SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming

Truth, How many people have we seen into DS male characters lately. Since the last 2 year it’s like 1 or 2?

You’re not alone in that thought I was really hoping the game was going to be 1v1 and get creative with different characters play styles like gg hngggggg. Hell or an original Dragonball game 1v1 that played like gg.

You right, mk wins by a landslide



Ok how do you fight Menat? I feel like I can’t ever hit a button or jump, and I don’t fight enough to actually learn the MU.

If you have a fast horizontal move or a good dash, abuse it, even if it gets punished sometimes. It’s easy to keep an eye for jumping opponents if otherwise they can only walk in, but when they can get close from both the front and above reacting right all day is stupid hard. Once in, go unga, typical case of “she has to guess right 10 times and you only have to guess right three times”.

when you want to post something new about mk11 in its thread but cant because you made to “many” posts in a row comment appear which only happens due to everyone talks here about it…

just as a reminder

ed- ouh someone posted so i can do it now too…thx

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My favorite is when the sight says I’ve given out too many likes in a certain amount of time.

Like excuse me for liking a lot of posts from good posters…


Wait this isn’t MK General?

I watched the player exhibition thanks to EC’s rehost on YT. Honestly the game looks pretty good to me. Its still NRS as fuck but I like what I see mechanically and with the game flow. Character designs look good to me relative to NRS and the animations still have that jank factor but this game is probably the best they’ve been with it.

Actually kind of excited to give it a shot. But if I bounce off of this one I’m tapping out on NRS for good. This is probably about as palatable as their style of game is gonna get for me.

For SFV I’m still working on G and thinking about stuff. I’ve had some ideas about how to approach offense and neutral and I’m looking forward to trying them out. Should have time this weekend to get matches in.

I think Sagat goes ok against Kolin, I’d say her v trigger is hard to deal with but everyone’s got to deal with that bullshit.

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When the new forum format is so unbelievably shitty that even the Forum itself starts wondering why you’re liking stuff so much.

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I find it actually distracting when Alex is just waiting around…

Do you mean when Capcom said “Buy our 497th port of classic Darkstalkers, or we won’t make a new Darkstalkers”? Capcom’s old hostage scam? Where they not only never specified what selling well meant, they never actually promised to release a new Darkstalkers even if the port sold well.


Goddamn I’m getting annoyed by Capcom’s response. When I set up my CFN in 2016 I didn’t get to choose a username, now it’s seemingly causing me problems logging into the CFN website as I get an error nobody at customer service has heard of, and when I ask them to let me choose a CFN username they refer to the 200.000 fight money or real money alternatives.

Nevermind that I’ve purchased two CPT costumes that later got bundled that I purchased again with a CPT stage with no refunds, and nevermind that when extra battle was new I was one of the jerks who tried the same challenge 15 times because I thought all 4 gems should be collected immediately. The game kept asking “Spend another 2500?” with no regard to what a direct waste it is. Spend 2500, get 10% experience, and after 100% you get back 1000 fight money. Wonderful.

Try as they might to dial it back, I still see those DSLs and that blood pumping ability (that could potentially keep someone “engorged” for hours on end). Outside of making something straight up illegal, they can’t escape the the lewd/rule 34 potential.

Oooh Preasu Undahstandoh sooo solly

Bye mo Chun noaw

Sorry to hear about it I hope you don’t gotta dunk 200K just to keep your name.

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Capcom’s sales targets were 2 million for Darkstalkers Resurrection. Two million for an HD port. Like… that was never going to happen even if the game was a huge hit in NA, which it wasn’t. Talk about unrealistic expectations.

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Gotta admit MK is making me wanna buy it and I don’t skip games often.

If the net code is good I might give it a blast.


Argh, Menat-Ryu probably is a hard 6-4 in Ryu’s favor in this version, so for every Akuma matchup that I savor I get trampled by 3 Ryus if they know what they are facing. At this rate I’ll test Birdie since he supposedly beats both.

Birdie seems like one of the most solid meta picks ATM. Birdie and a backup.

Principle matchups to cover imo are:

Fireballer… guile menat sagat ryu
Big normals… Urien birdie Chun menat etc
Jump in mixup… necalli akuma Mika Alex Cammy
Neutral bypass… dictator kolin v trigger ed v trigger
Anti fireballer… Cammy rog Karin

You can lose damn near at the character select screen if you have a matchup that is bad against any of these types, so having something that beats them or goes even, is a good look.

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Don’t be fooled by their “neutral” and “footsies” soundbytes. It’s still the same typical nrs game

Slow ass unresponsive walk speed

Shit anti airs

Every character is basically the same

The range for every character’s party starter in neutral is the same

Everyone is bipson

Every normal is psycho axe

Boon games suck and always will suck