I know I am mod…i know what i need to do to keep this board running. but i…take it for what its worth…i dont appreciate closing thread (or erasing them) without letting the person violating know why they did wrong. i rather erase the words in the thread and leave a message for the person…i.e.

no links to porn


no spamming

but its been long going an im not pointing any fingers cause honestly i dont know. but for future reference…let the members know why there thread is about to be closed…or why its about to be erased. it not hard to just edit the post and leave your nice message

dont post that porn again or some wood stairs will become your friend and post a link to the rule that applies to that…

only right i feel. an im not taking sides cause anyone on this board knows i listen to both sides before making a call. but for future reference other mods…lets just show why we do what we are doin…

and to the members new and old…if you have a problem about something. dont continue to pound or flame about it…do something about. talk with another mod about it or take it to wiz IF you feel that you are not being fairly treated…you would do it if it was your real life job or school. i appreciate the co-op…i have a feelin this can eliminate the “mods aint doin their job…abusing their job…etc” its alot to pay attention to this board an a little help is needed cause we are not on here 24/7…everyone has something from work to women to kids to women n’ stairs that need attending to so help us a little bit…

so in the end…like before from me (an hopefully) the other mods…you will see the reason why your thread was closed or why its about to be erased from existence. if you feel wrong doin…PROVE why…dont complain. show us evidence before you take your fingers to war an if right…we will gladly reopen or revive your thread from the grave…ive done it before.


PS - I roll canceled on super mario bros. 3…avatar coming soon :encore:

Can I link you to a thread here, or should I PM you about it? There was a thread I was going to make only to find it was already made and closed for no reason at all. Thanks.

Just pm


Could this possibly bail out the SRK thieves thread? Hmmm… Naa… Probably wouldn’t have been that popular anyway, but thanks Koop. :tup:

i makes threads asking why certain threads get closed, and then THAT thread gets closed. i know what mods they are but im not gonna say names.

thanks koop for helpin the little people

Koop: “the only Mod/Negro who cares” :tup:

I wonder where all the people that flamed me when I made this thread are. Care to use the same crappy arguments again?

are u telling me that not all our mods are perfect? it cant beeeeee

every thread i’ve made in the last month has been ninja closed without any explanation whatsoever. i was considering making an all purpose “‘Why was my thread closed?’ thread” for everyone to use.

it’s a dangerous thing to not allow people a venue to question authority. mods, just like everyone else, should be accountable for their actions and their behaviour should be open to public scrutiny.

what do you folks think of a thread to discuss the closure of threads?

like i said…just pm me the link and explain your side…then if its closed for a legit reason i will post why an let you know personally. again if you feel different, pm wiz an let him know for the higher authority…

instert mod’s name here doesn’t care about black people”


Thanks Koop. But i’ve a question…how many mods are there for GD?

Koop mod of the people.

There are four…There is RC, Septimus, Running uppercut and myself

Running uppercut has the ball an chain in effect (work an woman) so he is rarely on, but RC, Septimus an myself are. I am on during work so anytime durin the day is perfect an SOMETIMES at night…depending…

wayy too many. there only like 2 that’s active imo.

Just because you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not active.

I used to care for 4 years…

but then I stopped caring and quit :slight_smile:


What’s funny is, all these people bitch and moan, and make stupid threads, but almost 2/3rds of you never man up and talk directly to the mod in question. You’ll then turn around and try to get popularity points by making either another stupid “Fuck the Mods”/random complaint thread which will go nowhere and eventually get closed due to spam, or posting random BS in other threads.

I don’t know why I have to say this again, but if you have an issue, don’t air that shit out, talk directly to the Mod(or a Mod, in the case you either don’t want to talk to the mod in question, or you don’t know which one did it), and we’ll give you an answer. If you don’t like the answer, talk to the Admin. Chain of Command and all. =/ Simple system, yet it’s always ignored.

you just mean talk to a mod through private messages.

cause i bet more than 1/3 of the people in question DO talk to the mods directly, in some way shape or form(fuck the mods thread, flaming, something).

I’ve helped Ronin take down many cats that tried to get pumped directly in threads.

That shit’s unnecessary though. Funny, but unnecessary.