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But the movement itself is too slow and choreographed to be actual gameplay. My guess is that it’s actual animations (for normals and specials) and assets, but not real gameplay.

What I really want is for the soundtrack to consist of badass techno music.

Only time will tell till next year with more videos also and the game is no where near done yet.

Don’t forget when The order 1886 trailer came out and said real game play and more videos came out and people were like no way this is real gameplay.

Some next gen games are done pretty good when mixing gameplay with choreographed trailers and stuff.

Unplayable “Giant” bosses are a waste of time and resources. I’d rather them omit those fuckers and just concentrate on one or 2 main villains who are both playable. I was relieved Injustice didn’t make a double sized Darkseid as an end boss or some other such nonsense.

Another thing about the trailer, MK9 trailers were the same way, a mix of the actual engine with some FMV and fancy camera work, so some of that trailer is most likely early gameplay footage. Just hope E3 has at least 2 playable characters with a HUD so we can get a better idea of what to expect.

Ugh, Stage weapons?! Keep that shit in Injustice, brah

Stage weapons were in MK ever since MK4 though

Soooo…I would like some Konquest mode

I hope the animations are improved and don’t look so goofy. Otherwise, looking forward to this.

-isms are in this shit, R0FL

yeah I wanted it to be the gameplay when I first saw it but I don’t want to be disappointed :rofl:

Well the trailer was kind of a hint to the gameplay, it was mainly in 2d.

But in a week from now ( E3 2014) we should see a trailer with actual gameplay along with more characters and stages.

As usual, the character designs look dope, especially Scorpions. I wondered how they were going to top Jim Lee’s design…i’m speechless.

Playability: I hope the game continue with 2.5D, no stage and char weapons, with hitboxes options which we can see in training mode - like K.I., a training stage - to tournaments too - to keep a neutral and graphical stage, maybe a selectable fight style like MKDA during a fight and a good netplay in all platforms.

History: History starts after the MK9 events and then stop when Onaga resurrect. After Onaga’s rise then continue with the MKXI(?) in next gen, because from Shinnok’s invasion to Onaga’s rise we can see much history and gather many event to this gen.

I would like to see alternate fighting styles return as well. I actually really like the character/stage weapons. I wouldn’t mind environment attacks like Injustice. Stage transitions should still be a thing. The return of the run button would be nice. Maybe a dash button? I think it would be cool if you could constantly counter or block in a sort of clash mode. Not like the wager thing from Injustice. Something similar to MK Vs. DC’s grab and attack thing.

Scorpions character design is off the fucking charts! Jesus! He looks like a Ninja god or something. Shame my boy Sub-Zero always gets the short end of the stick in these trailers, he got fucking bodied at the end.

The song was dope and fit the trailer really really well which is surprising because Wiz is usually fucking terrible. Here the beat was amazing and well PERFECTLY with the background scenery and his lyric didn’t distract from the action. It actually went at the same ace of the fight at certain sections, slowing down and speeding up his lyrics appropriately.

This trailer was a 10/10 for me and I love all the “Rap sucks they should have used Metal! Put metal in EVERYTHING!” Dweebs it inspires. I don’t get it, Rap has always fit MK to me and this trailer and music was certainly an improve over MK9’s screaming ass song that actually was distracting.

TL;DR: I’ve heard some mumbling that what we saw was gameplay and if that’s true then…WOW. Fucking beautiful world this game is gonna bee set in. Incredibly hyped!!! Had to wipe tears at the prospect of new MK.

I would love if that was gameplay, however I doubt it

It could be a mixture. The thing with this gen is that cinematic trailers and the actual game itself do look the same. Look at InFamous: Second Son and Arkham Knight for example.

Game isn’t out until 2015, I really think that is just an interpretation of what they expect the game to try to look like.