How to pad hack a wii classic controller for SNES Classic

I saw there was a thread on this, but the pictures are gone, and I’m not sure how to use a multi-meter properly. Anybody have any advice on how to mod the pcb so I can solder some wires properly onto this for use on my SNES Classic?

Thanks in advance!

Why do you need to padhack and mod?
The Wii Classic Controller works directly on the NES and SNES Classics. Same plug and everything.
The Home button even brings up the NES/SNES Classic game menu as well.

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trying to make a fight stick! I’m super new to the padhacking scene, and I “soldered” my DC battery thing, so I have some kind of soldering skills… I wannt make a couple of fight sticks for the SNES classic.

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Makes sense!

I know those schematics used to exist here, but the images have long since broken, unfortunately.
The basic pinouts should be pretty straightforward to identify even just visually.

Keep in mind that if you 're using the 1st version Classic Controller (ie, NOT the “Pro”) there’s an additional circuit involving a transistor that needs to be rigged up to each of the analog R/L buttons so that one arcade pushbutton press triggers both the “click” at the end and a full-bottomed-out-press on the analog at the same time.

damn… don’t even know what that means…

anybody help a newb here? Just need some instructions on how to hack the pad :slight_smile: I don’t care about the analog, so I just want the digital!

Do you know what a multimeter is?
Do you have access to one and know how to use it?

i have a multimeter, but don’t know how to use it

A Multimeter is great if you want to pad hack but you lack shematics to that controller
You can search out where the ground points are and determine if a controller is common ground or not

I remember someone saying the classic controller was the easiest to do since it was a common ground…

ah here we go! Too bad no pics :\

Oh here we go

And here how to wire up those L and R Triggers

You could also get away with a 3rd party SNES Classic game pad

so to simplify everything, all I need to do is wire up 1 ground wire at that yellow indicator, and then just scrape off the black things, and wire up the joystick to the specific buttons I wanna use? Like start, select, YXBA, RL, and maybe home? (heard that just brings you home) I can forget everything else right?

I forget if the SNES Classic uses Classic Controller’s R/L (the analog set) or zR/zL (the digital set) to represent the SNES’ R/L buttons.
I’ll check that out tonight.

And yes, the “Home” button on a Classic Controller brings you back to the SNES/NES Classic’s “home” menu.

just bought 2 boxes from ebay, gonna get some wiring from focus attack, and get a daisy chained ground to wire up to that one ground connection. Shouldn’t be too bad…

Having re-hacked an old padhack just recently, I can confirm that the SNES Classic uses the Analog L/R buttons on the Wii Classic Controller (as opposed to the digital zL/zR) to represent L/R, but only the “click” at the bottom. The actual analog parts of the buttons do nothing.

Would actually be easier to use the PCB from a Wii Classic Controller Pro (no analog triggers) for a padhack in this case.

ahh since I don’t know how to read that R/L part, I’m guessing I’m just gonna have to purchase the controller pro? it’s like the controller, but much easier to hack?

I guess those wii classic controllers will be a waste :\

but what about the 8-bit do mod kits to make it wireless? Are those easy to hack?

hmm… I see on ebay all the unbranded classic pro controllers… do those work well too? Obviously, if the 8bit do wireless one works well and is easy to hack, I rather use that! The extra money would be worth it to have wireless joysticks!

So it all depends on your level of comfort. Anything is possible.

I haven’t tested on the SNES Classic if the “click” on its own can trigger L/R, since it’s not possible on a regular stock controller to “click” the triggers without a full press on the analog portion.
Plus, I already have the additional circuits in place (as posted above) to get the “click” working in conjunction with the analog trigger press.

Classic Controller Pro are probably easier to hack, since there’s no analog triggers, but I can’t say for sure as I haven’t done that myself either.

No idea on the 8bitdo wireless mods. The theory on all padhacks is the same, so as long as the PCB is common ground, it should be fine.

classic controller pro, are they common ground?

ah! are you selling any? Can we do a swap and I pay you some money so I’m not completely out on classic controller’s.