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so seeing as people are here and talking and shit, who closed my “surprise-sex thread”? there was nothing graphic in it. it was simply a discussion on real relationships… maybe it wasn’t a model thread but at least it had some “general discussion” going on unlike the majority of drivel that passes for discussion here (why do black/asian people always…etc) akumachan felt it was worth posting in several times…

honestly i really want to understand the logic so i can better myself as a poster. is it because i’m not premium or part of the fabled SRK elite? maybe if i was i could have a “Who likes porn?” thread stay on the front page for three days and 10 pages while i PM people pornography. perhaps we’ll never know…

Well, I didn’t close that thread. Somebody else who’s not a mod in here did the closing. I’ll make sure I talk to him about it because to me the thread looked like it started out as a joke, and then some serious discussion actually started. I don’t know why it was closed.

The basis of the thread was, ‘is (possible gray area rape) really rape?’. While i’m sure there is a community that discusses these cases, this board has a policy of not being one of them (at least it used to). I mean you didn’t even say what your thread was about, you keep hiding behind the suprise sex topic, but when you click inside, the poll options are about rape, the entire topic is about rape, but you didn’t say “why was my rape thread closed?”… looks odd to me. The word rape is used at least 15 times on the first page… ONLY counting the topic and your first post. While I give you a :thumbs up: for crafting your topic that it lasted so long, in the end it’s not a good topic of discussion to start with.

That thread was seen and closed, so I don’t believe the field is uneven. If the standard is simply to compare your threads to the other bad threads and see who can ‘get away’ with more threads open for more days , then there will constantly be problems.

i’m not hiding behind anything, “surprise sex” = rape. not that i can find the rules anymore, but i don’t think there is a rule or policy against discussing that tactfully. as i recall the rules last time i read them, they do allow for it.

yes it’s closed now. but that thread sat on the front page for three days, are you saying no mods saw it? the only reason it got closed is because i pointed out the injustice (the timeline is no coincidence). i think the problem we have here is selective enforcement of the rules (or non-rules in some cases). we need the rules back on the front page and some accountability for how they are enforced (ie - this thread).

RC: thanks

I’m checking into it ,officially, just for you!, if rape threads are allowed i will gladly reopen it and reconsider what this board is really about.

In general i like to play it safe, my standards are that if fighting games (or gamers in general) are going to be more than a joke, then we should at least be of a higher standard than an uncensored aol chatroom. Generally if i see your thread and dream about this, i’m unhappy:

“Here we are at espn, on the eve of the first $100,000 fighting game tournament, now chris, where can these players go to find out more about the community. <Chris> well as you can see here i am on the communities hottest site,, lets just see what the buzz is today, oh look this thread has 2343124 posts, lets see what this hot issue is abou… OMG CUT CUT STOP TAPE PACK IT UP WERE GOING HOME”

If the current mods and posters of srk’s standard is simply to be some modern day BBS where kids find the most obscene topic and try to top it, then fine. But then why should anyone with reasonable business sense worry about srk? $2 premium memberships? I doubt it.

The problem we have is again, your comparison to other threads. Wow, your thread lasted 2 days, another thread lasted a whole 3! what a bias! Again, the standard shouldn’t be what someone else can get away with and for how long.

Some things also change, for instance the first SF4 thread lasted a long time, now they are closed on sight. Some threads were closed on sight, but are now let go a little (parrying/roll cancel). Accountability is good, but not to every minor discrepency that someone has a gripe about, that is letting the inmates run the asylum, which already happens too much anyway.

In fact the discrepencies are a good thing for the posters. I’m sure srk could have a script to auto-close threads and auto-ip-ban users, but then it may interfere with productive posting, so instead srk has a rather loose system, where some things may slip through the cracks.

Now given a choice, i’m sure srk prefers the loose system, but at the same time, the modding won’t be completely even. To someone that is mad they didn’t slip through the cracks while someone else did, i’m sure it ‘seems’ unfair, but again, that’s comparing to other posters, not to the standard. If it was run by a script then yes someone would need to be accountable if a thread lasted 3 days, but the margin of error is different with people that aren’t paid, and would probably get fired if they actually read through their forums during work hours.

Now based on this i will be checking to see what the standard really is, if it’s really as low as some believe it is, then i apologize and you can post about all the rape you want, animals, cartoons, go crazy, i doubt i’ll be here to care.


RC closed the “Who Likes Porn” thread just saying, this shouldn’t be a PM fest. Since when is PMing questionable material against site rules?

he also probably close it because the link was no good no more and people were still saying PM, PM, PM, PM, etc.

I happen to agree with FM actually, I would like to see less retarded threads in GD.


PS If you are looking for non retarded discussion on the internet you’re probably at the wrong place (not just SRK, the entire internet)

That’s right, I did. That thread is considered spam. it was 5 pages of “OM PLZ OMG”. That’s spam. That’s not tolerated, nor has it ever been.

not only that but i remember reading the rules saying asking for pms for illegal stuff is the same as posting it which is definitely understandable.

sorry to have to see you guys stop pm-festing free hand jobs.

Oh shit! The system works!

Me too. I usually only close things that are overtly breaking rules though.

sorry guys, but if i want intelligent conversation that might cause me to learn something, i don’t come here. i come here for the retarded & random funny shit, and when that slows down, this place gets real boring.

Ok, that legitimately makes sense.

how about closing the hottest line in hip hop/rap thread. Where is the discussion in that. All that thread is cut and paste from lyric sites, or why isnt it in the rap review thread.

shut up sk

Why did ya close my thread for the excel hw. I never saw ya close the thread of the guy asking the same kind of help for his goverment class.

Thank You!