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Awesome work Laugh.

I modded a Mayflash and my method to mount the JLF stick was practically the same as yours except I used the stock screws by cutting them shorter with a wire crimper.

Wow, that mod looks so easy. If I had the money I would try it.

Edit: Just curious, will you be selling things like the shorter screws and spacers as well?

Suscribed. Really like the way you did it.

Selling the shorter screws and spacers would be nice, it’d help the people planning to mod rather than just use the pcb

Hell, i think he can even sell a complete kit just to open>mod.

Also, suscribed.

What does the other side of the pcb look like, ie How do you wire the guide/start/back+select button when dropping this in non-revolution sticks.
Thanks for the tutorial laugh

they look like standard metal screws you’d find at any hardware store for about $2, the length and diameter would be helpful to know though

Awesome tutorial.

What I am interested in is mounting a korean stick (I really want to put together a korean stick! and this takes korean buttons easily.)
I figure Laugh of all people would be able to do that :wink:

If not a korean stick, maybe how easy it would be to put in a LS-32/LS-32-01

<edit> Where did you get/make that custom harness? I would almost certainly be getting this stick if I could learn that

hows the shaft height? is it taller than the madcatz te after the mod?

very nice laugh!! great tutorial

that was an interesting way of installing a fanta into a mayflash

If you can get a korean stick mounted in there you’ve got yourself a sale :slight_smile:

One quick question, you mention that you used button spacers, but I don’t see them on your site. Do you sell them? I know the sites new, but I figure I’d ask.

Is that JLF mounted well? The stick doesn’t lie flush against the bottom of the case.

Also, I think you should offer a kit consisting the Paewang/Mayflash with the JLF, buttons and screws.

just have a question for the crown buttons you used

why are the solders for both connections to the button not all the same? some of the buttons have the ground wire soldered to the top left or bottom

or does it not matter at all? i’ve never used korean buttons before

with most microswitches it doesn’t matter which side is the positive or the negative as long as they can both make a connection to each other.

Is there a tutorial anywhere that shows how to make a case mountable for fantas?

Is it confirmed you can use that PCB on a Xbox 360?

Yes, it’s confirmed. It’s not confirmed that MS might block it with an update.

If there will be a complete mod kit (Paewang + spacers, screws, JLF, Crowns, harness of JLF and PCB) , I think this is going to be my first stick purchase :slight_smile: