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Due to all the hints and teases that have been given and the more to come, it seems likely that MK10 will be revealed soon.

What do you think/hope from MKX? Think it’ll return to 3d or stay 2.5d? Do you think they’ll remake the MK4 (possibly Deadly Alliance as well) story or do you think it’ll continue from Deception? Who do you hope will be in this game?

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I want 2.5d, and a continuation of the MK9 story. I’m completely on board if they decide to go with 90% of the cast dead and making an almost entirely new one. Keep Scorpion and Sub Zero, but the rest of thoswe assholes who died need to stay dead for a while. People went ape shit when they did this in MK3, but after a while look how many fan favorites are demanded from that roster now. I’m hoping for a cleaning of the slate so the roster can once again grow making an even larger pool of characters to pull from in the future.

Didn’t Sub Zero turn into a robot?

As much as I appreciate them taking a chance on that idea in MK9, and actually liking the character myself, I’d be fine if they back pedaled on that one detail and kept Sub Zero a human.

Also, they need to keep Shao Kahn dead and put Quan Chi and Shinnok on the villain center stage. And if they pull any more PS2 era characters in, I hope they have enough common sense to stay away from bags of shit like Kobra, Kira, etc. and focus on more with potential like Nitara and Ashrah.

Fanboy hopeful additions:

return of Skarlet

one word: Reiko.


Since there’s a good chance Jade and Ermac won’t be on 10 the least they can do is give me at least two of those on my list.

This game is most likely going to be a piece of shit but I’ll probably end up buying it anyway since I’ve been a fan since the first game.

I don’t really care who’s in as long as Skarlet is in there.

ermac is still alive and probably freed from shao kahn’s magic.

Ermac IS Shao Khans magic though Skarlet as well

If Shinook is involved then most of the dead cast is going to make a return, obviously they are making heel turns at first I’m guessing most of the story is gonna revolve around who stays bad, whos good etc etc character redesigns blah blah.

no gameplay? lol

fuck that rap song bs.

That part where Sub-Zero grabs a tree branch suggests they’re adding stage interactions like in Injustice. Interesting.

I wonder if they will finally add hit-stop.

Looks like weapon system might return as well. Pretty useless, but I hope that fatality is a hint that they’ll be doing them that style with fancy camera work and angles to at least make them more appealing to watch the first few times.

I read some of the youtube comments and it actually made sense. Pay attention when ever they have the camera angle in front of them like all the mortal kombat games, thats the gameplay and when they switch to different up close cools scenes that’s the CGI they mixed with the game play in the trailer. They actually look different when changing scenes.

I like it! I like the (apparent) incorporation of stage interactibles from Injustice coming in. The outfits are cool too, too bad Sub-Zero lost to the usual SCORPION WINS LOL syndrome.

Must Have: Reptile
Really Want: Kabal
Could Be Fun: Bo Rai Cho, Tanya
I’m The Only One Who Wants Her Back: Frost

I really want this game! I liked MK9 and will definitely like this one, I need Johnny Cage! if he isn’t in it, my first favorite character scorpion shall do.

Also the song went pretty well for me, fast paced and serious just like the fight. It also looks like MK4 weapons are back or something or maybe they just wanted to add Sub-Zero sword in the ground.

No. Shinnok is too much of a fan favourite. They need to make him a playable mini-boss and make Onanga the Main boss.

injustice’s interactables and mk4’s weapons system, i knew it lol.