which, anyway we can have the animated avatar workaround for xenforo implemented? Even just for premium (heck, I’d but prem for that).

Spoiler tags, how do you do them now? Do they even exist?

How do you change your subtitle under your username? Mine glitched during the change.

Please port the subscribed topics we had in vbulletin to the watched topics here. I was following quite a few topics, and now I have no idea where to find them.

Figured out why the links to an SRK thread or post aren’t working if they were posted before the update.

If I click the link to a tournament I had posted I get this$2000-grand-prize-marvel-vs-capcom-3-tournament-269334/

If I browse to the actual thread of what it is now, I get this in the address bar

As you can see, 2 completely different links. Are the new addresses gonna stick or will there be reverting to the old scheme? Replacing all the link I have is gonna be a pain.

This would also lead me to believe that the same thing will happen to anyone who bookmarked a specific page. Again I don’t have a specific thread bookmarked so I can’t test this.


Sorry to spam but I just discovered this glitch while posting the above post.

If you click edit to edit your post and then click more options you get a broken edit page. The glitch happens if you hit back on your browser while in the edit page (the arrow to let you go to the previous page). I hit back and the site kept me from doing anything. It said I need to be logged in to do whatever but it shows me as logged in. If you refresh or click out of the page it then shows you as logged out and you have to log in again.

Also spoiler tag not working.



Also, do we still have images like the L M H S A1 A2 thing still? My entire guide’s format got ruined because no spoiler tags or those images.

Anyone know how to change or get rid of the text under your avatar?

Re: Tapatalk…

I get “This forum is either restricting access from Tapatalk or the installed Tapatalk plugin is not working.”

Hopefully that gets taken care of as well.