Well, people will question a mod, they are told the reasons, and then they keep going and they get struck. Ronin gives cats mad chances to state their claim in threads, plus people can’t deny the entertainment of when somebody gets bitchslapped online. I don’t care who you are.

It’s funny, which is exactly why it’s fine sometimes i think. of course there’s the point where the shit gets out of hand, but Ronin and Koop have been able to keep it locked down pretty tight.

otherwise GD can just be a yes sir, no sir, like FGD :amazed:

who are all the mods of shoryuken and what are they in charge of

ha. you’re even lazier than me!

Seriously, FGD is overmodded hard.

^^^ post this in FGD

Proof plz.

You’ve deleted all the proof. FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT!!!

What’s all this “Report a bad post” crap? Will mods actually listen? If so…

Goes to MegamanDSs Post history :clap:

September was a crazy month here at SRK…lots of closings, etc.

but we’re into October now, let’s see if things improve…

improve meaning we don’t have to close so many? I hope so!

Besides RC, RU, Koop, and me, all super mods and admin have mod powers in GD too. A lot of times, I’ll log on, only to see a bunch of closed threads (I always assume another mod closed it for a good reason, so I never argue those) and a few PMs asking me why I allegedly closed your thread?except I didn’t close your thread; I wasn’t even online.

That said, I do ninja-lock some threads sometimes, but I usually am either in a rush, or I assume that the reason for the thread closure should be self-explanatory. I mostly just merge and edit threads though.

I think the reason you’re in that spot Sep, is because well…you’re one of the guys…

the other mods are ninja-like, and very sneaky/secretive…

you’re accessable, and you chum it up with the rabble (us), so we get to know you…

so, when there’s a problem, we hit you up, even if you weren’t responsible…

What happened to Geekboy? He use to rape the fighting game discussion. Everytime you checked the section there were at least 10 locked topics on the page. I swear I heard a voices say “Arial Rave!” or “Finest KO!” when I would view the section after he was done.

KOOP! The new AV is beastly, but where the hell is the SMB3 RC at? You’re slippin, bro…:tdown:

In contract talks with OrangeCat Productions? right now.

Well that’s interesting.

Well, hey, since most of the mods seem to read this on the regular…

**stop the captain planet shit.


thank you.


Have you seen the sticky that’s like, right below this one?

I sure have.
So it looks like if we want the shit to stop we’ll have to report the individual posts…

sep deletes alot of mine, even though they are appropriate because they are straight from old SRK forums, but no one likes me cause they think im a troll.

at least pm me telling me u deleted it and why like koop said in the first paragraph. or atleast close it with a reason instead of straight delete.

“i dont appreciate closing thread (or erasing them) without letting the person violating know why they did wrong. i rather erase the words in the thread and leave a message for the person”

Oh! hey, you’re still alive!
Listen, man, i think i want to be You for halloween, so i was wondering if you could give me some pointers…